Week of August 7, 2022

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On Sunday, June 12, we began The Tree of Life: God’s Promise of Salvation, a special ten-week congregational study which includes a sermon series, Sunday school lessons, adult Bible class lessons, and special books for all ages to enjoy at home. The Tree of Life examines God’s plan of salvation as it unfolds through the Old Testament and is fulfilled in the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The first five weeks will focus on the Old Testament, while the last five weeks will feature lessons in the New Testament. We will begin with creation and the fall into sin, which brought all the evils we experience into this world. Then we will look at the unfolding of God’s promise to send His Son with lessons on Abraham, Moses, King David, and Daniel. Lastly, we will focus on Jesus’s coming as our Savior. We will look at His birth, Baptism, ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, and His promise to return on the Last Day to judge the living and the dead. By the end of these ten weeks, you will be refreshed with the Bible’s overarching theme and storyline, equipped with the tools for unlocking the full riches of each page of Holy Scripture.