Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 02/18/20

February 18, 2020
By Chris Rowan

Minutes from 2/18/2020


Attendance: Jerry Ripke, Kristy McCain, Heather Brooks , Julie Grott, Pastor Heckert, Chris Northington, Jake Rogers, Jason Plassard, Mike O'Donnell, Christopher Rowan


Pastor Heckert Opening Prayer


Approval of January Minutes: Mike O'Donnell, Second Jerry Ripke approved


Unsung Servants: Snow Shovelers


New Business: Mike O'Donnell recommended we keep Pastor French pay whole.  we are to pay gap between Short Term Disability and full pay.  HR will draft STD policy moving forward.


Old Business: 

School marketing committee update

Lenten Planning 

Needing leaders to work with pastors to launch small groups

Pastor French update


Financial Report: $65k in bank credit line will possibly need to be used to bridge through March

Pastors Report: wanting to take a week off every 4-6 weeks/possible email announcements for major events.

Early Childhood Directors Report: 24 in kindergarten projection. Restructure budget around ages, moving from smart tuition to facts, staff evaluations completed 5/1

Principal's Report:  3 new students

Board of Christian Education: Drafting k-8 referal insentive program $500 per refered family.  

Board of Church Properties: Drainage between church and sanctuary

Board of Elders: Elders coverage/shut ins visited by Elders/out of town inactive letter finalized and being sent out.

Board of Evangelism: Greeters program meeting 3/8 training

Board of Human Resources: 2/11 concordia meeting went over benefits with staff.  8-10 employees in attendance.

Parish Education: Lenten classes in cafeteria

Board of Stewardship: No report

Board of Youth: No Report

President's Report: Feedback from teachers and staff.  Biggest feedback was thant

Communication between Church and school

Policies being Clearly Communicated

Staff Reviews need to be done

Pastoral Followup

Time to do things outside the classroom.

Closing Prayer: Pastor Heckert