Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 01/19/2021

January 19, 2021
By Julie Grott

PPC Minutes


In Attendance

C Rowan - Congregational President, D French - Sr. Pastor,  P Heckert - Assoc. Pastor,  J Sterrett, J Grott, N Sattler, M O’Donnell, C Northington, J Rogers, J Plassard, L Beckham, A Goodspeed, B Rowan

Approval of October Minutes

A Goodspeed motioned to approve, P French 2nd, motion passed

Unsung Servant

Organists, Bell choir, and Choir

Wayne & Eileen Luke, delivered Christmas Eve kits to families

A Goodspeed motioned to approve, P French 2nd, motion passed

Old Business

How can we put on a digital hat?

Each board is challenged to come up with a way to touch those worshipping at home

How do we meet needs for our 2 congregations - online & in person

Food Pantry - congregation member questions

How many do we serve each month?

Do we need to continue to collect money?  $100 K in fund

About $15K expenses yearly

No bill from food finders in quite awhile

Original name was “Social Concerns”, renamed “Food Pantry”

Can we use it for other social needs or agencies?

Monthly Report requested for newsletter & bulletin

PPP loan forgiveness app complete, waiting on APS Report, due by 12/31, ready to sign 12/18

New Business

Online Application for Board Members, “Application to Serve”

Board suggestions for people

Challenge to recruit based on talent list

Nominating Committee - C Rowan & K McCain

April Voter’s meeting

Bringing before congregation, at Voter’s, a vote to move convention

Pastor’s Report

Pastor French

Quarantined until Jan. 30

Working on Lent  - CPH’s “Return to the Lord”

1 adult confirmed, 3 adults for new member class upcoming

Pastor HeckertWorking from home pending COVID test results

Pastor Barton to fill in, if needed

Teaching confirmation online

Financial Report

Monthly - 100K in income and 135K expenses

Still doing great at keeping expenses down

Will be fine until Mid May

Still learning FACTS

Qualified for 2nd round of PPP loan, working with bank now

Early Childhood Report

Report attached

3 new students enrolled in January

Admissions for 21-22 SY picking up

Finishing up budget & tuition for 21-22 SY

Principal’s Report

National Lutheran Schools Week - NLSW, is coming up

Passed fire inspection - Round 2

4 students have withdrawn 2nd semester 3 moved out of state, 2 will be back in August

We are not licensed to be a virtual school for out of state students

1 had transportation issues, online was not a good fit

Started 2nd semester in “Virtual Mode” - 3 days

Re-inventing area parochial spelling bee, math competition, St. James Science Fair

Indiana Non-Public Educator’s Association - INPEA, School Choice CelebrationFriday, 1/22

10 years of School Choice

Legislators, families, educators, administrators

Everyone should get involved, write your legislator thanking them, voicing your support for School Choice

Board of Christian Education

Rick Newberry, Enrollment Catalyst site visit, Feb. 2 & 3

Board of Church Properties

Did not meet in December

Working with Mr. Rogers on Fire Inspection corrections

Board of Digital Ministry

A Goodspeed - Chair, Cara Wetzel, Libby Plassard, Andrew Buess

            M O’Donnell motioned, PF 2nd motion, approved

Identifying goals

Stream services

Working at improving quality

Recruiting additional members

Identifying audiences - hub for all things St. James

Creating new website

Identifying current & future tech needs and associated costs

Also working with Parish Ed

Board of Elders

Planning underway for Lent & Easter seasons

40-70 per in-person service

How many for online worship?

2022 Synodical Convention to be delayed - vote at next voter’s

New circuit visitor - Pastor Eggold from Grace

Board of Evangelism

No Report

Board of Human Resources

Current priorities

Audit Remediation plan

2021 Healthcare plans

Kris Ripke recognition

Retired 12/31/2021

Presented with gift baskets & various gifts

Staff bonus proposal - no funding available

Approach congregation to donate to during NLSW

Aligning Concordia & APS annual salaries

Aligning Concordia & APS payroll deductions

APS vs. Paycor payroll system

2021 performance evaluations - May 1

Board of Parish Education

Lent planning underway

Working on a Lent kit similar to Jessie Tree

Adult Bible study planning

Sunday School planning

Requesting list from Nola of families who have attended since last Christmas

Making phone calls - list of 552 names

150 contacted so far

Pastor Heckert - zoom & in person Sunday School

Pastor French to record Luther’s Morning Prayer

Encourage every day prayer life

Board of Stewardship

No Report

Board of Youth

No Report

President’s Report

Due to change in fiscal year, need to change meeting months

Policy Based Governance vs. Board Based Governance

Motion for Adjournment

M O’Donnell moved to adjourn, C Rowan 2nd motion, motion passed