Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 02/20/2018

March 03, 2018
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Meeting 2/20/2018

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Starlah Smith, Jen Sterrett, Mike O'Donnell, Heather Brooks, Lynn Beckham, Jake Rogers, Julie Grott, Jerry Ripke, Steve Berman

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Evangelism
a. Jerry Ripke began with the Devotion from the Book of Mark indicating he selected the Devotion from the Luther Hour Daily Devotions for Lent. He then led PPC in prayer.
II. Approval of the January 2018 meeting minutes - Dann Keiser indicated that section VI. Financial Report was intentionally incomplete and asked PPC for input in order to complete this section. After some discussion a decision was made. Pastor French made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected and Jake Rogers offered a second. The motion passed.
III. Unsung Servants - Pastor Heckert proposed Hannah Heckert, Jenna Farrington, and all those who made the St. James Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament possible be considered as Unsung Servants. Pastor spoke briefly about the challenges of putting on the 11 team tournament. After some discussion a motion was made to approve Hannah Heckert, Jenna Farrington, Staff and Volunteers who made the St. James Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament possible. All was in favor and the motion carried.
IV. New Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions
Dann Keiser mentioned he previously sent the Constitutional revisions, as received by Bill Crum, out to PPC and asked PPC for input on how to best evaluate. Some discussion followed to include topics such as a request to highlight the changes, the requirement of a District review and timing of presenting to Voters.
b. Budget
Dann Keiser opened up the topic of the Budget and a discussion followed about the status of Board budgets and what needs to be communicated to Starlah Smith. Dann closed the agenda item of the Budget by reminding PPC that questions and changes should be directed to Starlah.
V. Old Business
a. There was no old business to report
VI. Financial Report - Starlah Smith
a. Starlah Smith spoke about the line of credit and that we are on target to pay back the loan of about $20,000. There was a brief discussion about payroll and that it has been covered. Pastor French moved to accept the Financial Report, Jake Rogers seconded and the motion passed.
VII. Pastor's Report
a. Pastor French spoke about the Season of Lent and mentioned he would follow up with his written report. Following are the activities and updates:
  • Divine Services conducted - 9
  • Sermons preached - 8
  • Hospital visits - 5
  • Follow up phone calls from staff meeting prayer list - 0
  • Counseling - 4
  • Walk ins/phone - 1
  • Shut ins visited - 1
  • Classes taught - 22
  • Meetings attended - 12
  • Funerals - 2
  • Weddings - 1
Bible Study and cafe
Holy Week:
  • 3/28 Maundy Thursday 6:00
  • 3/29 Good Friday 6:00
  • 3/29 Good Friday Chapel 2:00 (FYI)
  • 3/30 No Service
  • 4/1 Easter 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 (No SS)
b. Pastor Heckert reported on the following activities and updates:
  • Divine Services conducted - 9
  • Sermons preached - 7
  • Hospital visits - 1
  • Counseling - 0
  • Walk ins - 5
  • Shut ins visited - 10 (1 attempted)
  • Classes taught - 29
  • Meetings attended - 10
  • Funerals - 1(Inga Buffington, 02.02.18)
  • Weddings - 1(Anna Buess and Kyle Leidtky, 02.10.18)
  • Lent - Enjoyed Ash Wednesday
  • Reminder re: Budgets - asked to remind Board chairs to remember not to place orders of your own accord for your Board's needs - if your Board needs materials, please go through the proper channels (church/school offices) so what you need properly comes out of your budget - need to crack down - check budget for available funds, make decisions for purchase, and inform secretary with your needs - unauthorized purchases run the risk of being returned upon delivery
    • There was some discussion regarding this topic. Following the discussion Mike O'Donnell made a motion for the Finance Committee to write a policy on purchasing for all Boards. Heather Brooks offered a second and the motion passed.
  • Visit to Ascension Lutheran School, Ft. Wayne - Witnessed example of how they do daily chapel services - spoke some with Rev. Stube: reason for move to daily instead of weekly chapels was because student apathy and inattention during service - is there a need to implement this at St. James? If so, is there a way to do so? There was some discussion following Pastor Heckert's sharing of this topic.

VIII. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell

a. Mike O'Donnell reported that the Board was preparing for Lent and Easter. Mike then shared that we are short on Ushers. He described there is continued interest in the youth and will be speaking with Karrie Tarter about ideas to keep our youth interested (particularly the high school youth). Lastly, Mike acknowledged Ruth O'Connor's work with the youth and explained she would be a great candidate for Unsung Hero next month.

IX. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Jake Rogers reported on the following:

Enrollment - Total School House = 245 students= 143 (Kdg-8) + 102(In, Td, Pre-school & PreK) [Harmony reporting]. 2017-2018 School Choice Scholarship: $211,377.93, 2016-2017 = $190,435.50, 2015-2016 = $213,103

b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School:
  • School Choice Scholarship(Voucher) 2nd semester payment scheduled to come in end of February, beginning of March
  • St. James Basketball Tournament news: Varsity Boys placed 2nd, Cheerleading squad placed 2nd, school received Sportsmanship Award; 5/6 Boys won the Lafayette Christian basketball tournament, Varsity Girls will play in the State Lutheran Invitational Basketball tournament this weekend. Audley Eggold won the St. James Spelling Bee (is now prepping for next level in Scripps competition). Tyce Parker won the 7th grade division at the local Christian schools spelling bee. All participants in the ISSMA-Instrumental Solo/Ensemble weekend received Gold medal ratings. Great Job to all of our students, teachers, and school!
  • New Wireless Access Points were installed on February 12. Network system was down February 13. Back up and running February 14, afternoon
  • ISTEP Pt.1 (Grade3-8) to begin February 26. IREAD-3 (3rd Grade) to begin March 12
  • Calendar
    • Snow Day taken on Friday, January 12. Snow Makeup day will be Friday, May 11
    • Snow Day taken on Wednesday, January 24. Snow Makeup day will be Monday, April 23
    • 2018-2019 School Calendar "barebones" version was presented and approved at February Board of Education meeting. The first day of school is August 8, 2018
    • 2/23 - Play, Grades 1-2, 6pm "100% Chance of Rain"
    • 2/26-3/9 ISTEP, Pt. 1
    • 3/2-3/3 Purdue Science Fair
    • 3/12-3/15 IREAD-3
    • 3/16-3/25 Spring Break, 3/26 Classes Resume

X. Board of Christian Education - Heather Brooks, Lynn Beckham

a. Lynn Beckham brought up the topic of reporting lines of the Auction and Parent Teacher League (respectively) and a discussion followed. After some discussion, Pastor French made a motion to affirm that the Auction reports to the Board of Education and the Parent Teacher League's reporting line is according to the Constitution. Starlah Smith offered a second and the motion carried.

XI. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. No report
XII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (absent)
a. No report
XIII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton (absent)
a. No report
XIV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry Ripke reported that the Board of Evangelism met that evening and spoke about a member to member program in which Church members are selected out of the directory and contacted to see if the member has any questions and perhaps through conversation the member may feel inspired to get more involved. Jerry also spoke about the Lutheran Hour and ideas we may draw from their work to help us. 
XV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker (absent)
a. No report
XVI. Board of Stewardship - Vacant
a. Dann Keiser mentioned that since there is no Board of Stewardship, the Finance Committee is assuming some of those responsibilities with the hope to find a Board Chair and then reestablish the Board.

XVII. Presidents Report - Dann Keiser

a. Dann Keiser brought up the topic of long range planning and shared the long range planning approach of Faith Christian as a best practice to consider. Dann spoke about goal setting and incorporating plans into the budget whether it be next year, in two years, five, etc. There was a fair amount of discussion on this topic. Part of the discussion included the existing Strategic Ministry Plan and Dann mentioned he would send this out to PPC.

XVIII. Adjournment
a. Mike O'Donnell moved to adjourn and Pastor French seconded. The motion carried. Pastor French closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman, Secretary