Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 04/21/2020

April 21, 2020
By Julie Grott

PPC Minutes 4/21/2020


Present - Chris Rowan - congregational president, Pastor Heckert - Assoc. Pastor, Julie Grott, Chris Northington, Jake Rogers, Michael O’Donnell, Kristy McCain, Heather Brooks, Jenn Sterrett, Kynn Keiser, Lynn Beckham, Jason Plassard, Michael Grott


M. O’Donnell opened with prayer


Minutes from March - J Rogers motioned, J Sterrett 2nd, motion carried


Unsung Servant

J Sterrett - PPP Loan work

Digital Ministry Team - Jake Rogers, Couch Choir, Amanda Goodspeed, Larry Buess, Randy Strakis, Linda Kryouac, Nola Hecht

J Grott motioned, K McCain 2nd, motion carried


New Business

Nola send out Shopping Angels in newsletters

Elders, PH give older members a phone call to check up on them & needs


Old Business

School Marketing - online presence needs to be more robust

Online Spirit Week

Distance Devotions - 2x/week

Enrollment for 20-21 done virtually

Recorded testimonials

Funds are needed for marketing efforts and should be included in budget


Small Groups - start digitally, make sermon notes

Pastor French - update in June


Financial Report

Voucher payment will be deposited end of May, about 15% of total voucher funds for 19-20 SY

Will pay LOC with PPP loan

Sitting well right now

Tracking PPP loan

banks recommend 2nd checking acct ready to go

10 days from date of approval should have funds, 4/22


Pastor Report

Met with elders & Pastor French


Recorded for congregation to see

Individual examination

Pre-set schedule

Webex meeting with 2 elders, Pastor heckert and student

Each will be asked 6 questions

Recite Lord’s Prayer and Apostles Creed

Explain “What does the Christian Faith Mean to Me”

Dates TBD -

Rite of Confirmation after quarantine is lifted

1st Communion will be following Sunday


Early Childhood Report

Working on staff evaluations

Working on Budget

Setting up FACTS to replace Smart Tuition

Distance Learning going very well

Helping Business Office with reports for Concordia


Principal Report

Distance Learning going from 4 days to 3 days based on IDOE recommendations

Distance Learning is going very well

Continued LEarning plan approved by IDOE and is on website

May 15 last student day

Check in with Faculty at Webex meeting 1x/week

20-21 SY calendar is BOE approved, Aug. 12 is first student day

VIrtual Spirit Week

Internal fill for Brenda Arden’s 2nd grade position

Auction will happen virtually, no date released yet

Working on FB video message from student - favorite memories, etc

8th grade graduation still up in the air, date TBD

8th grade DC trip

parent payments are being refunded

BOE writing policy concerning fundraising funds, scrip funds, donations


Christian Education Report

Appreciated how staff, families and students are adapting

VIrtual Teacher Appreciation Week - 1st week of May


Church Properties Report

Church Office building being painted, top to bottom

Working on finalizing plans for area between cafeteria & sanctuary


Elder Report

Confirmation - want to have when we can gather


Evangelism Report

No report


Human Resource Report

J Grott helping Business Office with Annual Compensation Report for Concordia

Researching health care options

No longer paying PF insurance, Concordia pays now

Return to office, May 1 ?


Parish Education Report

Grace Gillespie has shared materials, has had regular attendance - virtual

Ruth O’Connor having weekly virtual meeting

Pastor Heckert starting new study virtually on Sunday 4/26

Grace Gillespie having Sunday School virtually

7th grade confirmation - PH needs to figure out still


Stewardship Report 

No report


Youth Report

Went as group to movie “I Still Believe” before shut down

Holding virtual meetings

Senior High SS held virtually

Shepherd Community has partnered with Cornerstone Lutheran

Servant event with HS youth TBD



WIll Stay all night

Senior High - 6 attend

Jr High - 10 kids attend


President’s Report

Can see God at work at St J

Transition to digital has been great with church & school

Opportunity for good things to come

Encourage virtual fellowship


8:50 PM adjourn - M O’Donnell motioned, H Brooks 2nd


Respectfully Submitted - J Grott