Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 05/19/2020

May 19, 2020
By Julie Grott

 PPC Mtg Minutes



In Attendance

C Rowan - Congregational President, P Heckert - Assoc. Pastor, M Grott, J Plassard, J Sterrett, J Rogers, J Grott, K McCain, C Northington, M O’Donnell, L Keiser


Approval of April Minutes

J Grott motioned to approve, J Sterrett 2nd motion, unanimous approval


Unsung Servant

Bible Study Leaders for holding bible study virtually - Grace Gillespie, Ruth O’Connor, Pastor Barton, Pastor Heckert, Lynn Keiser

M Grott motioned, M O’Donnell 2nd motion, unanimous approval


New Business

Michael Trautmann - new elder

H Brooks motioned to approve, M Grott 2nd motion, unanimous approval

Formation of a Digital Ministry Board - M O’Donnell motioned to bring to voter’s, M Grott 2nd motion, 11 approved, 1 opposed - still needs fleshed out

Version of evangelism

Outward focused

Marketing, email, online studies, online services, text service

Need single point of contact

Responsible to draft policy of what goes online and what does not

Responsible for online presence

Needs to be tech proficient, part of congregation, PT position

Committee first, constitution would need changed

Made in to board at June Voter’s mtg possibly

Parish Ed, Elders, Pastoral Office, Board of Ed would need to work with this board

Will create a unified look for church & school

Needs line item in budget

Cost of tech needed, website fees, streaming fees, subscription fees

M O’Donnell motioned to bring to voter’s, M Grott 2nd motion, 11 approved

1 opposed -   still needs fleshed out, adding staff before addressing other staff needs


Old Business

Pastor French - any decisions moved to July

Small Groups - still want to launch

School marketing - events planned are on hold with Covid, continuing to enroll new students


Financial Report

Still in positive

Expenses have been very low - only payroll & utilities

Researching how long to pay hourly, following PPP loan guidelines

PPP Loan was a blessing

Tracking through excel sheet


Pastor’s Report

PH drafting communion policy - family units through end of June

PH on vacation May 20 - 27

Will still host bible study

Pastor Barton will have Saturday/Sunday Services

Ascension Service has been pre-recorded

Calls will forward to my cell phone, if urgent will return & if not will give to Pastor Barton to handle

Confirmation will happen via WebEx meetings

1 student, Q & A with Pastor heckert and elder


Early Childhood Report

Employee evaluations are complete

Working on budget for 20-21 SY

Wrapping up 19-20 SY

New covid guidelines are changing rapidly


Principal Report

May 14 was last day of school

Distance Learning went well

Survey sent to parents about Distance Learning experience

Working on budget

Drop off / Pick Up Event 5/15

Employee evaluations are complete

2nd grade recommendation to BOE - info coming

Brenda & Mike Arden are leaving, new call in Gainesville, Florida

BOE prepared gift for the Ardens

PH to talk with Nola, Pastor French how congregation to provide for gift for Brenda - 21 years of service as a called worker


Board of Christian Education

Will be maintaining current tuition rates

Increased early childhood rates

Volunteer will contact families to fund Enrollment Catalyst

Chromebooks are past their life by 2 years and need replaced 

without distance learning can not happen

25K estimate to replace or can look at 3 year payment plan

Monies is collected each year with registration fees to replace CB fleet - on paper but not cash in hand

Year 1 auction paid for chromebooks, year 2 - 6 St. J reg fees = $25,755

Moving forward these funds must be placed in a designated fund each year

List of fees for finance committee - J Rogers & J Grott

Designated funds

PTL does have funds for technology


Church Properties

Meeting in cafeteria, June 1 at 5 PM

Painting everything east of Sanctuary - Fellowship hall, upstairs, lobby area, church office area

Working on sidewalk /  drainage estimate between cafe and sanctuary

Will need more labor due to covid -19

School receiving CARES Act funds - will help with supplies & labor



Re-opening of the sanctuary

Walk thru to set up safely

No disinfectants needed - taping off pews, switching tape between services

6 PM Saturday - at risk service and those over 65 years

12 pews total, 6 on a side

Can seat up to 50 per service

Still encourage to watch online

Stream 8 AM service at 10:30 AM

10:30 AM service held outside

No communion yet

Electric keyboard for outside - cost about $500

Do we have funds

Ask finance committee to review



Lutheran Hour Sunday -  end of August

Card Ministry - use cards we have out

Visitor Ministry - encourage congregants to say hello


Human Resources

Performance Evals - thank you for doing, document, turn in back page of eval

Review job descriptions - provide feedback for HR

PF disability - continue to monitor

Finding policies that need written

Short term disability - has been written

Vacation days

Retirements not reported correctly in Concordia - annual compensation reports are not correct

Business manager - overwhelmed with hours and tasks

Contacted Concordia for expected rate increase

Want to offer 2 plans

HR wants time at staff meeting at beginning of year meeting


Parish Education - no report



Sr High & Jr high Sunday school is happening

Christian Leadership bible study for HS, kids are very engaged

Jr High - virtual Cinco de Mayo

Starting vegetable garden in empty lot - for congregation, food pantry, neighborhood

Cornerstone Lutheran in Indy - servant event at downtown location

July possibly

Painting, landscaping, staying overnight


President’s Report


Voter’s June 7 is being moved to June 28

Budget to finance committee by June 1

PPC June 10 @ 4:30 in cafeteria

Voter’s will be Zoom mtg @ 1 PM

Virtual Auction May 30

Church Office open on June 1 - only office personnel


Motion to Adjourn - M O’Donnell, J Sterrett 2nd motion, unanimously approved