Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 08/18/2020

August 18, 2020
By Julie Grott

 PPC Mtg Minutes



In Attendance

C Rowan - Congregational President, D French - Sr. Pastor, P Heckert - Assoc. Pastor,     

J Rogers, J Grott, K McCain, C Northington, M O’Donnell, L Beckham, L Keiser


Approval of April Minutes

Pastor French motioned to approve, M O’Donnell 2nd motion, unanimous approval


Unsung Servant

Jackie Knotts for making and donating a blue & gold face mask for all students/staff of the school

L Keiser motioned, Pastor French 2nd motion, unanimous approval


New Business


Old Business


Pastor’s Report

Pastor French

3 hospital visits

Calling people on prayer list - 6 calls made to date

Confirmation is scheduled

PH is teaching ⅞ confirmation 1st quarter, then PF will jump in

Public School confirmation will be virtual

Preaching schedule is set up


Pastor heckert

Doing best we can

Have had a few baptisms & funerals

Thankful PF has returned


Financial Report

Budget Discussion

Deficit of $252,023 w/o using carry over

Deficit of $60 K w/carryover

Closing out last budget year at this time

Re-evaluating budget based on COVID impact to enrollment

Re-submit to voter’s

Need to boost enrollment of school


Board of Education

Supporting best way we can

JR and JG worked MANY, MANY hours over summer

Asking all to be vocal talking about our school, use social media, be positive

Kids are adapting well to COVID measures

Implementing a referral incentive program

Meeting with JG to find ways to market virtual school option, and school in general


Board of Church Properties

Courtyard has 2 plans, BoCP to vote on at next meeting

Sept 26 - 9 AM - 12 PM, Grounds Clean Up day planned

Suggested to make an event

Grill out, provide babysitting services

Raise the Roof fundraiser - $9856 raised to date

Copper gutters are in good shape, only need painted and some seam repair


Board of Elders

All services are being held in sanctuary

Saturday - 50

8 AM Sunday - 60-70

10:30 AM Sunday - 40

Online Service - est. 120

Festival Communion going well

Confirmation went well


Board of Evangelism

LaVaugh Evans has stepped down

Lutheran Laymen League possibly end of month

Suggested to recruit Heather Brooks to board


Board of Human Resources

M Smith on medical leave end of July

Trish Painter - temporary, working out well

Business Office position will not be full time at this time

Cannot offer pay increases at this time

Service Recognition spreadsheet

Bring in lunch to recognize service

20-21 health care options to be determined by 9/4

2 plans will be offered 

Healthy Me Plan

Traditional High Deductible (STJ will still offset deductible for employee)

HR audit - will wait for Marietta’s return

Will send letter to staff about no pay raises


Board of Parish Education

PH’s bible study is concluding

IDeas on what to provide?

Could we move Bible Study to different time to accommodate online service?


Board of Stewardship

No Report


Board of Youth

Met at Columbia Park, social distancing and outside

Hosting 3 sessions per year - Fall, Winter, Spring

Pool Party @ the Plassard’s - maintained social distancing

Bonfire @ the Bunton’s

Sr High meets online

Zoom has been a great tool

Brenda Bunton is now on the board


President’s Report

Time to re-invent who we are

Same message but delivered in a different way

Need to attract younger families

What do 25-45 year olds want?

Why would they come to StJ?

Are we effective online?

PH’s nightly devotion is good

Pastor Barton’s podcast

What can PF message virtually?

Re-opening committee to meet on Thursday

All meetings to continue via Zoom 



PF motioned to adjourn, J Grott seconded, motion passed