Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 10/15/19

October 15, 2019
By Christopher Rowan
In attendance:
President: Christopher Rowan
Vice President: Mike Grott
Treasurer: Starlah Smith
Financial Secretary: Jen Sterrett
Pastor: David French
Pastor/Representing Parish Education: Peter Heckert
Principal: Jake Rogers
Early Childhood Director: Julie Grott
Co-Chair Christian Education: Lynn Beckham
Co-Chair Christian Education: Heather Brooks
Chair Elders: Mike O'Donnell
Chair Evangelism: Jerry Ripke
Chair Human Resources: Kristy McCain
Chair Church Properties: Russ Shoemaker
Representing Board of Youth: Lynn Keiser
Not in attendance:
Vice President: Jason Plassard
Chair Youth: Vacant
Chair Stewardship: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Financial Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Treasurer: Vacant
Finance Committee Chairman: Vacant
Opening Prayer: Pastor David French
Approval of September Minutes:
Edits: Pastor French noted the confirmands noted were public school, Starlah Smith noted that she abstained from voting on amending the bi-laws, Mike O'Donnell changed the number from 100 to "group of" on the individuals they are now working on for the member roles.
Motion to approve with edits: Pastor French
Second: Mike O'Donnell
Unanimous vote to approve with edits
Unsung Servant Nomination:
Julie Grott nominated Mathew Clark for helping clean up the church grounds, Dann and Lynn Keiser were nominated for the meal and the work they did to facilitate clean up day. 
Motion: Pastor French
Second: Mike O'Donnell
Unanimous Vote
New Business:
Vote on addition of Dann Keiser as Assistant Financial Secretary.
Motion: Mike O'Donnell
Second: Heather Brooks
Unanimous Vote
Appointment of Barb Francis as the Special Gifts Secretary and the Memorial Wreath Secretary by the President announced.
Announcement of the resignation of Mindy Schlotman as Business Manager
Old Business:
Delinquent tuition from action item sheet: (Ongoing updates below)
Continued from July:
On delinquent “member” tuition, for those with known needs, we need to look at partnering them with sponsors either anonymously or by choice to pay down owed tuition.  Please start with the family that owns $10k first and work down from there.  If they are on a payment plan, then maybe we can look at sponsors that can pick up select payments. Follow up on progress at 8/20 meeting by all stakeholders.
Starlah: Will have envelopes in Pews for tuition assistance by 8/25
Pastor: Announcement from pulpit on tuition assistance envelopes and “whys” to congregation
Biz office and Cristian Ed: Biz office identifies the situation and forwards info to Christian education for further action.
Delinquency as reported on 8/20 is $25,152
An update on progress to be provided by the Treasurer at the September PPC meeting.
Update 9/17/19
Last years delinquent tuition is now $29,652.31
This years delinquent tuition is now $11,988
Total collections from yellow envelopes in pews is less than $300
The last week of September both Pastor French and Pastor Heckert will announce prior to the start of the Saturday and both Sunday services that in the month of October we will be doing a special offering challenge for our school.  They will ask the congregation to pledge to donate each individual $25 each week in the yellow envelopes. 
Starlah Smith with provide the pastors a rough copy of text for them to read and modify by 9/24/19. 
Starting on week one and all subsequent weeks in October the Pastors will read their statements prior to each service encouraging all congregants to donate $25 each service in the yellow envelopes.
The pastors will provide Chris Rowan a copy of their revised statement(s) by 9/27/19 to send out in a church wide email encouraging donating in the month of October to this cause.
Follow up to be provided at the 10/15/19 PPC meeting
10/15/19 Update:
Last Years Delinquency: $29,652.31
This Years Delinquency: $16,00
Donated So Far From Christian Education Campaign: $5,500
For the rest of the October Services Mike O'Donnell will have the elders place a basket out for the yellow envelopes.  Discussion was had over moving the announcement to the beginning of each service.
Responsible Groups that should work together on this:
  • Business office
  • Christian Education
  • Pastors
  • Principle
  • Director Early Education


Board descriptions (Final Versions to be presented in board reports)
Trunk or Treat Updates: Jerry has brochure completed to hand out at event.  It was suggested that we invite the press to the event.  We are still seeking 5 trunks for the event and bags of candy.
Financial Report: Starlah Smith
Kristy McCain requested a paragraph written summary of the financial report for those who are not used to looking at the current P&L statements.
Pastor French: Questions on how the voucher disbursements are spread through the budget
Christian Education: Budget vs. Reality looking to adjust their budget for FY 19-20 to correct for actual projected income.  They are looking for $60k in financial savings over the next 10 months off of the current budget.  So far they have 1 less Rostered teacher at a annual savings of $10k, Rough insurance savings from two associates who did not opt in approximately $36,063, Budget adjustments from Early Childhood $18,500.  Christian Education will have full list of adjustments to back out of budget by 10/25/19 and present these to the President.  The modified budget will be presented at the November Voters assembly meeting.
Pastors' Reports: Pastor French and Pastor Heckert
Pastor French and Heckert will be at a pastors convention on the 21st and 22nd.
Principal's Report: Jake Rogers
Full School House: 240 Students
Current School House: 128 Students
Open Student Slots: 112 Students
Projects Completed:
  • SGO applications submitted and awaiting check
  • All School Choice Scholarship Parent Endorsement Forms have been filled out, returned, and uploaded to IDOE
Parent teacher conferences took place on Wednesday and Thursday, October 8 & 9.
Fall Break will be Thursday through Monday, October 17-21.  School resumes on Tuesday, October 22nd.
Teaching and EC Staff will be having an In-service on Love and Logic on both 10/17 & 10/18.  This is a positive parenting and teaching techniques class to build healthy relationships with students.  Plans for the future are to bring this program to school parents.
Board of Christian Education: Lynn Beckham and Heather Brooks
Lynn stated that she emailed the approved minutes from the Board meeting.
  • Julie Reported
    • NLSA progress
    • Approved Early Childhood Evaluation Form
  • Partnered with HR to fix all school job descriptions to line up with evaluations
  • Tuition Delinquency Approach
    • Pastor Heckert is the point person now for contacting delinquent tuition famlies.
  • Worked with some of the numbers to fix budget year end short fall of $60k by 10/25/19
  • Marketing plan to attract new students and fill school house to be in place by 11/19/19
Board of Church Properties: Russ Shoemaker
  • Reviewed budget process with board so that they have a better understanding of what to look for in financials
  • Revised cost on Kitchen Stove to be purchased
  • Looking to set up a fund with the foundation specifically for church building and repair projects.  Guaranteed funds.
Board of Elders: Mike O'Donnell
  • Youth will be joining in on ushering
  • Whereabouts unknown members have been placed on an inactive member list after a year of work.
  • Working on out of town member list

Board of Evangelism: Jerry Ripke

  • Working to get more greeters
    • video training
  • Created Trunk or Treat brochure

Board of Human Resources: Kristy McCain

  • Finalizing Business Manager Position Description 
  • Ask for word of mouth applications from congregation or outside
  • Updating HR Manual
  • Working with business office to update all I9's
  • Eric working on collecting job descriptions and insuring accuracy
  • Met with Concordia planned services
  • 17th of October will provide lunch for staff to introduce HR to them

Board of Parish Education: Pastor Heckert

  • Missionary presentations for bible study on 11/10 Schroeders
  • Look at LHM in support of missionaries

Board of Youth: Lynn Keiser

  • Pastor Heckert attended the Youth Rally with a number of our youth at Camp Lutherhaven.
  • Youth provided a surprise breakfast for both Pastors
  • Pastor Heckert has an upcoming paintball outing
  • Senior High youth group is growing

President's Report: Christopher Rowan

  • Items from new and old business contained the majority of presidents work this past month. 
  • Thank everyone and reminded them that even though our meetings may run long it is because we only meet once a month and are handling a lot of business for the church at one time.
Meeting Adjourned:
Motion Pastor French
Second Jake Rogers
Adjournment passed unanimously 

Closing Prayer: Pastor Heckert

Next Meeting November 19th, 2019 at 7pm

These minutes have been faithfully submitted to the best of my ability,

Christopher Rowan