Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 11/09/2020

November 09, 2020
By Julie Grott



In Attendance

C Rowan - Congregational President, D French - Sr. Pastor,  J Sterrett, J Grott, K McCain, M O’Donnell, C Northington, A Goodspeed, J Plassard, L Keiser


Approval of October Minutes

M O’Donnell motioned to approve, P French 2nd, motion passed


Unsung Servant

LiveStream team - Wetzel Family, Bunton Family, Hope & Libby Plassard

Cantors - AMelia Goodspeed and Larry Buess


New Business

Board of Digital Ministry

Meeting weekly

Members - Amanda Goodspeed, Cara Wetzel

Mark Richeson volunteer to help

Bring to Voter’s on 11/15/2020

Nola to send out before voter’s via email

Pastor’s Appreciation

Collected funds to be divided in half and given to Pastors

M O’Donnell motioned to approve, J Grott 2nd, motion passed


Old Business


Pastor’s Report

Pastor French

Slow month

Nursing home visits shut down

Calling those who are not at church

1 person in the new member class

Jon Hubner still would like to mow

Emailed Kevin about Dave Ramsey - no response yet

Pastor Heckert

Pastor Barton Daniel study to continue

Mark Bowman - Advent Bible study via Zoom


Financial Report

Aligning budget with PNL in QB’s

Reports are being cleaned up & simplified

Doing great at keeping expenses down

Still learning FACTS

PPP loan forgiveness - working with the bank to complete, due by 12/31

2nd check signer is needed on premise - J Rogers will be added


Early Childhood Report

Splitting Nursery/Toddler rooms

Increased enrollment

CDA site visits 12/4, 12/10, 12/15 


Principal’s Report

4th grade quarantined thru 11/30

Tippecanoe County meeting tomorrow - updates on student count

30K students, less than 100 students & less than 25 staff out due to COVID

School Choice dollars - $215,342.17

10/30 received $107K

Will use $6K to fund SGO fund

Bringing 2 students back from virtual

Kris Ripke to retire at end of Fall Semester - 21 years of service

Began teacher search

Synod State Report - demographics, ready for Voter’s


Board of Education

Delinquent tuition = $4K

Proposal sent to Foundation for Enrollment Catalyst

Talking with Dr. Kevin Brockeburg from synod about marketing

Teacher search

Logo targeted to be ready for January Voter’s


Board of Church Properties

Purchased new vacuum


Board of Elders

All is going well

Requesting who will be in attendance for Christmas Eve

Being flexible for COVID


Board of Evangelism

No report


Board of Human Resources

Working on a presentation for Voter’s

Staff salary updates

Health care benefit update

Performance reviews

HR audit findings

The congregation voted to raise salaries to 74% of 2020 scale - this did not happen

Currently paying at 67 % of 2020 scale

Affects retirement, disability

Must find a way to increase salaries

Working with Julie/Trish to make certain the last 5 years of salaries reported correctly to Concordia

Health Care employee meeting

Shared to HC options

Enrollment period 11/2 -11/20

Spouse carve out policy to go into effect

Performance reviews are now due May 1

HR audit findings on 11/12

Custodial staff are short-staffed due to quarantine


Board of Parish Education

No report


Board of Stewardship

No Report


Board of Youth

Great participation

Sponsored child thru “Compassion International”

Youth want to serve

Craft Fair on 11/7

Youth ran event

Worked with the health department

Several compliments for our youth

President’s Report

Voter’s Meeting


Motion for Adjournment

M O’Donnell moved to adjourn, J Plassard 2nd motion, motion passed