Parish Planning Council Notes

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Parish Planning Council Notes 9/17/19

September 18, 2019
By Christopher Rowan
In attendance:
President: Christopher Rowan
Treasurer: Starlah Smith
Pastor: David French
Pastor/Representing Parish Education: Peter Heckert
Principal: Jake Rodgers
Early Childhood Director: Julie Grott
Co-Chair Christian Education: Lynn Beckham
Chair Church Properties: Russ Shoemaker
Chair Elders: Mike O'Donnell
Chair Human Resources: Kristy McCain
Representing Board of Youth: Lynn Keiser
Not In Attendance:
Vice President: Jason Plassard
Vice President: Mike Grott
Financial Secretary: Jen Sterrett
Chair Evangelism: Jerry Ripke
Co-Chair Christian Education: Heather Brooks
Chair Stewardship: Vacant
Chair Youth: Vacant
Assistant Financial Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Treasurer: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Opening Prayer: Pastor David French
Approval of July and August minutes:  Announced the resignation of PPC/voters secretary Aarron Hubner.  Motion by Mike O'Donnell to leave the record empty for July and August due to no minutes being taken.  Seconded by Julie Grott.  Motion Approved unanimously.
Unsung Servant(s): Jon Hubner - Lawn Mowing, Starlah Smith and Helpers for moving class rooms, Dann, Lynn, and Daniel Keiser for their work in taking the youth to the national youth gathering in Minnesota. Motion by Mike O'Donnell Second Kristy McCain. Unanimously approved.
Old Business:
Delinquent tuition from July meeting: (Continued from July action items assigned to boards and officers) 
On delinquent “member” tuition, for those with known needs, we need to look at partnering them with sponsors either anonymously or by choice to pay down owed tuition.  Please start with the family that owns $10k first and work down from there.  If they are on a payment plan, then maybe we can look at sponsors that can pick up select payments. Follow up on progress at 8/20 meeting by all stakeholders.
Update 8/20/19:
Starlah: Will have envelopes in Pews for tuition assistance by 8/25
Pastor: Announcement from pulpit on tuition assistance envelopes and “whys” to congregation
Biz office and Christian Ed: Biz office identifies the situation and forwards info to Christian education for further action.
Delinquency as reported on 8/20 is $25,152
An update on progress to be provided by the Treasurer at the September PPC meeting.
Update 9/17/19:
Last years delinquent tuition is now $29,652.31
This years delinquent tuition is now $11,988
Total collections from yellow envelopes in pews is less than $300
  • The last week of September both Pastor French and Pastor Heckert will announce prior to the start of the Saturday and both Sunday services that in the month of October we will be doing a special offering challenge for our school.  They will ask the congregation to pledge to donate each individual $25 each week in the yellow envelopes. 
  • Starlah Smith with provide the pastors a rough copy of text for them to read and modify by 9/24/19. 
  • Starting on week one and all subsequent weeks in October the Pastors will read their statements prior to each service encouraging all congregants to donate $25 each service in the yellow envelopes.
  • The pastors will provide Chris Rowan a copy of their revised statement(s) by 9/27/19 to send out in a church wide email encouraging donating in the month of October to this cause.
  • Follow up to be provided at the 10/15/19 PPC meeting
Responsible Groups that should work together on this:
Business office
Christian Education
Director Early Education
Board Descriptions:
Each board submitted descriptions of their responsibilities and duties.  Or if they did not submit, information was copied from the website.  The PPC discussed and reviewed each description and provided feedback both verbally and on provided worksheets.  Worksheets were collected at the end of the meeting and information will be sent out to all boards by the President to revise and resubmit for the 10/15/19 PPC meeting.
Trunk or Treat:
Trunk or treat planning and preparation is well under way.  The current Facebook ad for the event has over 340 people interested in attending the event on 10/27/19.  Currently, we have 4 volunteers from the congregation signed up to help and 9 member trunks signed up to participate.  All boards were strongly encouraged to sign up and help with the event.
 Board Reports:
Financial Report: (Starlah Smith Treasurer) Currently we are operating under restricted cash flow until voucher and SGO money comes in the last week of October or the first of November.  Currently, K-8 is projected to be $98,000 short by the end of the year if immediate adjustments are not made.  Lynn Beckham requested that Starlah provide the Board of Christian Education a tool to help them forecast and cut.  Starlah agreed to provide this tool to Christian Education no later than two weeks from the 9/17/19 PPC meeting.
Tithing for the congregation is currently down $8k from prior year level.
Pastors Report(s): (Pastor French and Pastor Heckert) No formal reports submitted.  Pastor French has 3 public school confirmands and Pastor Heckert has 3 public school confirmands.
Principal's Report: (Jake Rogers) Full School House K-8 = 225 Current School House = 128 Special thanks to Church Properties and Custodial crew for all the summer project and cleaning help.  New items this year are; Reading Curriculum, Intercom Expansion, Renovated Restrooms, New Drinking Fountains.  NLSA has begun with site visit March, 2020.  All 3rd grade students passed IREAD3 testing.  
Board of Christian Education: (Lynn Beckham) Christian Education will be sending out a survey to the schools parents to measure interest in school uniforms starting with the 20-21 school year.  The school is looking to man a booth at the October 27th Trunk or Treat Block Party to promote the school to the community.  The board of Christian Education requested clarification from the PPC on the bi-laws of the constitution regarding payment of previously approved budget items and the business office.  Specifically for items over $500 that are non-recurring. A proposal to change Article to read as follows:
"Approve any nonrecurring expenditures exceeding $500 before checks are issued or credit card purchase are made, outside the approved budget, based off of current cash flow."
Motion to approve Pastor French
Second: Mike O'Donnell
1 Abstention: Starlah Smith
The rest vote yes
Amendment moves to November Voters assembly for final approval.
Board of Church Properties: (Russ Shoemaker) Review of Summer 2019 projects.  Waiting for church and school cash flow to improve before purchase and replacement of cafeteria stove is replaced.  
Board of Elders: (Mike O'Donnell) When elders meet again they are continuing work on cleaning up the member roles.  They are voting this month as a board after a year long process to remove individuals where there is no contact information at all.  They will then work on the next group of individuals on the membership list that have not attended church within the last year.
Board of Evangelism: (Not Present) Chris Rowan mentioned the Lutheran Hour Ministry and its importance.  Also, thanked the board for their participation in helping plan Trunk or Treat.
Board of Human Resources: (Kristy McCain) Are working to reestablish a solid foundation for the church and school by currently working on Employee Handbook,   manuals, organization chart, reviewing employee files, etc.
Board of Parish Education: (Pastor Heckert reporting) no major updates to report.  Pastor French currently has one person signed up for his book study.  Will look for alternate class if no others sign up.  Possibly Timothy study.
Board of Stewardship: (Vacant) Pastor French and Chris Rowan will set a time to meet with individuals who signed up for the board to start things up. No exact dates set.
Board of Youth: (Vacant, represented by Lynn Keiser) Lynn submitted an upcoming agenda for the Youth through the end of November.  The latest event has roughly 20 kids in attendance.  A new Youth Board consisting of 7,8,9,10,11,12 graders will be formed to plan quarterly events.
President's Report: (Christopher Rowan) Message for unity following meeting.  That even if we as a group do not fully agree on issues we have had our voices heard and will now support the consensus of the group moving forward.  Pray for Kelly Grott for her speedy and full recovery from her accident and for Jerry Ripke following his surgery.
Closing Prayer: (Pastor Heckert)
Next meeting October 15th at 7pm in the church conference room.
These minutes have been faithfully submitted to the best of my ability,
Christopher Rowan