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Parish Planning Council Notes 1/17/17

January 22, 2017
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee - January 17, 2017

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor Heckert, Bill Crum, Jake Rogers, Candace Shaffer, Mark Bunton, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Christopher Rowan, Ben Schoon, Steve Berman

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Youth
a. Opening prayer by Pastor Heckert. No Devotions due to absence of Board of Youth Chair, Karrie Tarter
II. Approval of November 2016 meeting minutes - Recommendation was made to correct an error under Board of Evangelism/International Thanksgiving. Motion to approve as amended by Candace Shaffer and seconded by Russ Shoemaker. All was in favor, approved.
III. Unsung Servants - Amanda Goodspeed for her work on the many great programs within the Music Ministry. The Lessons and Carols Advent Service was mentioned as an example of Amanda's success.
IV. New Business
a. Nominating Committee
  • Two people are currently serving
  • Plan on getting the list of Boards and putting up the slate 3 weeks before the June Voters meeting
  • There were brief discussions between Dann Keiser and the Board Chairs to determine if Board Chairs and Board members need to extend their terms and/or to identify any vacancies.

b. Board Meetings

  • Dann Keiser led a discussion about continuing with the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:00p.m. as the PPC day/time slot and the merits of any day/time changes. No changes were made.

c. Board Issues

  • There were no Board issues to discuss.
V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions - Bill Crum reported that the committee met in December and that another work session is needed to further their work to streamline, bring up to date and remove inconsistencies. Goal is to present at June Voters meeting.
b. Ministry Action Team - Dann Keiser reported that the first meeting was last Tuesday, January 10th and the next meeting is Tuesday, January 24th.
  • The Team is looking at options to grow the Ministry and share the Gospel. Goal is to share recommendations in April. Recommendations may also include whether the Team should continue or if there is merit in securing an outside group to perform a study
  • There was discussion about the need of a Vision Statement and the value of such as it relates to fundraising.
VI. Pastor's Report - Pastor Heckert
a. Activities
  • Baptisms - 2
  • Funerals -1
  • Several visitations to include nursing homes
b. Boards - Pastor French and Pastor Heckert will attend the following Boards
Pastor French
  • Board of Christian Ed.
  • Board of Human Resources
  • Board of Church Properties
  • Board of Elders
Pastor Heckert
  • Board of Youth
  • Board of Parish Ed.
  • Board of Evangelism
  • Board of Elders
Pastor French and Pastor Heckert will attend Parish Planning Council (PPC)
VII. Board of Elders - Bill Crum
Bill Crum described and opened up the following for discussion and brainstorming:
a. Promoting a Culture of Life in the Congregation
Pastor Salemink in his role with Lutherans for Life spoke on Saturday January 14 to a small group gathered at St. James in Reynolds. He offered several recommendations for promoting a culture of life in the congregation:
  • Adding the expected families of the congregation and school to the bulletin and communicating with these families that as a congregation we will be praying for them during this time
    • How can we support expecting families? Newborns? And encourage parents to bring their children to Baptism.
  • Include in the bulletin, or via announcement, that when we commune at the altar that we are also joining our brothers and sisters in Christ who are shut-ins.
    • How can we incorporate the gifts of our shut-ins into the life of the congregation? How can we recognize important milestones in the lives of our shut-ins?
  • Holding services on days of the church year relevant to the birth of Jesus. Presentation of Jesus (Feb-2), Annunciation (Mar-25), Visitation (May-31), Circumcision and Name of Jesus (Dec-31).
b. Orientation to School Families
  • Required series of sessions on what children of school families from outside the LCMS will be exposed to in our religion classes and chapel program
  • Topics: introduction to the Christian Faith, the six chief parts of the catechism and Lutheran Worship
  • Offerings: During Sunday school hour when school children are singing at both services. Alternative evening sessions. Available during both semesters.
  • Such a program would not replace an adult confirmation program but could serve as a place to encourage and invite those interested to take that next step to join the congregation

c. Families First Fridays

  • First Friday of each month. This regular date is protected from other school and church activities to encourage and promote what we value as a St. James community, time for family, and fellowship
    • Begin as 6:00p.m. with dinner in the cafeteria
    • Move into the sanctuary at 7:00p.m. for a devotion or short order of service
    • After the devotion the new gym could be made available for games in the balcony, a movie on one of the walls, activities on the gym floor, or other activities as preferred by the congregation

d. There was discussion regarding the brainstorming topics. Chris Rowan, Chair, Board of Stewardship committed to supporting and initiating the Families First brainstorming idea. No other action taken.

e. Membership Notes- 2016 attendance of active members was about the same as 2015 (plus or minus 4 per week). This data does not include anyone who is no longer a member. The result in declining attendance has to do with fewer gains (new members/transfer-ins) compared to losses (release, transfer-out, death, increased inactivity).

VIII. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Total School House 254 Students 155 (K-8) + 99 (In, Td, Pre-school & Pre-K)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School
  • Today (January 17th) is the 100th Day of School! Enrollment for the 2017-18 School Year will be starting soon. 1st Open House (advertising on Social Media) is Thursday. January 26 from 6:30-8pm. Board of Christian Education and Jake Rogers will also start to work through income & expenses for next year for budget planning and Choice School status. 
  • Math Competition today (January 17th) and Science Fair tomorrow (January 18th), National Lutherans Schools Week (Next week), Open House, ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest (next two weekends), SJS Boys Basketball Tournament (Feb. 3-5)
  • St. James Lutheran School has once again achieved an "A" rating from the Indiana Department of Education for the 2015-16 school year. Thanks to our students and families, our teachers, our staff and our congregation who help make this possible.
IX. Board of Christian Education - Candace Shaffer
a. The Board of Christian Education accepted Randy Strakis's retirement letter. A Call Committee will be established regarding a replacement. An event is being planned for the end of the year to recognize Randy Strakis and celebrate all his years.
X. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. No report
XI. Board of Parish Education - Vacant
a. Need a Sunday School Superintendent
XII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. No report
XIII. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported that he met with Pastor Heckert to review the Evangelism programs.
XIV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
a. Summer Projects List
  • Bus Stop Shelter on 9th St. - Waiting on CityBus to install in January. Lafayette Glass to do the installation.
  • Food Pantry
    • Contractor work completed - North wall Mural finish in Spring
b. Century of Faith - Total funds raised approx. $175,000
  • Sanctuary Exterior Repair
    • Signed quote from "Gothshall" for Spring 2017 Renovation $45,060
  • New Sanctuary Pews Project
    • Starting work of re-quoting New Pews
    • Need additional quotes(visit Stockwell Church - see new pews to assess their quality and how they are made)
    • Need updated quote from Imperial Woodworks, Inc.
  • Sanctuary HVAC System Project
    • Church Properties held off replacing furnaces
    • Church Properties Board discussed replacing outside units
    • Century of Faith lacks funding for this project
    • Sanctuary will need two new outside units in Spring - Approx. cost is $10,000. Will need to plan for this in the Budget.
    • Design review needed of Sanctuary basement electrical system
c. Hinshaw Roofing Quote
  • Pre-School lower roof replacement - cost $24,000
    • Patch and tuck point areas have stopped leaks (temporarily)
    • Will try to hold off another five years for replacement
  • Fellowship Hall roof replacement - cost $18,000
    • Quoting contractor Terry Rayborn for a repair of roof to extend roof life (8-10 years). The roof needs immediate attention. Plan for this in Budget.

d. Board of Church Properties has started to work on 2017 Project list.

XV. Board of Stewardship - Christopher Rowan
a. No report.
XVI. Financial Report - Ben Schoon
a. Ben Schoon reviewed the budget numbers and cash balance:
  • Finances show a significant improvement. Offerings and Special Gifts are over expected and expenses are down from expected.
  • Cash balance is lower compared to last year and will require monitoring and management
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. Dann Keiser briefly reminded the PPC committee of the Voters meeting on Sunday.
XVIII. Other
a. Next meeting February 21st, 2017. Board of Human Resources - Devotions
XIX. Closing Prayer by Pastor Heckert
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman












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