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Parish Planning Council Notes 10/17/2017

October 21, 2017
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Committee October 17, 2017
Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Starlah Smith, Mike O'Donnell, Chris Rowan, Jake Rogers, Lynn Beckham, Heather Brooks, Julie Grott, Mark Bunton, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Youth
a. Jerry Ripke began with the Devotion - Hebrews 11-12 and led PPC in prayer.
II. Approval of September 2017 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve, Jake Rogers provided a second and the motion carried.
III. Unsung Servants - A motion was made to recognize the Reformation Committee for their work on the Reformation activities. The success of the recent Lutherfest was discussed. The following serve on the committee: Grace Gillespie, Amanda Goodspeed, Beth Lancaster, Nancy Sattler, Bob Nixon, Judy Nixon, Chris Rowan, Barb Francis, Eunice Maurer and Cara Hamilton
IV. New Business
a. Board Issues - Jerry Ripke reported on Lutheran Hour Ministries, their role in spreading the Gospel message and suggested this is an organization we may want to consider supporting. Dann Keiser added that Lutheran Hour Ministries could be supported by a variety of Boards. No action was taken.
V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions - Mike O'Donnell reported that Bill Crum has finished a completed and reformatted initial draft. Mike O'Donnell and Mark Bowman to review with Bill. Hope to have a revised constitution and bi-laws to share with PPC by next meeting. There was some discussion about the specific areas that need to be cleaned up. Pastor French shared that he anticipates that the Finance Committee portion of the bi-laws would be completed within a week or two in preparation for the next Voters meeting on November 19th.
b. Ministry Action Team - Chris Rowan reported that the Ministry Action Team reviewed topics from the previous meeting and would not meet again until January.
VI. Financial Report - Starlah Smith
a. Starlah reported that Mindy Schlotman continues to do a good job and shared the balance sheet and profit and loss statements with PPC. Starlah commented on the balance sheet that the designated funds are dwindling down and that a budget column would be added to the P&L for next month. There was some discussion and the need for education about Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) and how a donation benefits a person from an income tax standpoint - eligibility of a 50% credit against Indiana tax liability.
VII. Pastor's Report
a. Pastor French
Pastor French reported on the feedback from Lutherfest on October 15th and that the event went well. He shared there was approximately 200 tickets (advance combined with at the door) that were issued.  Pastor French explained that the Fall Pastors Conference was Monday through Wednesday next week and that he would be coming back for the Elders meeting on Tuesday and then return to the conference. Pastor indicated that the Circuit Reformation Service was on October 29th at 3:00p.m. with refreshments afterwards. The choirs from the Circuit Churches have been invited. He then informed PPC that Sue Reynolds, daughter of Chuck and Janet, had passed away. Lastly, Pastor French shared that All Saint's Day was being pushed back to November 5th due to the Circuit Reformation Service.
b. Pastor Heckert
Pastor Heckert reported on his Official Acts and updates:
  • Official Acts
    • Divine Services conducted - 7
    • Sermons preached - 6
    • Hospital visits - 2
    • Counseling -1
    • Walk ins - 2
    • Shut ins visited - 2
    • Classes taught - 24
    • Meetings attended - 14
    • Funerals - 0
    • Weddings - 1 (Hogue-Streicher wedding 10/14/17 @ 2:30p.m.)
  • Updates
    • New member class has grown. A question has been raised about length of time in this class. All right to leave open ended? Don't want to squelch really good and productive discussion
    • Deutsche Messe was incredible - organized, errors were quickly corrected, ran well (especially Lord's Supper) - VERY proud of the kids' speaking the Vater Unser
    • Shut ins - have suffered a bit from Reformation craziness - not excuse (still accept responsibility) but explanation - using the rest of October to rectify the situation
    • Youth paintball outing - 10/28/2017 - 7th through 12th grade youth primarily - each player contributes $20 in exchange for chance to win one of two paintball marker packages that Pastor is donating. Several students have expressed interest, one has officially signed up - nevertheless, strong interest
      • Informational meeting regarding paintball on Sunday, October 22nd at 12:00p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Topics include basics of paintball, opportunity to sign up, signing of waivers, directions and instructions to Paintball Barn, collection of financial contributions and distribution of raffle tickets
    • Director of Christian Education (DCE) - If no plans for a DCE, idea has been floated about a youth director (volunteer or PT/stipend)?
VIII. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike O'Donnell commented on the attendance at the last meeting. He then shared the Board is working on a kick off plan to reach inactives, help them grow in God's Word and provide resources. Mike also shared there is a focus on getting the youth more involved with Church and Worship life.
IX. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Jake Rogers reported on the following:
Enrollment - Total School House = 244 students= 145 (Kdg-8) + 99(In, Td, Pre-school & PreK) [Harmony reporting]. 2017-2018 School Choice Scholarship: $211,377.93, 2016-2017 = $190,435.50, 2015-2016 = $213,103
b. Happenings
  • October is a busy month this year (much like December). Many performances, student engagements, transition from fall to winter sports, parent/teacher conferences, fish fry, Grandparents Day, Reformation, fall concert
  • School Choice Scholarship paperwork is now complete. First half installment from IDOE is due by the end of October, beginning of November. Second half is anticipated to be at the end of February, beginning of March.
  • Bullying Prevention Program to start being rolled out in November. Professional Development and information to be started soon with teachers
  • Chapel offerings and giving for October and beginning of November is for Operation Christmas Child. Goal is 90 shoeboxes. Last year our shoebox count was 72:
    • Scarves, mittens, stocking hats, etc.
    • Small sunglasses, hair accessories, kids necklace, watch, etc.
    • Simple toys, small stuffed animals, etc.
    • Tooth brush, comb, brush, bars of soap, wash cloth, small deodorant, socks
    • Slinky, yo-yo, jump rope, small toy item, etc.
    • Pencils, pens, small activity books, crayons, coloring books, etc.
    • Simple games, small puzzles, etc.
    • Monetary donations - each shoe box costs $9 to send
  • Thank you to Amanda Goodspeed, Cara Hamilton, Dave Luhman, Kris Ripke, Amy Dombkowski, and Joan Tietz for all their work with our students and fall productions of Echoes of the Hammer and Fall Renaissance Art Fair and Concert. Also, thanks to all of the parent volunteers.
X. Board of Christian Education - Lynn Beckham, Heather Brooks
a. Heather Brooks reported on communication improvements to families, the social media policy, and the PeaceMaker Program. There was some discussion about "The Essential 6 R's of Bullying Prevention" by Michele Borba, ED.D. and the framework this will provide. The  PeaceMaker Program will provide the content instruction.
XI. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
Pastor Heckert reported on the following:
a. Mission
  • Time in the word - Stephanie Fahler with HS youth until 10/2017. Ordering books, Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers. By Brad Alles to start for Sunday morning bible study
  • Service to St. James and Lafayette Community - Board of Elders would like to develop a youth presence at St. James -ushering, greeters, readings. Becky Rowan asking for service event on 10/22/2017 1:30p.m. - 6:00p.m. for Trunk or Treat event. Youth would like to participate by providing trunks. Youth have plans for 4 trunks
  • Fellowship in a Christian environment - August back to school kickoff event, pool party 8/13/2017; September - 9/13 Luther movie 6:30 - 8:30 pm Wabash Landing. October - Trunk or Treat, Paint Ball event with Pastor Heckert
b. High School Youth
  • Leadership - develop youth officers or a steering team, possibly pair with a board member: social event planner, communications officer. Feedback from youth was their desire for a youth leader/DCE. Some additional discussion took place regarding this report item.
  • Ruth O'Connor offering monthly gatherings
  • Joint effort with Grace Lutheran - Brain Pike DCE
  • Youth Room - Feb/March 2018
  • National Youth Gathering 2019, Minneapolis MN - need to get numbers and begin planning
  • Youth Choir - Amanda Goodspeed
c. Junior High Youth (wait and address when high school up and running)
  • LCMS Indiana District Youth Rally at Camp Lutherhaven 9/16-17/2017 youth attended, 1 adult, joined with Grace with a total group of 22 from Lafayette
  • Plan for monthly meetings
  • Included in Paint ball activity with Pastor Heckert
d. Ongoing Business
  • Budget $3500 annually, Designated Funds $4022
  • DCE - $40K salary reallocated
XII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (absent)
a. Pastor Heckert reported. He indicated that the parent feedback has been positive regarding Sunday School. Pastor then spoke of the upcoming Trunk or Treat and that more candy and trunks was needed.
XIII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. No report
XIV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported the Board met tonight and then went over several topics. He spoke about the importance of visiting the elderly as well as making phone calls to them. Jerry also spoke about the possibility of resurrecting parts of the Stephen Ministry. He then suggested support of the Lutheran Hour Ministries and spoke briefly of their work in calling people to God that are being challenged by life changing events to include cancer, alcoholism and divorce. Jerry shared the idea of resurrecting the basketball camp and explained how this was a good way to get into the community. Lastly, Jerry reported on a follow up with VBS students.
XV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
Russ Shoemaker shared that the Board of Church Properties meets the first Tuesday of each month and then reported on the following
a. Status of Summer Projects
  • Sanctuary Exterior Wall & Windows Repair
    • Open issues
      • New gutters and  downspouts were installed October 2nd - cost $1,800
        • Old Gutters were recycled for cash - received ($577)
        • "Century Of Faith" Exterior Restoration Project paid balance ($1,223)
      • Sanctuary Storm Windows - Waiting on Lafayette Glass to schedule install date. Russ contacted Monday for install date - waiting on response
  • Sanctuary Roof - Manufacturer "Certainteed" has responded to warranty claim and issued a claim number for roof defects on west side of Sanctuary. Local installer "Bone Dry Roofing" is working with St. James to resolve defects. Waiting on Certainteed Rep to inspect roof. Claim form has been faxed to Rep.
  • New Gym - Replaced and move 2 new water fountains
    • Two old locations for fountains still need filled in and painted
    • Board will patch openings
  • Parish Center Sewer line repair project
    • Brenneco Plumbing has received final payment for sewer repair
      • Total bill was $15,936
      • Brenneco still needs to install alarm system for lift station and parts are ordered. They will schedule install when parts are received
b. Status of New Pew project - Century Of Faith
  • Sub-committee met Thursday, October 12th to review quotes received and working on final design of pews to present quotes to the full Board and then submit to the Congregation for review
c. Planning Century Of Faith "Donor Appreciation Banquet"
  • Banquet is now scheduled for November 5th at 5:00p.m. in Cafeteria
    • Postcards sent to Donors

d. Church Board Clean-up Day is November 18th from 8:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. Noon. A Noon meal will be provided at the end of the work day. "HOPE TO SEE MANY MEMBERS" for great fellowship and fun

e. Tasks completed since last report:
  • Sanctuary new gutters and downspouts were installed
  • Replaced restroom toilet seats throughout Church/School campus
  • Old School - Replaced water heater in Science Lab room
  • Old School - Replaced toilet in restroom adjacent to School Secretary's office
  • Church Office - Replaced vinyl base mold in Church office east entry area
  • Drawings made for new "restroom stall partitions" for Parish center restrooms and Old School restrooms adjacent to Old Gym
  • New Gym - Repaired overloaded outlet in Concession Stand area
  • New Gym - Repaired popcorn machine doors in Concession Stand area
f. Other
  • Plan to oil the bell in preparation for the 95 pulls on Reformation Sunday, October 29 in honor of the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses
XVI. Board of Stewardship (Vacant)
a. Dann Keiser reported that he was still looking for volunteers
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. Dann Keiser spoke of the need to fill positions on Boards and committees. After Dann reported on this topic, Mike O'Donnell volunteered to be the delegate for the District /Synod conference - first meeting on December 3rd in Reynolds at 2:30p.m.
b. There was some discussion on having Board reports at the Visitors Center prior to the Voters meeting and that Dann will do the agenda for the meeting
XVIII. Adjournment
a. A motion was made to adjourn, was seconded and the motion carried. Pastor French closed the meeting with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman, Secretary




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