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Parish Planning Council Notes 3/21/17

March 26, 2017
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee - March 21, 2017

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Bill Crum, Jake Rogers, Candace Shaffer, Mark Bunton, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Christopher Rowan, Ben Schoon, Steve Berman, Julie Grott

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Evangelism
a. Jerry Ripke began with the Devotion - Less than Seven Minutes, by Pastor Ken Klaus, Lutheran Hour Ministries followed by opening prayer.
 II. Approval of February 2017 meeting minutes - Motion to approve by Ben Schoon, seconded by Russ Shoemaker. All was in favor, approved.
III. Unsung Servants - Barb Francis for her Reformation Committee work. Has been collaborating with other Lutheran churches in the community to grow and expand the work of the Committee. All was in favor, approved.
IV. New Business
a. Board Meeting Schedule - There was some discussion about starting PPC meeting at an earlier time. Boards to see about starting their meetings earlier and inform Dann Keiser of any changes.
b. Board Issues - A question or two was raised. No Board issues to report.
c. Property Insurance - Dann Keiser reported that he has talked with Mindy Schlotman and Pastor French regarding this topic. Dann explained there are gaps in the current coverage, misconduct/harassment, and Mindy was obtaining quotes from local agents to address this.
d. 2017 - 2018 Budget
  • Tuition is set
  • Discussed staff compensation strategies
  • There was some discussion regarding Custodial staff recruitment efforts to fill one open position
  • Ben Schoon requested a meeting be held to further go over staff compensation and a meeting was set for April 4th at 5:00 p.m.
V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional Revisions - Bill Crum reported that a meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 25 at 9:00 a.m. Regular attendees cannot attend and Bill requested that PPC attend. If PPC cannot attend then the meeting will be rescheduled.

b. Ministry Action Team (MAT) - Dann Keiser reported that the MAT has been meeting and going through the Planning Strategy from 2008. Dann requested that Boards see the 2008 Planning Strategy as needed and determine goals/objectives to expand our mission. Dann indicated that MAT can support Boards with goal setting.  There was discussion about developing and executing a planning strategy with measurable goals with clear accountability that can be presented to Voters. There was brief discussion about communication methods to relay information to the congregation.

VI. Pastor's Report - Pastor French; Pastor Heckert (absent)
a. Sexual Misconduct Policy - Pastor French reported that he would share the Sexual Misconduct Policy, based on the Missouri Synod template, with Dann Keiser who can relay to PPC. The Sexual Misconduct Policy implementation addresses an Insurance Policy need.
b. Lent Series: The Salutary Gift continues as we are half way through Lent
c. Easter Service is at 7:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m.
VII. Board of Elders - Bill Crum
a. Youth Confirmation - All second services
  • April 23rd will be the examination. This will be during the service and will replace the sermon
  • April 30th will be the confirmation
  • May 7th will be first communion

b. Other Worship Service Notes

  • Currently, the order of Vespers is conducted on those Saturday evenings when communion is not scheduled. It has been proposed to utilize the order of Matins on the 5th Sunday of the month when there is no communion offered at either morning services
  • Pastor French is looking to familiarize himself with Divine Services #2 and #5 from the hymnal for future inclusion into our annual rotation
  • Music Director and organists will be consulted regarding their concerns with these potential changes
VIII. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a.Total School House 266 Students 156 (Kdg-8) + 110 (In, Td, Pre-School & Pre-K)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School
  • Open House structure to change for 2018. It's time for a change - details forthcoming
  • Continuous Enrollment - Instead of asking who will be here, going to roll everyone over from one year to next. If not returning, parents must inform St. James
  • Personnel Update - Call Committee has been formed (Cara Wetzel, Amy Dombkowski, Julie Grott, Amy Schoon, Candy Shaffer, and Jake Rogers) regarding position to be vacated by Randy Strakis. Over 500 names searched and narrowed down to approximately 55. Next meeting is March 22nd
  • 2017-2018 Calendar - approved and adopted. "Bare bones" Calendar is located on the website under the Calendar tab located here
    • The "Full" calendar should be published by end of April
  • School Choice Scholarship application has been applied for to the IDOE for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Faculty talks continue on Science curriculum textbook adoption. Hope to have a decision by end of April
  • ISTEP, Pt. 1 & IREAD3 went well this year. ISTEP, Pt. 2 will begin end of April. Thanks to Carol Huth, our teachers and our pull-out proctors for organizing and assisting the testing accommodations
  • St. James Auction is April 22nd
    • Basket contributions are welcome
    • Saturday work sessions are now in full swing
    • Tickets still available
  • Congratulations to the Purdue Science Fair participants from this past weekend. Everyone did a great job and had a great showing. Many students came away with awards in their specific fields. Congratulations to Dylan Baumgartner, Katie Baumgartner, Caroline Wilcox, Libby Plassard, Hope Plassard, Jacob Bunton, Zoe Wetzel, and Kelby Tarter for a job well done!
IX. Board of Christian Education - Candace Shaffer
a. No report
X. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. No report
XI. Board of Parish Education (vacant)
a. No report
XII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. No report
XIII. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported that the Board of Evangelism has met and discussed the upcoming Spring Eggstravaganza and that Chris Rowan also attended
XIV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
a. Summer Projects List
  • Sanctuary Exterior Repair   Cost $45,060
    • Board in February met with Gothshall
    • Discussed outline of work schedule
      • Start date 1st week of June 2017
    • Gothshall Job site visit - Fort Wayne
      • Board members travel to Fort Wayne to see work in progress on St. John's Lutheran Church
  • Sanctuary Exterior Window Repair  Cost $13,950
    • East/North/South windows only (Same as Sanctuary exterior walls)
    • Funded by Congregational Member
    • Schedule start - June 2017 (work in conjunction w/Exterior wall repair)
  • Repair of Fellowship Hall Roof   Cost $5,200 M&R - anticipate 8-10 yrs additional life
    • Contractor - Rayburn Roofing
    • Schedule as soon as weather allows this Spring - April/May
  • Church Sanctuary Exterior A/C units   Est. Cost  $10,000 M&R
    • Potential cost reduction from phase #3 to single phase usage
    • (4) units required (1) down and (1) questionable
    • Looking at May to get accomplished
  • New Gym Floor - Repair water damaged flooring from water fountain
    • Remove damaged flooring during Spring Break
    • 2' x 4' area affected
    • Try to replace flooring during Spring Break depending on moisture content
  • New Gym - A/C roof unit warranty replacement
    • (2) Units installed November 2015
    • SE unit compressor replaced July 27th, 2016 and NE unit compressor down
    • Both unit condensers need replaced for summer (working with contractor to resolve units under warranty)

b. Sanctuary Pews

  • Russ Shoemaker reported that the Board of Church Properties discussed style, color, number of pews, width (36 pews, 14' 6" long) and replacing the back pews
    • There was some discussion amongst PPC of quantity and length of pews needed - Existing pews are 15' - 6". Russ mentioned we need to determine to lock in quotes.
    • Need additional quotes (visit Stockwell Church see new pews)
c. Parish Center Roof
  • Lower Roof over Pre-School areas was patched  - Contractor Terry Rayborn repaired in February all visible problem areas

d. Other

  • Russ to look at Boilers and possibly contact HVAC vendor regarding Early Childhood HVAC concern
  • There was discussion of Sanctuary Balcony restoration and other large scale future  projects and associated fund raising
XV. Board of Stewardship - Christopher Rowan
a. No report
XVI. Financial Report - Ben Schoon
a. Review of budget numbers and cash balance
  • Overall income is up
  • Expenses are slightly less than projections
  • Average cash balance has dropped
  • Designated funds have dropped and are trending down. Partially attributed to the Chapel fund and matching of offerings

b. There was discussion regarding the Food Pantry designated fund. After the discussion, Ben Schoon made a motion to take the following to Voters': Allow Food Pantry money to be used towards the "Ministry of the Food Pantry" rather than specifically food items. (i.e. freezer, refrigerators, shelves, bins, etc.). All was is favor, approved.

c. Banking Change - Finance Board is considering a bank change for improved service and cost avoidance. Mindy Schlotman to pursue options

d. The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization

  • Ben described he was researching SGO gifts and briefly explained the benefit for St. James and to the giver. Will coordinate with Board of Stewardship on this topic.
XVII. Presidents Report - Dann Keiser
a. No report

XVIII. Closing Prayer by Pastor French

XVIX. Next meeting April 18th, 2017, Board of Church Properties - Devotions

Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman
















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