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Parish Planning Council Notes 4/18/17

April 22, 2017
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee - April 18, 2017

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Jeff Wetzel, Jake Rogers, Candace Shaffer, Karrie Tarter, Mark Bunton, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Christopher Rowan, Steve Berman, Julie Grott

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Church Properties
a. Russ Shoemaker began with the Devotion - Fear, Demons from Portals of Prayer, 1 Peter Chapter 8, followed by opening prayer.
II. Approval of March 2017 meeting minutes - Motion to approve by Candace Shaffer, seconded by Mark Bunton, all was in favor, approved.
III. Unsung Servants - Board of Church Properties:  Bob Klaiber for his willingness to be a good steward, Lynn Keiser for her work on the bus shelter and mural along with Mike Arden, Irv Dieterle, Kit Knobloch for all that they do and Randy Strakis for stepping in to play the organ when an organist was needed. Jake Rogers made a motion to accept, Pastor French seconded, all was in favor and the motion was approved. During the Board of Stewardship report the approved motion was re-opened and there was a motion to include Bob and Judy Nixon for the Martin Luther Bible Studies after the Lenten Services and for heading up the school Play for perhaps the last time and for Rebecca Rowan, Grace Gillespie and Amanda Goodspeed for their work on the Eggstravaganza event. Mark Bunton seconded the motion to approve as revised, all was in favor and the motion carried.
IV. New Business
a. Board Issues - Candace Shaffer brought up extending a Call to Donna Rider and Amanda Goodspeed. Pastor French made a motion to take to Voters at the June meeting, Jake Rogers seconded, all was in favor, approved.

b. Dann Keiser mentioned he would follow up with Bill Crum regarding the topic of what it takes to be a Voting member and how the status is maintained

V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions - Jeff Wetzel reported that small meetings are being held and work is ongoing
b. Ministry Action Team - Dann Keiser reported that the MAT is meeting twice a month. Looking at scheduling with individual Boards and going over the Strategic Plan. There was some discussion about a facilities study and long range planning. It was suggested that Russ Shoemaker contact Mark Bowman regarding this topic
c. Property insurance - Pastor French reported there are meetings all week with insurance and banking representatives
d. 2017-2018 Budget - There was some discussion regarding Board of Church Properties related budget lines and status of DCE position. Dann Keiser asked PPC to get with Ben Schoon with any additions to the budget in preparation for the June Voters meeting.
VI. Pastor's Report - Pastor French, Pastor Heckert
a. Pastor French
  • Reported on his visitations and that Examination was this week, Confirmation next week and first Communion and LWML Dinner on May 7th
  • Pastor French and Pastor Heckert helped out Pastor Miller over Holy Week
  • Easter went well with over 1000 in attendance from Thursday through Sunday
b. Pastor Heckert
  • Meeting with Tom Schultz and Pastor Barton
  • Reported he has been working on contacting visitors identified in the Fellowship books
  • Meeting with Public School parents on May 7th
  • Working on a letter meant for Purdue Students - outreach effort
  • Unable to attend 8th Annual Auction - Baptizing his Nephew in Wisconsin
VII. Board of Elders - Jeff Wetzel
a. No Report
b. There was a brief discussion about people filling in/completing the work of the DCE given the vacancy
VIII. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Total School House 266 Students 156 (Kdg-8) + 110 (In, Td, Pre-school & PreK)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School
  • Personnel Update: Call Committee has been formed (Cara Wetzel, Amy Dombkowski, Julie Grott, Amy Schoon, Candy Shaffer, and Jake Rogers) - will be interviewing this Sunday for position to be vacated by Randy Strakis
  • Randy's retirement recognition is set for Sunday, June 4th - details to follow
  • School Choice Scholarship application has been approved by the State for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Enrollment Information for 2017-2018 was released Thursday, April 14th
  • Faculty talks continue on Science curriculum textbook adoption. Hope to have a decision by end of April
  • ISTEP, Pt. 2 update
IX. Board of Christian Education - Candace Shaffer
a. Candace reported the Board was working through the Strategic Plan
X. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter
a. Commitments for next term - Kristy McCain
  • There was a brief discussion about the need to be voting member in order to serve on a Board
b. Board would like to develop a Mission Statement. Karrie referred to a document that was shared with PPC (Vision for our Youth of Grace Lutheran Church) as a best practice to consider following
c. Document submitted to Ministry Action Team (MAT) expressing resources needed to accomplish goals of Youth Ministry at St. James
d. Time in the Word
  • Pastor French has been leading Bible Study for grades 8-12 during the Sunday school hour - 5-7 in attendance
e. Service to our Church and Community
  • Youth volunteered at the St. James Father Daughter Dance - all current female high school freshmen in attendance
  • Youth assisted with Eggstravaganza Event on Palm Sunday
  • Youth served over 200 people for the 2017 Easter Breakfast
f. Christian Fellowship
  • Spring event to welcome new confirmands into high school youth group
g. Budget
  • Karrie reviewed the budget and designated funds balance
h. There was discussion amongst PPC about an LCMS study regarding declining attendance, the retention of youth and competing activities and what help does the Board of Youth need.
XI. Board of Parish Education (Vacant)
a. No report
XII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. No report
XIII. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Updating Board member list - asking people and suggesting people to help serve
XIV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
a. Status Summer Projects List
  • Sanctuary Exterior Repair   Cost $45,060
    • June 2017 work schedule
  • Sanctuary Exterior Windows Repair (Congregation Member funded)  Cost $13,950
    • Scheduled start  - June 2017
      • Coordination of old glass storm windows removal
      • Confirm sequence of work - Exterior walls or Stain Glass Window
    • East/North/South windows only (Same as Sanctuary exterior walls)
  • Repair of Fellowship Hall Roof  Quote cost $5,200
    • Start Date for Contractor Rayburn Roofing
    • Repaired roof life estimated 8 - 10 years
  • Church Sanctuary Exterior A/C units  Estimated cost $10,000
    • Status on quotes from Advance Tech 1 or 2 units
    • Hall Bodkin interest in Helping on Sanctuary A/C replacement
  • New Gym - Floor repair update - started repair 2'x4' area cut out
    • Repair of water damage - needs to dry out
    • Investigate cost to resurface floor, quoting new fountains to be moved by bathrooms
  • New Gym - A/C roof unit warranty replacement - should be no cost
    • Advance Tech contractor
    • Replacement Status (two roof unit compressors)
  • Pre-School Summer project list
    • Status
      • Cost and Funding
b. New Pews
  • Finalize details - 36 pews? 14'-6" long (existing pews are 15'-6"), stain color, type wood - matched stain, back pews
  • Quoting status
  • There was some discussion regarding funding and timing

c. New members (Keith Lah and Hal Bodkin) to bring to Voters

d. Russ reported that Church Properties Board meetings will be the first Tuesday of the month starting in May

e. Russ informed PPC that St. James grounds clean-up will be on April 29th from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

XV. Board of Stewardship - Christopher Rowan
a. Eggstravaganza update - 347 people in attendance
XVI. Financial Report - Ben Schoon (Absent)
a. No report
XVII. Presidents Report - Dann Keiser
a. No report
XVIII. Closing prayer by Pastor French
XVIX. Next meeting May 16, 2017, Board of Stewardship - Devotions
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman




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