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Parish Planning Council Notes 5/16/17

May 20, 2017
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Committee - May 16, 2017
Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Bill Crum, Candace Shaffer, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Christopher Rowan, Ben Schoon, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer & Devotions
a. Pastor French opened with prayer
II. Approval of April 2017 meeting minutes - Christopher Rowan made a motion to approve the April 2017 meeting minutes as written and Ben Schoon seconded. All was in favor and the motion carried (The minutes were approved during the discussion of New Business).
III. Unsung Servants - Ruth O'Connor for her work on the Easter Encouragement Cards. All was in favor of this motion and the motion passed.
IV. New Business
a. Board Issues - No Board Issues
b. Officer Board Member Slate - Dann Keiser referred to the distributed Officer Board Member Slate and PPC reviewed and discussed. Additions, deletions and changes were made as needed.
c. 2017-2018 Budget
Ben Schoon led PPC through a review and discussion of the proposed budget. Several questions were made regarding expense and income budget lines and adjustments were made. Consensus was reached on an updated proposed budget and Pastor French made a motion to take the updated proposed budget to the June Voters meeting and Candace Shaffer seconded.  All was in favor and the motion passed. Ben Schoon was thanked for his work on the budgeting process.
V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions - Bill Crum indicated there was no formal report. The number of voter meetings we have and the qualifications of being a voter were mentioned but no discussion or action was taken.
b. Ministry Action Team
  • Dann Keiser and Christopher Rowan reported
    • Working on a "visitors card" to hand out to visitors. These cards are part of our evangelism and marketing efforts
    • Contacting people regarding membership status
    • MAT to work with each Board and keep moving forward
    • Consider monitors to display as another means of communication - inform of happenings, recognition, thanks, etc. Discussed different areas to place monitors. No action was taken.
  • There was discussion amongst PPC regarding drawing new members, raising funds, Lutheran SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization), and how MAT can help the Boards.
c. Property insurance - Dann Keiser reported that insurance was purchased through Henriott and that we saved approximately $3500
VI. Pastor's Report - Pastor French, Pastor Heckert
a. Pastor French reported on the following activities:
  • Recapped that Confirmation was April 30th
  • Pastor French just returned from conference
  • 8th Grade is in D.C. this week
  • Graduation is May 23rd
  • Last day of school is May 24th
b. Pastor Heckert reported on his activities:
  • 7th Grade Confirmation
  • Board of Youth
  • Working with Tom Schultz and Pastor Barton
VII. Board of Elders - Bill Crum
a. No report
VIII. Principals Report - Jake Rogers (Absent)
a. No report
IX. Board of Christian Education - Candace Shaffer
a. A reminder that Randy Strakis's retirement is on June 4th. There will be a potluck.
b. Board is finalizing a logo for the school
c. There was some discussion of an action to release Randy from his Call
d. There was some discussion of taking the extending of a Call to Amanda Goodspeed and Donna Rider to Voters at the June meeting
X. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (Absent)
a. No report
XI. Board of Parish Education (Vacant)
a. No report
XII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. No report
XIII. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. No report
XIV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
a. Status Summer Projects List
  • Sanctuary Exterior Repair (COF) funded Cost $45,060
    • Start date is May 25th
  • Sanctuary Exterior Windows Repair (Church Member funded) Cost $13,950
    • Start date is May 25th
    • Working in conjunction w/Exterior wall repair
  • Repair of Fellowship Hall Roof Quote  Cost $5,200 Maintenance & Repair (M&R)
    • Contractor Rayburn Roofing finished roof repair
  • Church Sanctuary Exterior A/C units
    • Board of Church Properties discussed the quotes received on missing outside A/C unit
    • Board of Church Properties voted on replacing missing unit - Cost $4,177 M&R
    • Contractor checking out remaining (3) units condition
  • New Gym Floor - Repair water damaged flooring
    • Contractor repaired damaged flooring Saturday May 6th Cost $660
    • Gym floor recoating is scheduled Saturday May 27th Cost $2,340
    • Board of Church Properties discussed relocating and replacing (2) water fountains with new fountains and move to outer walls by restrooms  Cost $6,850
      • Russ Shoemaker to discuss with Jake Rogers, Principal, ways of funding relocation of water fountains
  • New Gym - A/C roof unit warranty replacement
    • Unit condensers to be replaced in May (units under warranty)
  • Pre-School Project - across from new gym
    • Russ Shoemaker working on quote cost for Julie Grott's Pre-School upgrade - includes but is not limited to drywall work, LED lights, rewiring, etc.
    • Julie Grott working on funding
b. Sanctuary Pews (COF) funded; Funds available $43,916
  • Board of Church Properties appointed sub-committee of Board members - Bob Klaiber, Irv Dieterle and Julie Grott to work on supplier quotes
XV. Board of Stewardship - Christopher Rowan
a. No report
XVI. Financial Report - Ben Schoon
a. Cash flow is where we were last year
b. There was discussion regarding voucher and auction monies
c. Designated funds are trending down
XVII. Presidents Report - Dann Keiser
a. Reminder that Voters is on June 11th
b. Next meeting is at 7:30 p.m., June 20th, 2017, President - Devotions
XVIII. Closing prayer by Pastor Heckert
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman





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