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Parish Planning Council Notes 6/20/17

June 26, 2017
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee - June 20, 2017

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Mike O'Donnell, Jake Rogers, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Steve Berman

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions
a. Dann Keiser began with the Devotion - Matthew 7:24, The Wise and Foolish Builders, and led PPC in prayer.
II. Approval of May 2017 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve the May 2017 meeting minutes as written and Russ Shoemaker seconded. All was in favor and motion carried.
III. Unsung Servants - Caren Bunch for her work and leadership regarding VBS and the St. James teachers who organized and facilitated the Randy Strakis retirement event. All was in favor of these motions and the motions passed.
IV. New Business
a. Pastor French reported the following:
Installation of Officers will be this Sunday, June 15th at all Services. Recommended a note be sent to Board Chairs to remind their members. Pastor French also indicated he would be on vacation from July 24th to August 3rd.
b. Russ Shoemaker indicated he would cover Church Properties new business at the time of his report.
V. Old Business
a. There was no Old Business
VI. Pastor's Report - Pastor French, Pastor Heckert
a. Pastor French reported:
VBS and SWAM is going well, looking at schedules for the summer, Pastor French and Pastor Heckert were working on the preaching schedule and there is ongoing shut in and hospital visits
b. Pastor Heckert reported on the recent Holy Baptisms:
  • Jensen Levi Cline
  • Jameson Shea Saxton
  • Evelyn Winfield Grott
VII. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Constitutional review continues. Mike indicated that Mark Bowman, Bill Crum and himself are conducting the review and encouraged others to participate and join them. The next meeting is on June 27th.
VIII. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Total School House 266 students  156 (Kdg-8) + 110 (In, Td, Pre-school & Pre-K)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School
Personnel update: Jenna Farrington (who accepted the Call last month) has arrived in Lafayette. She picked up keys and dropped off her boxes. They leave tomorrow for vacation and will be back on July 9. Next steps are to fill Athletic Director position and GLASS interventionist "push-in" aide.
c. Summer projects include:
finishing state reporting, ordering books, materials, Chromebooks & items from Dutch Auction, etc. for 2017-2018 school year; working on registration and re-enrollment process with Julie Grott and Mindy Schlotman. Plan on pushing out full calendar and 2017-2018 school supply list by end of this week. Starting to look into new Board of Education manual (policy based governance and exploring best practices).
d. Jake reported he would be on vacation July 9-16 and will be at IN Dist. Admin Conference at Brown County July 19-21. Thanks for a great year and thanks to all of BOE who have served these past few years.
IX. Board of Christian Education - Vacant
a. Jake Rogers reported that the BOE members has gone from approximately 9 members to 4. The next BOE meeting is July 24th. Should have decided on new Chair by then.
X. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (Absent)
a. No report - set to meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month
XI. Board of Parish Education (Vacant)
a. No report
XII. Board of Human Resources (Vacant)
a. No report - Dann Keiser mentioned that Healthcare benefits are under review
XIII. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported that the first meeting was already held - reviewed readings and generating ideas.
XIV. Board of Church Properties
a. Summer Projects List
  • Sanctuary Exterior Wall Repair (Century of Faith Funded) Cost $45,060
    • Work started Thursday May 25th
    • Exterior walls are being power washed to remove lose paint and mortar
    • Removed Old Gutter/Downspouts and replacing with new 6" Gutters and 3" x 4" Downspouts
  • Sanctuary Exterior Windows Repair (Century of Faith Funded) Cost $13,950
    • Board Members removed Glass from old storm windows
      • East and West exterior walls
      • North Storm windows removed by contractor: Gothshall Restoration Co.
  • Church Sanctuary Exterior A/C units Cost $4,177
    • Sanctuary 1 of 4 outside A/C unit replaced in May
      • 3 remaining units were checked out and found in good condition
  • New Gym - Floor repair
    • Repaired water damaged area on May 6th Cost $660
      • Keefer Flooring Co. employee Rob Bankowski repaired floor and resealed
    • Gym Floor was resurfaced on May 27th Cost $2,340
      • Keefer Flooring Co. employee Rob Bankowski resurfaced floor
  • New Gym - Replace & move 2 water fountains Cost $6,850
    • Removed 2 water fountains
      • Plumbing contractor W.H. Williams on Tuesday June 13th, removed 2 old fountains and capped off water and waste lines
      • Board is presently researching funds to cover final replacement cost
  • New Gym - A/C roof unit warranty work
    • Two roof A/C units has compressors replaced in June (no cost)
  • Pre School - Summer project list
    • Julie Grott looking for ways to cover cost of project for this summer
b. New Business
  • Russ explained that an old cast iron sewer line collapsed and discussion ensued about the remedy and associated costs. Quoting is under way and the anticipated cost is approximately $20,000. It was explained that the repair work needs to start right away. Jake Rogers made a motion for approval to proceed, Mike O'Donnell seconded the motion and the motion carried.
  • There was discussion regarding the timing of, costs, funding and interest level of the pews and restoration of the sanctuary interior projects. The discussion included a need for quoting broken out in phases. There was also discussion about holding a congregational meeting on July 16th to recognize and give thanks to the Century of Faith for bringing us to the present and to discuss next steps.
XV. Board of Stewardship (Vacant)
a. No report
XVI. Financial Report (Vacant)
a. No report
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. No report
XVIII. Pastor French moved to adjourn, the motion was seconded and it carried. Pastor French then closed with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman
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