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Parish Planning Council Notes 9/19/2017

September 24, 2017
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee September 19, 2017

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Starlah Smith, Mike O'Donnell, Chris Rowan, Jake Rogers, Lynn Beckham, Heather Brooks, Julie Grott, Mark Bunton, Becky Rowan, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Steve Berman

I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Christian Education
a. Heather Brooks began with the Devotion - 6th Chapter of Matthew, Verses 1-5 and Lynn Beckham led PPC in prayer.
II. Approval of August 2017 meeting minutes - Jake Rogers made a motion to approve and Mike O'Donnell provided a second and the motion passed (Mark Bunton abstained due to not being at the August PPC meeting)
III. Unsung Servants - Motions were made to recognize the following as Unsung Servants
a. Jeanie Truelsen, Mary Prill and Eunice Maurer for their work in preparing food for funerals, Christa Pazera for taking the initiative in organizing supplies and crafts without any prompting, and Hannah Heckert, Athletic Director, and Jenna Farrington, Assistant Athletic Director, for their work in putting together the volleyball tournament in four days.
IV. New Business
a. Board Issues - None reported
V. Old Business
a. Protecting Our Ministry - Constitutional revisions - Mike O'Donnell reported that he spoke with Bill Crum and the next meeting is pending. Mike indicated we will have a revised constitution.
b. Ministry Action Team - Chris Rowan reported that the Ministry Action Team is in process of adopting the LCMS program “Planting Gospel Seeds While Serving Human Needs” and explained that the program helps congregations develop ways to enable their neighbors to break the cycles of poverty and struggle. Chris explained that step one is to conduct a demographics study surrounding St. James and step two is an onsite consultation to determine needs. Chris mentioned this will help get St. James' face in the community and to better address community needs.
VI. Motion - Pastor French made a motion for Starlah Smith to present the Financial Report before the other Board reports, Jake Rogers seconded and the motion passed.
VII. Financial Report - Starlah Smith
a. Starlah Smith began her report by sharing that Mindy Schlotman was doing a great job and she fully supports her. She then reviewed the balance sheet and the P&L Budget with PPC. Starlah indicated that the financial position was good and spoke of the need to have tithing and financial participation. Starlah mentioned that Mindy can print out expense reports for the Boards as requested. There was then some discussion regarding income and expenses.
b. Dann Keiser brought up the topic of a financial procedure regarding expenditures that is written in the constitution. There was a fair amount of discussion regarding the constitutional language, the current administrative procedure and the need for updated constitutional language. After the discussion, consensus was reached that Starlah and Mindy should write up a revised financial administrative procedure for PPCs review with the possibility of PPC recommending constitutional changes to Voters.
c. Starlah reported that signers and those that count and handle money need to be bonded and a brief conversation followed.
VIII. Pastor's Report
a. Pastor French
Pastor French reported that Luther's Deutsche Messe is on October 15th, the Pastor's conference is October 23rd-25th and that there was a 3:00pm service on October 29th. Pastor also mentioned many Reformation activities are coming up. There was some discussion about the Reformation Committee facilitating a beer garden.
b. Pastor Heckert
Pastor Heckert reported on his Official Acts:
  • Divine Services conducted - 8
  • Sermons preached - 9
  • Hospital visits - 2
  • Counseling -2
  • Walk ins - 3
  • Shut ins visited - 10
  • Classes taught - 26
  • Meetings attended - 15
  • Funerals - 0
  • Weddings - 0

Pastor Heckert also shared that he is enjoying the new member class and that the curriculum is freeing for additional discussion. Pastor indicated that he helped at the volleyball tournament and that the tournament was a great success. He was grateful for all the help that was given to put on the tournament. Hannah and Jenna did a FANTASTIC job! Lastly, Pastor Heckert mentioned that he was continuing to do prep work for the Deutsche Messe on October 15th at 10:30. He indicated that the major hurdle was in the Einsetzungworte, the Words of Institution.

IX. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike O'Donnell reported that he and the Board were getting the new elders up and running. Mike also mentioned that the Board of Elders is continuing to work with the Board of Youth.
X. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Jake Rogers reported on the following:
Enrollment - Total School House = 234 students= 145 (Kdg-8) + 101 (In, Td, Pre-school & PreK) [Harmony reporting]. 2017-2018 School Choice Scholarship: $214,692.93, 2016-2017 = $190,435.50, 2015-2016 = $213,103
b. Happenings
  • September is Report Month with the State IDOE and Synod. Lots of reports being submitted
  • No School - Indiana District Teachers Conference - September 28-29, Concordia HS, Ft. Wayne
XI. Board of Christian Education - Lynn Beckham, Heather Brooks
a. Heather Brooks reported on the following topics:
  • Exit interview process and reporting on reasons
  • Promoting a culture of kindness and bullying prevention
  • Resources are being examined. Follow up to be reported next meeting
XII. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. No report
XIII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan
a. Becky Rowan reported that Rally Day took place two weeks ago and was a success. Becky explained that funding was received for new bibles and that recruitment efforts were underway for teachers for January through May. She also explained that Friday Fun Night would take place on October 6th after the fish fry
XIV. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton
a. Mark Bunton reported that he was back to serve on the Board of Human Resources
XV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported on a number of topics:
  • All members showed up for the Board meeting and a good devotion was shared
  • The importance of speaking to people you don't know while in Church
  • Signing the friendship book
  • Work was being done to go through sign in sheets, defining who the visitors are, and then following up with the visitors
  • There are 4-5 new greeters
  • Name tags = Keep wearing name tags and encourage others to do so
  • Thanksgiving prep meeting at Ruth O'Connor's
  • Child evangelism and educating on the importance of Baptism
  • Grace Gillespie is working on invitation to Sunday School letters
  • Ministering outside of St. James
  • The idea of starting up the basketball camp
XVI. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
Russ Shoemaker shared the following with PPC:
a. Status of Summer Projects
  • Sanctuary Exterior Wall & Windows Repair
    • Board discussed Open issues
      • Bob Klaiber checking with contractor on date to install Sanctuary new gutters and downspouts
      • Lafayette Glass has measured for storm windows and waiting on top panels of tempered glass to be received
    • Sacristy window was replaced by Best window on Friday 9-15 - Bob Klaiber worked with contractor to get job done in a timely manner
    • Sanctuary roof - Still waiting on manufacturer "Certainteed" to inspect roof for defects and replacement status
  • New Gym - Replaced and moved two new water fountains  cost $6,850
    • Water fountains install is completed but recalled plumber to correct boy's water fountain water control buttons from sticking. Problem has been resolved
  • Parish Center Sewer line repair project
    • Final invoice received from Brenneco Plumbing
      • Final bill was $15,936 - Russ commented that this cost was good and Brenneco was cooperative and easy to work with
      • Business Manager, Mindy Schlotman, has set up two monthly installments to pay balance
        • First installment was paid first of September
b. Church Board Discussed status of "New Pew" project (Century of Faith)
  • Board and sub-committee agreed to have sub-committee meet twice a month to move faster on quoting progress. Board increased size of sub-committee to help out on work load
  • There was some discussion among PPC regarding the timing of the Sanctuary restoration with relationship to the installation of the new pews

c. Church Board tasks completed since last report:

  • Installed electronic clock in new gym
  • Repaired new gym mat dolly cart caster and caster on large floor fan
  • Repaired North parking lot gate
  • Replaced two light bulbs in elevator
  • Concrete repaired on Sanctuary main entry stoop, sidewalk between new gym and old school
  • Old school Southeast corner brick tuck pointed
  • Sanctuary narthex exterior window tuck pointed, could be leak point in interior wall
  • Church Board put on a tour for congregation members on Sunday, September 17th of projects completed over the last four years. This was an opportunity for Church Properties Board to thank the Congregation for supporting the Board by sharing their time, talents and treasures allowing the projects talked about during the tour to be funded
    • There was a brief discussion regarding the idea of a virtual tour on the website
d. Other
Dann Keiser suggested a survey of needs be completed to highlight short and long term projects
XVII. Board of Stewardship - (Vacant)
a. Dann Keiser reported that he is trying to find volunteers
XVIII. President's Report
a. Dann Keiser reported that the next Voters meeting will be November 19th and described that if PPC were adding new Board members they could be voted in at the meeting.  Dann also mentioned that Starlah Smith can officially voted in as Treasurer. Lastly there was some discussion about a delegate for District/Synod conference with first meeting on December 3rd in Reynolds at 2:30pm.
XIX. Adjournment
a. Mike O'Donnell made a motion to adjourn, Mark Bunton seconded, and Pastor French closed the meeting with prayer.












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