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Parish Planning Council Notes 04/17/2018

April 21, 2018
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Meeting 04/17/2018
Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Starlah Smith, Jen Sterrett, Mindy Schlotman, Julie Grott, Mike O'Donnell, Jake Rogers, Heather Brooks, Lynn Beckham, Karrie Tarter, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer & Devotions: Dann Keiser began with the Devotion referring to Ephesians 4 Keeping the Unity of the Spirit and led PPC in prayer.
II. Approval of February & March 2018 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve the February meeting minutes and Starlah Smith offered a second. The motion passed. Pastor French made a motion to approve the March meeting minutes, Mike O'Donnell seconded and the motion carried.
III. Unsung Servants - Jerry Ripke made a motion to approve Ruth Wien for her outstanding work in the cafeteria every Sunday. Jake Rogers offered a second the motion carried.
IV. New Business
a. There were no Board Items
b. Budget
Dann Keiser began by explaining that the Financial Report could also be covered at this point. Mindy Schlotman then referred to the Balance Sheet and explained that we were in the black. She further explained that designated funds were down, presently sitting in the 130s. Then the Budget discussions commenced covering several line items. There were several questions and answers as PPC worked through the budget. As discussions drew to a close Dann described that Boards should address any additional issues with Mindy as she plans to make changes to the Budget for PPC to revisit next month.  Many thanks were expressed to Mindy for her work on the Budget.
V. Old Business
a. There was no Old Business
VI. Financial Report - Mindy Schlotman
a. This agenda item was covered under the Budget agenda item
VII. Pastor's Report - Pastor French and Pastor Heckert
a. Pastor French reported he was focused on Examination and Confirmation. He then closed by speaking of the faithful hand of the Gospel from one generation to the next
b. Pastor Heckert reported the following activities and updates:
  • Divine Services conducted -8
  • Sermons preached -7
  • Hospital visits -2
  • Counseling -3
  • Walk ins -2
  • Shut ins visited -9 (2 attempted)
  • Classes taught -15
  • Meetings attended -11 (+1x two circuit Winkel)
  • Funerals -0
  • Weddings -0


  • Good to celebrate with mother-in-law in her retirement as music director - weather was interesting and made for a difficult journey back. Now that she does have free time, one of the things she would like to be able to do is do workshops for organ players (if I understood the plans correctly); any desire for this from St. James? Been playing the organ since she was five years old; an absolutely phenomenal organist, with much to teach and patience to do so. Am I biased? Yes, but I'd encourage all to, at least, prayerfully consider it, given our need and her newfound availability
  • Busy weeks upcoming with confirmation, auction, etc.
  • Token 3x paintball related issues
    • Auction item up for bid
    • In spite of chaotic weather, still would like to set up a paintball outing for youth (intermediate at this point, but will figure it out)
    • Would like to gauge receptivity to a paintball team among parishioners, perhaps area congregations - may seem frivolous, but firm believer it's a sport that is codifying, which would be helpful, especially for youth
VIII. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike O'Donnell shared that the Board has been concentrating on getting through Easter season
IX. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
a. Jake Rogers reported the following:
Total School House -  245 students = 143 (Kdg-8) + 102 (In, Td, Pre-school & PreK) [Harmony reporting] 2017-2018 School Choice Scholarship: $211,377.93 (16-17=$190,435.50) (15-16=$213,103)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School:
  • School Choice Scholarship application has been approved by the State for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Enrollment information for 2018-2019 due to be released as soon as enrollment letter is ready
  • Textbook adoption on PE curriculum, Music curriculum and Social Studies (Gr.6-8)
  • ISTEP, Pt.2 update
  • Crusader Auction is Saturday, April 21
  • Calendar
    • Snow Day taken on Friday, January 12. Snow Makeup day will be Friday, May 11
    • Snow Day taken on Wednesday, January 24. Snow Makeup day will be Monday, April 23
  • Valedictorian & Salutatorian 2018 - These academic awards were announced for the St. James Graduating Class of 2018. Our O.M. Schnaible Valedictorian is Evan Gutierrez and our Salutatorian is Jayden Rausch. We congratulate Evan and Jayden for their hard work and dedication to academic excellence in the classroom and wish them God's blessings in their future endeavors in high school in the fall.
  • St. James Lutheran School Calendar 2017-2018
    • April 16-May 4  ISTEP, Pt. 2 window
    • April 21 St. James Auction
    • April 22 Confirmation Examination
    • April 27 LuHi Fine Arts Festival
    • April 27 Early Childhood Grandparent's Day, 9-11am
    • April 29 8th Grade Confirmation, 10:30am
    • May 6 8th Grade 1st Communion, 10:30am
    • May 8 Spring Concert, 6pm
    • May 9 Sports Banquet
    • May 10 Ascension Day
    • May 13-19 8th Grade Washington, DC Trip
    • May 21 Student Recognition Assembly, 1:30pm
    • May 22 Graduation, 7pm
    • May 23 Last Day, End of 4th Quarter
    • May 24 End of Year Faculty Meeting, To Be Determined
X. Board of Christian Education - Heather Brooks and Lynn Beckham
a. Heather Brooks reported that the Dutch Auction will include the perimeter fencing and bathroom updates. She also shared that they will be finished with the evaluation process by next month.
XI. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter
a. Karrie Tarter reported the following:
  • Dann Keiser and Pastor French were requested to attend the April meeting to discuss long term goals for Youth Ministry at St. James and the 2018-2019 budget.
  • Mission
    • Time in the Word: High School Youth attending adult bible studies, Ruth O'Connor holding monthly bible studies
    • Service to St. James and Lafayette Community - Board of Elders would like to develop a youth presence at St. James - ushering, greeters, readings
    • Fellowship in a Christian environment
  • High School Youth
    • Leadership - Board is discussing the possibility of a Youth Director position versus DCE position, possibly utilize a young adult from the congregation. Will request in budget for a Youth Director stipend position (similar to AD position). Pastor Heckert is to discuss with young adults that names have been brought to the Youth Board. Position would be supervised by the Pastors and fall under the Board of Youth Ministry
    • Ruth O'Connor offering monthly gatherings
    • Youth room - Foundation/Dave Sattler is having the City evaluate Upper Room for occupancy limit and need for a second exit. Stove/oven was purchased from Youth budget. Pastor Heckert suggested a Rededication once usage is cleared
    • National Youth Gathering 2019, Minneapolis, MN - call out meeting was 4/15/2018 and 10-12 youth interested in attending the gathering. Possible travel with Grace Lutheran Lafayette but they want to maintain separate "church family" groups at the gathering. Their DCE, Brian Pike, said the adult leaders need to meet and discuss what they want a joint effort with St. James to look like
    • NYG Fundraising - Easter Breakfast $913 before expenses
  • Junior High Youth
    • 8th graders invited to NYG meeting and time before to meet with upperclassman youth from their High School and establish mentor relationships. Only one 8th grader attended, which could be attributed to the small Confirmation class?
  • Budget
    • Budget discussed at April meeting with Dann Keiser. Will need to include costs for NYG. Board was recommended to include Youth Director Position in budget request. Proposed budget for 2018-2019 submitted:
      • Youth Ministry program expenses
      • NYG-adult leaders expenses (3-4): registration, hotel, travel
      • (NEW) Youth Director stipend position (comparable to AD)
    • Need to determine church financial support for NYG - historically cost per youth was 1/3 family, 1/3 church/youth budget, 1/3 fundraising
    • National Youth Gathering Designated Funds
XII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (absent)
XIII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton (absent)
XIV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry reported on three topics:
  • Exploring a program based on communicating with the congregation - select 3-5 people and make contact
  • Encourages involvement in Lutheran Hour and to join the Lutheran Laymen's League
  • Budget
    • Evangelism Material, Evangelism Workshop/Events, Advertising & Marketing, Coffee Hour, Special Events, Devotions
XV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
Russ Shoemaker reported on the following:
a. Called a special meeting on March 28th, 2018 and covered/discussed:
  • New Pews
    • Progress of Quote Process
      • Discuss quotes received
      • Review sub-committee recommendation - Headed up by Julie Grott - Russ gave thanks to Julie
      • Board voted unanimously for Church Interiors Pew Manufacturer
      • Board signed contract with Church Interiors to accept Quoted price of pews $55,512 on 3-30-18
        • April 1st rate increase
        • Board agreed to put deposit on pews - $16,999 to hold cost
  • Sanctuary Interior Restoration
    • Status of money raised to date  Century of Faith $128,135
    • Fund raiser deadline June 1st, 2018
    • Start date of restoration July 9th, 2018
      • Church members start demo of pews, carpet, wainscot and heat registers in an effort to save money by doing this on the front end
      • There was a brief discussion about wrapping the organ
    • Discuss progress on restoration quotes
      • Church Interiors 2nd site visit to discuss restoration details and timeline and confirm quoted price $93,500
      • Scheduled start July 16th
  • 2018 Summer Project list
    • Prioritize list 2018 Summer Work proposed (Maintenance & Repair) Budget
      • Pre-School - New Heating/Cooling system Rm#102, #104  $11,000 M&R
      • Parish Center - Install new Kitchen grease trap $1,750 M&R
      • Parish Center - Replace faulty exhaust fan for (4) restroom $2,423 M&R
      • Sanctuary & Cafeteria - replace sidewalk/water drainage $3,500 M&R
      • Total Proposed Summer M&R Cost $18,673
    • Review M&R Budget status
      • 2017-18 M&R annual Budget           $48,747
      • 2017-18 April Balance                    - $37,036
      • Balance Remaining                           $11,673
      • Payback to M&R (Designated Gift) +$10,000                                                                             $21,673
  • Discussions under way with Masonry Contractor and IMI Concrete Co. on 8th street School sidewalk
    • Concrete surface flaking off
      • Winter salt appears to have damaged surface
      • IMI Concrete Co. running test on concrete for strength
      • Board waiting for test results before making decision on next move
  • Sanctuary Roof
    • Meeting with Contractors for replacement of damaged shingles and seal down of shingles not properly seating
      • Certainteed Shingle Mfg. provided cash settlement to repair shingles not seating
      • Board waiting for warmer weather to start work
  • Total list of projects scheduled summer 2018:
    • New Church Pews - funded by Century of Faith (Church Interiors Mfg.)
    • Sanctuary - Interior Restoration (Special Fundraiser)
    • Sanctuary & Cafeteria - Replace sidewalk/drainage system (Summer 2018 Project)
    • New & Old School buildings - Renovate Bathrooms (4 of 6) (Potential Dutch Auction Fund)
    • Pre-School - Install new LG Heat/Cooling System #102 & #104 M&R
    • Parish Center - Install new "grease trap" for cafeteria kitchen area M&R
    • North Parking Lot - Playground area - Add fencing to secure playground (Potential Dutch Auction Fund)
    • Church Office  stair wells - Install trench drains to stop water flooding office floor M&R
  • Spring Clean Up
    • Board cancelled April 14th cleanup day due to rain
    • Rainout day is April 28th
XVI. Board of Stewardship - (Vacant)
a. No report
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. No report
XVIII. Adjournment
a. Jerry Ripke made a motion to adjourn and Pastor French seconded. The motion carried and Pastor French closed with prayer.
XIX. Re-open the regular PPC Meeting
a. After the meeting adjourned is was decided by Dann Keiser and PPC to add the following Board of Church Properties information to the minutes to ensure its distribution to the congregation:
Sanctuary Restoration Cost Sheet
Prioritized Restoration   
 Item                                                         Vendor 
1Pews                                                       Church Interiors 
2Hardwood Floors                                     Flooring Specialist's 
3Carpet/Vinyl                                            Professional Interior's 
4Altar Furniture Restore                           Church Interiors 
5Wainscot & Sills                                      Mitchell Carpentry 
6Electrical & Re-wire Lights                      Flora Electric 
7Ceiling & Walls                                       Church Interiors 
Basic Estimate  $   193,661
Add-On Options  
8Balcony Refinish                                    Church Interiors 
9Faux Finish                                            Church Interiors 
10Gold Leaf                                             Church Interiors 
11New Mural                                            Church Interiors 
12Baptismal Mural                                   Church Interiors 
13Restore 1925 Pews 4 ct                      Mitchell Carpentry 
 Total Restoration Estimate  $   223,786
 (Basic Estimate + Add- on Options)  

XX. The regular PPC Meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman











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