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Parish Planning Council Notes 05/15/2018

May 20, 2018
By Steve Berman

Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Starlah Smith, Jen Sterrett, Kristy McCain, Mike O'Donnell, Chris Rowan, Jerry Ripke, Steve Berman

I. Opening Prayer and Devotion - Pastor French
a. Pastor French led PPC in prayer
II. Approval of April 2018 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve the April meeting minutes and Starlah Smith offered a second. The motion passed
III. Unsung Servants - The adults and children (estimated at 27) that worked at the April 28th, Church property clean-up day were nominated and unanimously approved as Unsung Servants
IV. New Business
a. Board Items?
There were no Board Items
b. Budget
Mindy Schlotman, who was absent from the meeting, prepared and previously dropped off Budget, Profit & Loss and Account Balance documents for PPC. Dann Keiser began by pointing out the budget proposal options followed by discussion and questions amongst PPC. After considering the budget options Mike O'Donnell made a motion to approve a budget to recommend to Voters at the June 3rd Voters meeting. New discussion then ensued and concluded with a revised budget option and Mike O'Donnell withdrawing his motion. A new motion was made to approve a budget, as amended, to recommend to Voters at the June 3rd meeting and the motion carried
V. Old Business
a. There was no Old Business
VI. Financial Report - Starlah Smith
a. Starlah reported on a tight cash flow and the status of auction and tuition monies
VII. Pastor's Report - Pastor French, Pastor Heckert (absent)
a. Pastor French reported that he just returned from Conference, last month was Confirmation and that the school year was wrapping up. Lastly, Pastor gave an update on the Sanctuary Restoration funding and described we were at about $180,000.
VIII. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike reported his support for the idea of a Youth Director role at St. James initiating a discussion regarding expectations and financial impact. No action was taken
IX. Principals Report - Jake Rogers (absent)
a. No report
X. Board of Christian Education - Heather Brooks (absent) and Lynn Beckham (absent)
a. No report
XI. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. Kristy McCain reported on the ongoing discussions regarding Youth Director solutions - job description, interviewing, the ideal candidate, etc.
XII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (absent)
a. Chris Rowan reported that Sunday School has been finalized and that we are still looking for adult teachers. Chris then described the anticipated schedule and topics to include Church Life, Family and New and Old Testament. Lastly, Chris indicated a need for VBS volunteers and identified Becky Rowan and Amanda Goodspeed as points of contact
XIII. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton (absent)
a. No report
XIV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry spoke about how to use our lives to serve God and reported on the following topics:
  • Member to Member initiative - visit 2-3 people just to talk and get to know each other
  • Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Project Connect Booklet Ministry Program to better share the Faith with the congregation, visitors and our community. Should we put this to work in our congregation?

b. There was some discussion regarding Youth Service Programs

XV. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker (absent)
Russ Shoemaker's written report was shared with PPC:
a. Sanctuary Interior Restoration
  • Church Interiors site visit and walk-through of Sanctuary
    • Reviewed wall plaster condition
    • Discussed schedule time-line of Restoration
      • Start date of demo work in Restoration - July 9th 2018
      • Restoration Company "Church Interior" to start work July 16th, 2018
    • Discussed balcony prep work needed
      • Protect organ and reed pipes
      • Checked with Church Interior for their method of protection
  • Status of money raised to date   "Century of Faith" $169,823 - last weeks number
    • Total cost of Restoration - $224,000
    • Basic Restoration - $194,000
    • Fundraiser ends June 1st, 2018
b. New Pews - sub-committee reviewed 32 pews being purchased with Church Interiors
  • Identified 4 handicap pew locations
  • Identified length of special pews
c. Sanctuary Roof
  • Meet with contractors for replacement of damaged shingles and seal down of shingles not properly seating
    • Rayburn Roofing to start repair of Sanctuary Roof shingles
    • Mfg. "Certainteed" provided cash settlement to repair shingles not seating
    • Work to start in late May
d. Total list of projects scheduled summer 2018
  • New Church Pews - funded by Century of Faith (Church Interiors Mfg.)
  • Sanctuary - Interior Restoration (Special Fundraiser)
  • Parish Ctr. & Old School - Renovate Restrooms (Dutch Auction fund)
  • North Parking lot-Playground area -Add fencing to secure playground (Dutch Auction)
  • Pre-School - Install new "LG" Heat/Cooling System Room #102 & #104 $11,000 Maintenance & Repair July Pay-out 2019 Budget
  • Parish Center - Install new "Grease Trap" for cafeteria kitchen area $3,500 Maintenance & Repair June Pay-out 2019 Budget
  • 8th Street Steps (New Gym) - Replace hand rails $1,184 Maintenance & Repair June Pay-out 2019 Budget
  • Church Office stair wells - Install trench drains to stop flooding Church office $950 Maintenance & Repair July Pay-out 2019 Budget
  • Parish Center - Replace roof exhaust fan for (4) restrooms and kitchen $1,200 Maintenance & Repair June Pay-out 2019 Budget
  • Sanctuary - Install new "LG" Heating/Cooling System for Sanctuary Balcony $6,600 Maintenance & Repair August Pay-out 2019 Budget
e. Spring Clean Up Day
  • Work Day - April 28th huge success, 27 adults & children
XVI. Board of Stewardship (Vacant)
a. No report
XVII. Presidents Report - Dann Keiser
a. Dann talked with PPC about mail and routinely checking PPC mailboxes
XVIII. Closing Prayer
a. The meeting adjourned and Pastor French closed with prayer

Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman






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