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Parish Planning Council Notes 06/19/2018

June 23, 2018
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Committee - June 19, 2018
Attending: Dann Keiser, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Starlah Smith, Jen Sterrett, Julie Grott, Jerry Ripke, Jake Rogers, Heather Brooks, Mike O'Donnell, Chris Rowan, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer & Devotions
a. Pastor French led PPC in prayer
II. Approval of May 2018 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve and Mike O'Donnell offered a second. The motion passed.
III. Unsung Servants - Amanda Goodspeed and all of the volunteers involved in putting on VBS and SWAM were nominated and unanimously approved.
IV. New Business
a. Board Items - None to report
b. Budget
Dann Keiser made opening remarks and then asked Starlah Smith to report. Starlah shared that the Finance Committee and Dann Keiser came up with several options to rectify the cash flow situation. She indicated that we need to take the full $100,000 line of credit to make payroll and would pay it back by October. Starlah then made some comments on the budget work that has been done mentioning Jake Rogers, Julie Grott, and the Board of Education. There was some discussion about the deficit of about $149,000 and then the discussion turned to working through the budget's income and expense lines to confirm income projections and to identify cost avoidance opportunities. Jenn Sterrett explained the health insurance options and there were several comments and questions. Conversation continued regarding budget items related to Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Jake Rogers and Julie Grott. After discussing these budget lines, Pastor French then asked about continued attendance of himself, Pastor Heckert, Jake Rogers and Julie Grott. After a brief discussion and with no disagreement Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Jake Rogers and Julie Grott excused themselves from the meeting and the budget review continued. The conversation became more philosophical and strategic as PPC discussed future goals and then took a few minutes to pray. Several comments were made as the philosophical discussion continued. Then PPC resumed the budget review. Mike O'Donnell made a motion to postpone the meeting and reconvene due to the late hour. The motion was not seconded and it did not pass. There was a brief discussion and agreement to continue and finish an adjusted budget that could be presented to Voters. After going through the rest of the budget Chris Rowan made some comments and suggested a planning meeting be held to continue the strategic groundwork that PPC had started. The special meeting was set for July 11, 2018 at 5:30p.m. Chris then made a motion to submit the budget with adjustments for Voters consideration and Starlah Smith seconded. The motion carried.
V. Old Business
a. There was no old business
VI. Board Reports
a. Formal Board reports were not presented
VII. Closing prayer
a. Mike O'Donnell led PPC in prayer and PPC recited the Lord's Prayer. The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman




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