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Parish Planning Council Notes 11/19/19

November 19, 2019
By Christopher Rowan

In attendance:

President: Christopher Rowan
Vice President: Mike Grott
Financial Secretary: Jen Sterrett
Pastor: David French
Pastor/Paris Education: Peter Heckert
Principal: Jake Rogers
Early Childhood Director: Julie Grott
Co-Chair Christian Education: Lynn Beckham
Co-Chair Christian Education:  Heather Brooks
Chair Elders: Mike O'Donnell
Chair Evangelism: Jerry Ripke
Chair Human Resources: Steve Berman
Chair Church Properties: Russ Shoemaker
Finance Committee Charirman: Chris Northington
Not in attendance:
Vice President: Jason Plassard
Chair Board of Youth: Vacant
Chair Stewardship: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Fincial Secretary: Dann Keiser
Treasurer: Vacant
Assistant Treasurer: Vacant
Opening Prayer: Pastor French
Approval of October Minutes: Motion Pastor French Second Mike Grott approved
Unsung Servant: Bulletin Prep Group (Nola Knows who does this) Motion Mike O'Donnell Second Pastor French approved
New Business:
  • Christmas planning committee is working on 5:30, 7 and 11 pm services
  • Giving Tuesday Planning for Facebook ads and day of giving email
  • Partnership with pastors to keck off small groups based off of the book 'Sticky Church" by Larry Osborne

Old Business:

  • Delinquent tuition action item from sheet.  
  • Trunk or Treat update had discussion about event and thanked all of those boards and staff that were involved.

Board Reports:

Financial Report: Information same as voters meeting.  Check process to take care of vendors affected by bank issue.  Set up check request process until business manager starts.
Pastors' Reports: Christmas and Advent Service times, switching to 1 year lectionary
Principal Report: Information same as voters meeting.
Christian Eduction: Marketing committee members: Amanda Goodspeed, Mary Meyers, Mariah Hamilton, Lindsey Eggold, Lynn Beckham.  Found Yard Signs and Licence Plates to use as advertising, Womens' Christmas Dinner inviting all Mothers from St. James School Families.  Pastor Hecktert is handling delinquent families and reporting to Christian Education.
Church Propertie
s: New Snow Removal Contract Krintz Lawn Care, 12/20 install new kitchen stove. Started creating 2020 project list.
Elders: Advent Schedule set for elders. Member roll clean up currently working on out of town list.
  • People involved in brochures to give out to people with issues 50 different types
  • Caroling 12/15
    • List of people to visit
    • Shut-ins
    • Nursing homes

Human Resources: New business manager Marieta Smith.  Kristy will be on site for first day of training. Performance reviews

Parish Education: 
  • Team teaching in Sunday School
  • Pastor French finishing book study in cafeteria
  • Pastor Barton Mormon class to start in cafeteria
  • New Member class starting 1/5
  • Grace Gillespie teaching behold the child

Board of Stewardship: No Report

Board of Youth: No Report

President's Report:  Thank you to everyone who has been volunteering especially with Trunk or Treat.  Needing volunteers for the Christmas Eve Services.

Closing Prayer: Pastor Heckert

Motion to adjourn: Mike Grott Second Julie Second adjourned


These minutes are submitted to the best of my ability,

Christopher Rowan



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