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Parish Planning Council Notes 6/18/19

June 29, 2019
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Council Meeting - June 18, 2019
Attending: Dann Keiser, Chris Rowan, Pastor French, Mike O'Donnell, Heather Brooks, Jerry Ripke, Russ Shoemaker, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer & Devotions - Board of Christian Education
a. Heather Brooks led PPC in reciting the Lord's Prayer
II. Approval of May 20, 2019 meeting minutes - Mike O'Donnell made a motion to approve the May 20, 2019 PPC meeting minutes as presented and Pastor French offered a second. The motion passed
III. Unsung Servants - Bob Klaiber was nominated by Russ Shoemaker as an unsung servant for his outstanding work on the ceilings and lights project for K-2nd grade areas. Jerry Ripke seconded, and the nomination was approved
IV. New Business
a. Pastor French mentioned that some people elected at the June Voters meeting were not voting members. After some discussion, Mike O'Donnell made a motion that those in question can be presented to Voters at the November Voters meeting for admission as new voting members. Pastor French offered a second and the motion carried
b. Mike O'Donnell moved to extend thanks to Dann Keiser for his service as President. Heather Brooks seconded and the motion carried unanimously
V. Old Business
a. Contracts - Mike O'Donnell mentioned that Kristy McCain is working on this. (pre change)
b. Heather Brooks gave a brief update on Job Descriptions
VI. Financial Report - Starlah Smith (not in attendance)
a. No report other than Dann Keiser mentioning we were not in the line of credit
VII. Board of Stewardship (Vacant)
a. No report
VIII. Pastor's Report - Pastor Heckert (vacation); Pastor French
a. Pastor French commented on VBS and SWAM and that the SWAM performance was this Friday. Pastor French encouraged PPC to consider attending. He then mentioned that July will be a lightly scheduled month. 
b. Dann Keiser mentioned that the LCMS Synodical convention is July 20-25, 2019 in Tampa, FL.
IX. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike O'Donnell briefly reflected on his recent travels and commented on the importance of involving youth in our worship life. He then recapped the Board member changes to the Board of Elders. Lastly, Mike asked PPC to pray for the Synodical presidential election this weekend
X. Principals Report - Jake Rogers (not in attendance)
a. No report
XI. Board of Christian Education - Lynn Beckham (not in attendance); Heather Brooks
a. Heather Brooks reported on several topics to include the National Lutheran School Accreditation committee, Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, Contracts, and Wellness Policy
XII. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (not in attendance)
a. Dann Keiser mentioned work is underway to get ready for the National Youth Gathering. There was a brief discussion about whether there is any interest in the Studio B 2nd floor space
XIII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (not in attendance)
a. Chris Rowan reported there will be a class for Serving God's Mission in August. He then mentioned Pastor John Gore is willing to do a 3-week class on Friendship Evangelism. Lastly, Chris talked about future class planning and that the schedule of classes would be posted on the website under Parish Ed.
XIV. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton (not in attendance)
a. No report
XV. Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke
a. Jerry Ripke shared that Ruth O'Connor joined their Board meeting and commented on a few topics to include duties of the Board, Lutheran Hour Ministries booklets, and that on July 21st in Seymour, IN at 1:00p.m. there will be a Lutheran Hour event and speaker.
XVI. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker
Russ Shoemaker shared the following from his written report
a. Reviewed Century of Faith balance for Sanctuary Restoration - Project cost ($293,010)
  • New balance remaining is -($1,928)

b. Board spent the remaining time discussing status of Summer 2019 projects

  • Parish Center - Band Room and Stairwell Roof replacement (completed)
  • Parish Center - Repair tile floor entries: (8th St., Cincinnati St., Fellowship Hall, Church Handicap Dr.) (Board put project on hold)
  • Sanctuary - Reseal loose roof shingles
    • Man-lift arrives Tuesday 6-4-19 Kyle Myers assisted in providing lift
    • Contractor "Jeff Emery" is Contractor scheduled to do work. Waiting for start date from Jeff
  • Old School/Parish Center - New bottle filler drinking fountains - Dutch Auction funds
    • Work started in Parish Center May 29th and all 5 old fountains are demo'd and new plumbing rough-in has been completed on all 5 areas
    • Dave Flora "electrician" completed electrical work on 3 fountains
    • Mason to fill in old fountain cavities in block wall on June 20th
    • Paint walls before final install of new fountains
    • Plumber install of fountains - to be completed by June 24th
  • Parish Center - Remodel 1st floor Boys/Girls Restrooms Dutch Auction funded
    • May 23rd - Completed Demo Restroom partitions & installed dust barriers
    • June 1st - Mason cut four 36" door openings & cut plumbing chase opening
    • June 4th - Start demo old plumbing, Mike "Brenneco" - completed rgh-in June 14th
    • Church member to paint restrooms after all holes in walls have been filled. Work to start June 24th
    • July 1st - Flooring Express contractor start demo old tile floor - finish new floor tile July 14th
  • Parish Center - New Ceilings & Lights - KG, 1st, 2nd, & Title#1 rm. [(Maintenance & Repair (M&R)), Dutch Auction, Member]
    • Dave Flora "electrician" demo old light fixtures from K through 2nd grade rooms and Title#1 room
    • June 18th Congregation members completed work on new ceiling tile in K through 2nd grade rooms and Title#1 room
  • Sanctuary & Cafe - Repair sidewalk between buildings & improve water drainage (M&R)
    • Start date is July 8th
c. Start Date Schedule for 2019 Summer Project
  • Parish Center - New roofs (upper & lower) flat roofs - Project started (final cost $7,600)
    • Completed 4-13-2019 (Stairwell roof to Band Room and Band Room roof)
  • Parish Center - Repair tile floor at door entries (8th St., Cincinnati St., Fellowship Hall, Church Handicap Dr.)
    • Presently under way - Project started (Irv D)
  • Sanctuary - Reseal loose roof shingles ($4,650) 2018 insurance settlement
    • June 4th
  • Old School/Parish Center - New bottle filler drinking fountains - Dutch Auction 2019 funds
    • Start May 27th & finish week of June 4th
  • Parish Center - Remodel Boys/Girls Restrooms, upper level - Dutch Auction 2019 funded
    • Start June 1st & finish 2nd week in July
  • Parish Center - New Ceilings and Lights - KG, 1st, 2nd, & Title #1 rm. [M&R, Dutch Auction, Member]
    • Start June 10th & Finish July 1st  Est.$2,660 M&R
  • Sanctuary & Cafeteria - Repair sidewalk between buildings & improve water drainage (M&R)
    • Start July 8th & finish week of July 15th Est. $8,200 M&R
  • Parish Center - New flooring in Pre-K room by library (if money is raised)
  • New Gym/Church Office - Complete intercom project - Dutch Auction 2019 funds
d. Maintenance & Repair Est. Cost:
$8,200 Sanctuary & Cafeteria - Repair sidewalk & improve water drainage (M&R)
$2,660 Parish Ctr. Lower level classrooms - [Dutch Auction, Church Member & M&R]
$10,860  Total Cost M&R
$48,000 Budget - 2018-19 M&R
-$38,000 YTD Spent
$10,000  Remaining budget balance
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. Dann Keiser gave an update on the constitution revision and indicated we met with Bill Crum and the plan is to present a comparison of old and revised to PPC and Congregation and if approved it goes to District and then to Voters. He then shared that he has been working with the Elders regarding inactive members
XVIII. Motion to Adjourn and Closing prayer
a.  Mike O'Donnell made a motion to adjourn and Russ Shoemaker seconded. The motion passed. Pastor French closed the meeting with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman, Secretary




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