School Roof Fundraiser

St. James Lutheran School Roof Fundraiser


For over 100 years, St. James Lutheran School has been a hub for Christian eduction in Lafayette, Indiana. Over the years our Lutheran teachers and staff have been able to deliver a high quality education to our students. This year let's welcome our students and teachers back with a brand-new roof on our school house. The current roof has well exceeded its life span. This major project is needed to maintain our facility. Please consider donating today. With your generous financial gift St. James Lutheran School will be available for generations to come.

Scope of work:
  • Remove old roofing tiles, rotting vent hoods and gutters
  • Patch holes in sheeting where vent hoods removed
  • Install new roofing
  • Install new gutters
  • Repair/replace fascia and eaves around roof
Amount needed for this project:
  • $45,000
How to Donate:
  • By Check
    • Place in offering plate or mail to the church office with "Roof Project" on the memo line
  • Online
    • Click HERE
    • Donate to the "Maintenance & Repairs" fund and type "Roof Project" in message box

Roof Fundraiser