Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

St. James Lutheran Church and School is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and is committed to the teaching and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A broad range of ministries are offered at St. James from Pre-school to basketball and music camps. Our food pantry serves over 10,000 people each year. Our offerings to District and Synod, with other LC-MS congregations, help fund foreign missions around the world.

St. James is home to many hundreds of families in Lafayette and the surrounding communities and our current professional staff includes two Pastors, a Director of Early Childhood Education, a Principal and 9 teachers. We are also served by a Music and Athletic Director as well as the Early Childhood and Daycare staff.

Open Positions:

Position Title:          Business Manager
Immediate Supervisor:  Chairman of the Financial Committee
Education Required:      Associate degree in related financial or business area ; or a minimum of 3 years experience with accounting or financial processes
Preferences:         QuickBook experience
Description:    The business manager shall be the chief financial and business officer of the church and school.  As such, the business manager under the direction of the appropriate boards shall receive, take charge of, and manage all financial accounts and funds belonging to the church and school.  The Business Manager supports the employees of St. James Lutheran Church and School by onboarding employees and supporting employee benefit processes.
  • Christian Example
  • Understands and is committed to the overall ministry of the church and school;
  • Christian role model for staff members;
  • Committed to personal growth in Word and Sacrament;
  • Relationship Builder/Nurturer
  • Encourages a team approach between staff members;
  • Attends regular staff meetings;
  • Manager
  • Processes all accounts payable activities;
  • Reconciles credit card statement with receipts;
  • Administers payroll activities in partnership with external payroll vendor;
  • Tracks all receipts to St. James including the receipts from each individual member;
  • Approves all purchase orders, obtaining pricing bids on purchases, setting up and maintaining service contracts, etc.;
  • Processes account receivable activities (billing and tracking) for St. James' school, Preschool, Childcare, Afterschool Care, other school programs, and church;
  • Performs end of month and end of year account activities;
  • Performs tax filings for St. James by May 15 annually;
  • Tracks receipts and disbursements of the "Special Gifts" accounts;
  • Communicator
  • Provides monthly financial statements to individual board chairpersons and assist boards in the development of their annual budgets;
  • Assists Board of Stewardship in educating the congregation on fiscal responsibility;
  • Responds to all financial questions and issues;
  • Employee Resource
  • Ensure on-boarding of employees including all compliance requirements
  • Maintains employee personnel files
  • Facilitates employee benefit processes (healthcare, pension, disability)
  • Other Duties
  • Assists with other business management duties as circumstances require and as the Board of Stewardship and the administrative pastor may reasonably direct;
  • Cooperate with the pastor in various undertakings designed to promote and extend the growth of the Christian day school and Kingdom of God generally.

Please email your completed application and resume to hr@stjameslaf.org or submit them in person at our church office.