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Monday, November 20

Christmas Parade Update - Thank you for the milk jugs!  The igloo is done and now we are creating ice block walls.  There will be work sessions Tuesday, November 21 and 28 in the cafeteria from 2:30 - 4:00.  Final prep for the parade will be Saturday, December 2 beginning at 10:00 am.  All are welcome to help.
Thank you for all you sold Butterbraids.  The funds from this are our primary source of funds for the school music program.  If you were unable to sell, please make a contribution to help with the purchase of music and instrument maintainence.
Christmas Program Information
Christmas Parade (Advanced Band and Twirlers)
December 2 @ 5:30 pm
Float decorating - All hands on deck please! - 10:00 am
Float judging begins at 3:00 pm (be ready to walk from the cafeteria at 2:45)
We will return to the cafeteria following judging to warm up until parade time.
Please dress warmly!  Bring hand warmers, fleece blankets, hats scarves, gloves etc. (Clarinets will need fingerless gloves)
Pick up all students by 7:00 from the cafeteria.
Be sure to put our 2 Christmas services presented by the children on your calenders.  Dress is festive Christmas! 
December 1 - Grades K-3 @ 6:00 pm
Arrival Times (meet in classrooms, grade 3 in library):
K:  5:30
1, 2, 3:  5:45 pm
December 6 - Grades 4-8 @ 6:00 pm
Free-will dinner served by the Auction Committee 4:45-5:45 pm
All students should arrive no later than 5:45 and proceed to their seats in the sanctuary
BARNES AND NOBLE BOOK FAIR - This year, we are trying a Christmas Book Fair at Barnes and Noble in order to raise funds for the School Library (another of my jobs here).  The fair will be held on Friday, December 15.  I am looking for a crew of 3-4 people to help me organize, brainstorm, and promote this event.  Is that you?
Mrs. Goodspeed

Fall 2017 Music Schedule






K-3 Christmas Program (6:00 pm)




Lafayette Christmas Parade (5:30 pm)

Advanced Band



4-8 Christmas Program            Lessons and Carols (6:00 pm)