Ms. D's Classroom

We are collecting items this month for the Food Pantry.  Items especially needed: beans, corn, peas, soup, and bars of soap.

Memory-We are doing the First Article and it's meaning of the Apostle's Creed on Friday.  

Religion-We are in Unit 3.

Lang. Arts- We are having a review week this week.  Spelling list will be sent home today.  Students need to finish their Accelerated Reader by December 20th. Battle of the Books, Hoosier Nominee, and a non-fiction are the requirements along with achieving their point goal.

Social Studies- We are currently in Chapter 3. Students should be working on their social studies projects at home as well.

6th grade SS-We are currently in Chapter 

7th grade SS-We are working on our Social Studies Fair projects.  Social Studies Fair is November 16th.

8th grade SS- We are in Chapter 6.