Blue Room News

Week of:

April 12-16

Welcome to week 34! We are entering our Plant Unit! We will be focusing all learning activities based on Plants. We will continue re-evaluating the children's academic progress this week. I will be sending out a sign-up for Parent/Teacher conferences this coming week. 

Please see the below link for this week's article on the importance of reading and how we can better help the children learn.

Below are some action items needed for the classroom:

  • Please remember to return the green emergency contact card if you have not yet done so. 
  • Bring back all distance learning materials

To stay connected as a classroom, I have created a private Facebook group. Please see my email for more information.


Lesson: On The Road At Easter
Law: We can do nothing to save ourselves from our sins; if Jesus had stayed dead, then we would have no hope.
Gospel: Jesus fulfilled God’s promise to save His people from sin and death; because Jesus is alive, we too, will live eternally.
Sanctification: Through the power of the Holy Spirit, in awe and joy, we can share the good news that Jesus is alive

Dramatic Play:

At Home Imagination Play/Growing Center

Literacy/Letter Recognition:

-Introducing Zoophonics animals/letters
-Plant Themed Books
-Fine Motor Journal (Letters)
-Morning Meeting/Visual Schedule (Focus on beginning letters of words we use daily)
-Zoophonics Stamps
-Name finding magnets
-Story Retelling 
-Story Reenactment 
-Letter Beans


-Vocab words in the writing center
-White board drawing
-Writing with Chalk
-Writing in the sand
-Writing with water on chalk boards
-Name tracing


Flower and seed observations
4 things a plant needs to live
Parts of a plant activity 


-Naure Cutting tubs (Grass, weeds, plants, scissors)


-Flower Shape Game
-Flower Counting 

Fine Motor

-Fine Motor Journals
-Name Fine Motor Activity 
-Building with rainbow pebbles
-Scoop and Transfer (Beans and Shovels)
-Beans with letters and name building 

Gross Motor: 

Number Counting with exercise
-Movement Cards


--Individual art bins are provided for each child and are available for use during center time.
-Art Easel
-Painting Flowers (Still Art)
-Painting Easel 

Story Time: Growing Vegetable Soup (Lois Ehlert), Flower Garden (Eve Bunting) All Kinds of Plants (Linda Ross), Jasper’s Beanstalk (Nick Butterworth/ Mick Inkpen), Plant Parts (Amy Jo) Plants Grow (Kathleen Hayes), The Tiny Seed (Eric Carle)

Important Dates:
Auction is this Saturday!
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

God's Blessings,
Mrs. Kurtz