STAR Student of the Week

Second Grade
Star of the Week

The second grade class will have a star student of the week beginning December 4. The following is a list of special activities for the “star” student each day. We look forward to sharing how we “shine like stars” for Jesus.
Monday: Present “All About Me Poster/Questionnaire” (Mrs. Arden has the poster.) and bring six pictures to display on the bulletin board.
Tuesday: Bring items for the estimation jar. (Mrs. Arden will send the estimation jar home.) Students must bring in enough items for each classmate to have one item, but no more than 100 items for the jar. Ideas: pencils, fancy erasers, suckers, highlighters, seasonal trinkets, etc.
Wednesday: Perform a trick or talent (dance, karate, card tricks, magic tricks, DVD of a performance, athletic abilities, etc.)
Thursday: Guessing Bag . . . student hides one thing inside the guessing bag. (Mrs. Arden will send the guessing bag home.) The class attempts to guess the item in 20 yes/no questions or less.
Friday: Guest Reader; Star student invites a guest reader to read to the class. The guest may be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, brother or sister, neighbor, etc. Please contact Mrs. Arden to arrange the day and time to fit the guest’s schedule and the second grade schedule.
Star Student Schedule:
November 27-December 1:  Mrs. Arden
December 4-8: Nathaniel Baumgardt
December 11-15: Joe Beckham
January 8-12: Naomi Brandenburg
January 16-19: Baylee Caylor
January 22-26: Madison Dunlap
January 29-February 2: Nicholas Forsythe
February 6-9: Laura Hamilton
February 12-16: Wyatt Kurtz
February 19-23: Zack Lesczynski
February 26-March 2: Bailey Lucies
March 5-9: Bella McDole
March 12-15: Will Mitchell
March 19-23: Spring Break
March 26-30: Leighton Pollert
April 2-6: Julianne Rosi
April 9-13: Morgan Schlotman
April 16-20: Marshall Shaffer
April 24-27: Lincoln Shipley
April 30-May 4: Skye Smith
May 7-10: Gabriel Vander Plaats