Indigo Classroom News

November 20-22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Our feast will take place at 10:30 in the fellowship hall on the 22nd. 

Be sure to check the weather and dress your child accordingly.  Unless it is raining, we will be outside for recess.  Our recess time is around 10:40 each day.  Often, it is still quite cool at that time.

Snack Helper:  Teachers

Theme: Thanksgiving

Letter of the Week: O
Letter Helper: 

Art:  Turkey hat patterns.

Thematic Fine Motor Center:  

Writing center/phonics activities/literacy:  The First Thanksgiving story sticks; Thematic initial sound word cards; mystery letter bag; tile letter matching Thanksgiving words, match the letters activity 

Religion: This week we will learn about the 10 commandements and that God knows what's best for us. Better yet, how we can be THANKFUL for Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Science: This week we'll focus on STEM activities. We'll build with marshmallows and toothpicks.

Math: Patterns, ten frame math

Sensory:  Bird seed, wooden letters, scoop tweezers, cups 

Libray:  Thursday at 9:05

Music:  Thursday at 11:00

Chapel daily at 8:50.  Chapel offering envelopes come home on Tuesdays.  We collect offering during Wednesday chapel only.

Upcoming Important Dates:         November 22: Classroom Feast (email was sent this weekend)
                                                     November 23-24 No school
Each day your children will learn something new. 
Some days it will come home in their hands.
Some days it will come home in their heads.
Some days it will come home in their hearts.

Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Ford