Indigo Classroom News

April 15-18, 2018

Please make sure that you have a full set (shirt, pants, underwear, socks) of extra clothes for your child in their backpacks.  Clothes should be in a large ziploc bag with your child’s name on it.  Spills, outdoor fun, art, bathroom accidents are all quite possible each day.  Our supply is very limited.  Thank you!

Grandparent's Day:  Grandparent's Day is Friday, April 27th.  Your child may invite any and all grandparents (or other special people if grandparents are not available).  We will begin in the Sanctuary at 9:00am.  The fun will last until approximately 10:30.  Parents should have received a Google Form from Mrs. Grott to RSVP.  Please let us know if you did not receive her email with the attached form.

Zoo Visit:  Columbian Park Zoo will be visiting us on Monday, May 21st.  We will join with our friends in the Blue Room to enjoy this educational and hands-on activity.  If your child does not normally attend on Mondays, please feel free to bring them to school that day.  You may come with them from 8:45-10:00 (in the Fellowship Hall) or drop them off in the classroom as usual at 8:30.  

Snack Helper:  Raphaela

Theme: Earth day - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Discussing how we can keep items out of the landfills by reusing them and recycling them.

Art:  painting with recyclables, toilet paper tube pencil holder "upcycling", making paper

Alphabet/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/Literacy Activities:  Decorating a letter R with cut up boxes, Items around the room that begin with the letters in Earth Day; Recyclin themed rhyming game, clapping out syllables of recycling words, alphabet squeeze, Wiggle worm alphabet game with recyled game can/alphabet cards

Religion:  Blessed at Pentacost. Matthew 28:19- Go and make disciples of all nations. 

Science: Recycle sorting, happy Earth sad Earth, toilet paper tube towers (STEM)

Math: math manipulatives made of reused paint sample chips.

Sensory Table:  Cloud Dough

Fine Motor: making flower pictures with paint poms and clothespins

Libray: Thursday at 9:05

Music:  Thursday at 11:00

Chapel daily at 8:50. 

Upcoming Important Dates:   
                                               April 21 St. James Auction
                                               April 27 Early Childhood Grandparent's Day
                                               May 21: Columbian Park Zoo Visit
                                               May 23: Pre-K Graduation; Last Day of School Party  (Look for more information in the coming weeks)                                                                                          

Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Ford