Indigo Classroom News

January 22-24, 2018


This week is Lutheran Schools week!  A blue paper was sent home last week regarding the theme days and activities for this week. 

We will also continue our fun with snow related activities.  Last week was a short week and we, also, had a delay day.  Several students were out either sick or on family trips.  Many of our snow themed activities we simply did not get to or many students missed fun things that we are using to decorate our room.  So, we will move on in the alphabet with learning and having fun with the letter T.  But, we will extend all of our fun snow themed activities we missed last week.

Snack Helper:  Presley

Letter Bag:  Cannon--Letter T

Theme: Enjoying the snow and the winter season. 

Art:  fine motor snowflake hole punch

Alphabet/Phonics/Literacy Activities:  Intial sound recognition; ABC action songs; Marching Around the Alphabet; Letter Bag "T"; What's Missing? (letter T objects); paint a T with snow paint, name snowmen; hit the letters with snowballs; I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow felt board and story re-telling.

Religion: Jesus visits friends. We will discuss the bible story of Mary and Martha and importance of listening to God's word in the midst of our busy lives.

Science: Rolling snowballs (force) In small groups we will discover ways to make ice melt an rescue animals (toys) from the ice.

Math: Center: Snowman number sense activities. In small groups we will focus on hot chocolate and marshmallow themed ten frame math, penguin ten frame math, and some fun winter themed color by numbers.

Sensory:  Salt; blue and silver glitter; blue and white poms; funnels; tweezers; cups; spoons

Thematic Fine Motor:  Cutting, gluing, Q-tip painting winter tree pictures.  3D Q-tip snowflakes

Libray: Thursday at 9:05

Music:  Thursday at 11:00

Chapel daily at 8:50.  Chapel offering envelopes come home on Tuesdays.  We collect offering during Wednesday chapel only.

Upcoming Important Dates:    January 22-26--Lutheran Schools Week
                                                February 5--No School Winter Break
                                                March 4--Sing during 10:30 worship service (more information to come)

Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Ford