Monday, October 15, 2018

Every day is a good day!!

We have traveled 1/4 of the way-a quarter of the pie -half-way up the mountain.  We have all worked very hard and learned a lot. As you see report cards coming home, please remember that we do a lot together.   That will loosen up a bit as we move forward.  3 things I can think of  that will change are:  memory will be treated as homework and memory not said will be Friday recess time.  We write to mastery on Wednesday and Friday.  The amount of pushing and pulling and redirecting will be noted for the Language Arts grade.  Also, the handwriting total points will be brought to 80(90 total has been very generous as we began our year and learned handwriting expectations).  In math and reading, I have them correct anything over 10% missed.  I will have anything over 20 letters not written correctly also be corrected

I am also sending home information  about the St. James Social Studies Fair. It is on Novmeber 14, Thursday.  Please read over the information and return to me the paper that indicates you have read the information.  I still need some papers returned to me about the Social studies fair.   I will send copies home for those families needing it. 

The faculty will be scheduling conferences this week.  It is always quite "the dance".  We strive to make everyone's choice times work.  If you find that the time scheduled for you doesn't to me..I can be flexible on other days too. 

We are beginning to collect items for Operation Christmas Child. I also sent that information home.

Read for pizza!

Spelling:    We will pre-test on Wednesday and re-test on Friday.  Those completing the test correctly on Wednesday will not have to take it again on Friday.  There will be 2-3 challenge words each week.  Getting the challenge words incorrectly does not count against for retaking the test. (only the top ten).  Challenge words provide bonus points. 

help use hot mop ox lock pot mop rock got *October * scarecrow

Memory:  The Lord is near to all who call on Him.  Psalm145:18

Religion: Hannah, Samuel Anoints week we will  learn about Martin Luther and Reformation

Writing : lower case q, v, review, Friday thank you, Wednesday--writing poems..there will probably be some poetry homework!!

Reading:  The Big Blue Ox  66-93  short o, using s to make a plural

print awareness: first, next, last,(beginning, middle, end) sentences with subjects and predicates(naming parts,action parts), word webs

high frequency  blue help lidttle from use get

Social Studies: begin chapter 3, maps and globes, landforms, reduce, reuse, recycle

Math: using strategies to add 3 numbers, chapter 3 test

Library day is Wednesday.  Soon we should be able to check out more often.

 Have a blessing filled , Christ filled week!