Monday , May21

Count down..3 days...We made it!   Some days were hard.  But, praise be to God, all good. It has been an amazing year of learning in first grade.   Our bucket is overflowing with new skills. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be with your children every day. Each day we have remembered how much God loves us and how He has sent his Son to be our Savior.  We have prayed together, worshiped together and worked together.   Our school theme has been talked about every day.   God loved us so much, what..."Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly ". We have all grown in so many ways.   You should be very proud of your first grader (almost 2nd grader!).   


Remember VBS and SWAM opportunities in the summer. 

Thank you to all of parents who went to the zoo with us. Thank you to all the parents who are going to Duncan Hall with us.  Thank you to the parents that are going to Get Air with us. Thank you parents for all you have done for our class this year. (stuff we need, snacks, field trips, homework support..

NEEDS IN FIRST GRADE  We need wipes for daily cleaning of our desks.   Also, we need 4 bags of snack size "Take 5" candy bars.  Thank you Amanda Rumba   If you can help with wipes is appreciated. The students will be cleaning and then I will. Thank you. 

 Monday is Manners field trip.  We will leave about 8:43.

Yearbooks with 2nd grade.  8th grade notes.

Student recognition at 1:30.

Tuesday is a note to Miss Roland and a packet about first grade,  clean  and watch a movie. 


Deliver thank yous and get 8th grade notes completed and delivered. 

Wednesday is closing chapel, bikes and Get Air. (leave at 11:45).

I forgot.   We will have a first grade celebration to 2nd grade on Wednesday.   It will start promptly at 2:45.   Parents are welcome to come and take pictures.  It takes place outside of our classroom.

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly