Monday, January 15, 2018

I hope you are all warm and safe. We are all thankful for the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  First graders will listen to the story of Ruby Bridges this week. 

Friday is Day 100!  We will have a special ice cream party with k and 2.  Also, the children are invited to bring their collection of 100 things.  We will share those Friday morning.  Friday, we also have a special guest from LAMP(Lutheran Association of MIssionary Pilots) share with us their mission.  This is our offering for January. 

Reminder!  We need school wide count of 500 cans of soup or canned pasta by Friday. -

Keep on reading for Book-It

Please ask your first grader if they need any supplies. 

Memory:  You have put on Christ, in Him you have been baptized. Allleluia !

Spelling words:  **snowman **snowflake water under huge June rule tube use cube cute flute

**special note..we will keep the same spelling words.  For those needing to, we will retest on Wednesday.  We will not test on Friday.**

**we will not have spelling homework this week.**

NEW FOR SPELLING HOMEWORK SPELLING SENTENCES  Choose 3 words and use them in 3 sentences then write the rest 1 time.  Parents please encourage:  neatness, correct spelling, good sentences,capital letters, end marks, using more than 3 words.  We will do 3 sentences for January.  4 for February and March and then 5 for April and May.  I will send home paper.  Always due on Wednesday.  Earlier is ok.

Math:  finding greater than, less than

social studies: time lines, communication, transportation, inventions, chapter test

**we did not get to do our time lines last Friday.  We hope to do them Wednesday or Thursday. **

ANOTHER HOMEWORK...At the end of the week, we will work on making time lines.   Please help by writing on a piece of paper or emailing me 5-6 significant dates for your first grader( ideas:   birthday, of course!, birth of siblings, moved, lost a tooth, broke a bone, a special vacation, started kindergarten(pre-school, first grade)....we will have a group of upper grade students help us put these together.  

handwriting:starting upper case ( letters are expected to use the lines and make the letters the way we learned/practiced..) There are many first graders that are just about "getting the job done".

Reading: phonics:-long o

                grammar:  contractions,days months, and holidays with capital letters

                High frequency :  down, inside, now there, together

                writing:  sequence, poem 

story: The Big Circle

Religion:  Jesus is baptized, Jesus calls His disciples

ST. JAMES  AUCTION...coming in April.   My brother will build us an outside bench with landscape timbers  for the live auction and for silent, we will fill a collapsible wagon w sunscreen, snacks, water bottles...The first graders do a quarter collection.   Than information will come the end of the week or next week.

Next week is Lutheran Schools Week,  It will be a busy week.  It will be a good week. 

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly