April 11

Highest on my list this week is the St. James auction.  Please bid, please join us virtually,  I also still have some spaces available on sign up genius. My brother has truly used his gifts to build the glider--it is nice. 

As always, your prayers are requested for "showers of blessings". 

Memory:  He will send showers, showers of blessings. Blessings that will come just when they are needed.  Ezekiel 34: 26

spelling;  *blessings * showers fork story

Yes, we could use some water bottles in first grade.  Thank you.  I shared some with Mrs. Goodspeed for her choir on Easter. 

Religion:   Jesus is Risen

Handwriting : continue on in our handwriting book with capital letters, 

Reading/Language Arts: Finish our My Book #4

Writing: Our writings about an incredible egg were great.  Writing a personal narrative. Writing a thank you note.

My Book.. A tale of 2 mice. My name is Gabriela, Thank you, Mr. Aesop

Start Right :  Always good for practicing reading and skills.

Math:  work on 2-D shapes this week. 

Coming home is an animal diarama  project--if I don't get it out tomorrow, I will this week.   

Art and Music:  Mrs. Tietz and Mrs. Goodspeed

Chapel offerings:  Each class is choosing their own offering/service to do this year.   I would like to reach out to a St. James' family.   A family that worships at St. James every Sunday recently lost their Daddy to a heart attack in July.  They are  a home school family. There are 5 children, ages 1.5 to 9th grade. Every time I worship at 10:30, my heart just aches for them.   Even, if we could give them a couple of Culvers'  cards  a month, would help ...Thank you for your gifts. 

Still Rejoicing! Still Praying! Still Giving Thanks! 

As we are Sent to Serve

Lydia Roland