Monday, January 14, 2019 

Happy New Year!   Happy Epiphany! We are half way to 2nd grade!  As I type in learning and personal skills and comments on the report card..I am pleased and amazed in their growth.  Seems first quarter is just getting started in first grade, but my the progress that has been made since last report card!!

Report cards will be sent home early next week.

Wednesday is the science fair.  no hot lunch.

Monday, Janurary 28. We will go to Purdue for a convocation to see Daniel Tiger.  Our show is at noon.   We will leave here shortly after 11.  We will need a cold lunch that day and will be eating an early lunch.  We will have our snacks in the afternoon. 

Thursday, January 17 is day 100!  Kindergarten, first and second grade will celebrate with an ice cream party and bringing in 100 collections

Memory: My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27

spelling: * disciples * forest water under mule rule cute flute use huge June

New for 2nd semester.  Choose 3 spelling words and use them in a sentence.   Then write the rest of the words. Always due on Wednesday.  

Please help with spelling, capitalization and punctuation.  Please encourage neatness. 

Chapel offering for January:Camp Lutherhaven and Camp Lakeview.

Read for pizza!

Religion: Jesus is baptized.  Jesus calls his disciples

Reading:  The Big Circle, Life in the Forest

Writing : Captital letter C,O,G, 

phonics : long o, long U, long e

print awareness: contractions,using ed and using s for plural

high frequency: grow food around find water under

Continue to review the sight words--sight words are all listed in the back of the reader.  Some diffuculties with th and wh words (they them that  there three this , who what when where (want) .....

Social Studies:  New chapter, measuring time.  Time Lines.

Math:greater than and less than..

Library day is Wednesday and Monday..

 Have a blessing filled , Christ filled week!