Week of November 19th

Happening This Week
I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;  I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.  Psalm 9:1
Please include the Bible reference as you practice memory!
Jesus Time: Thanksgiving...Psalms of David
Story:  George Washington Visits
Phonemic Awareness:  Initial /D/ sound
Phonics:  the /d/ sound spelled Dd
Comprehension:  Cause and Effect
Sight Words: me, with, she
Conventions:  Verbs the add -s

Math:  Addition
Afternoon Activities:  The First Thanksgiving

Chapel offerings for the month of November will be canned goods for the St James Food Pantry.  Their biggest needs are canned vegetables, canned soup (especially tomato and chicken noodle!), and toilet paper.  They also appreciate things like peanut butter, cereal, and crackers.  We will be setting a goal as a class this week on how many cans we would like to collect.  There is usually big competition between the classes on how many items are brought in!  Currently the kindergartners have collected 113 cans!  We are just 2 cans shy of our first goal!

A special Turkey project was send home last week.  It's fun to see our decorated turkeys hiding in the hallway!  You may still send your turkey in any time this week.

We do not have a full Thanksgiving Party in kindergarten, but we will be having a special Thanksgiving Snack on Wednesday.  We will continue learning about the Pilgrims, their Indian friends and the first Thanksgiving this week.  As part of our activities for the week, the kindergartners will make both Indian and Pilgrim hats and then they will get to decide which they would like to be for our Thanksgiving snack.

For your Calendar: 
Thursday and Friday, November 22nd & 23rd:  No School
Thursday, December 6th:  Kindergartners can shop at the PTL Christmas Shoppe
Friday, December 14th:  Kindergarten-3rd Grade Christmas Program
Friday, December 22nd:  Kindergarten Christmas Party (It will take place in the morning!)