Week of August 13th

Happening This WeekWe will spend a lot of time these first few weeks learning the rules and routines of kindergarten.  We start out including a morning recess in our schedule, but phase it out after the first couple of weeks (Except for Wednesdays, we always try to go outside after Chapel until we get closer to winter!).

Know that the Lord, He is God!  Psalm 100:3
Each child needs to be able to say the verse by Friday, but earlier is fine!  I can listen to verses any day before school.
Jesus Time:  God Created People
Story:  The Little School Bus
Letter Recognition:  Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee
Comprehension:  Characters in stories
Sight Words:  I, am
Conventions:  Practicing our Names

Math:  Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5
Afternoon Activities:  All About School

I am very excited to let you know that we will have Mrs. Kourtney Jeffries as an aide in our classroom for part of the day this year.  We will be sharing her with both first and second grade, but she will get to be with us in the morning during our Reading/Language Arts time and Jesus Time, during Lunch and the beginning of our Recess, and in the afternoon during Math time. 

The Schedule for our Special Classes is as follows
Monday:  Music with Mrs Goodspeed
Tuesday:  Art with Mrs Tietz

Wednesday:  Chapel...9:30 in the New Gym (until renovations are complete!)  You are welcome to join us!
Thursday:  Library with Mrs Forsythe
Friday:  Music with Mrs Goodspeed and Gym class with Mrs Trautmann   

We will have all of our Special Classes this week, including Library, Chapel, and Art!  Kindergartners will be able to check out one book each week from the library.  A Previously checked out book must be returned in order to check out a new one each week.  

If you haven't already done so, please send in your child's art shirt, gym shoes, and head phones.

For your Calendar:  Kindergarten is part of the Lamb's Choir at St James and we will sing in Church for the first time on 11/18 at the 10:30 service.