Orange Classroom News


It's beginning to look, smell, taste, feel, and sound a lot like Christmas! That's right, it's 5 Senses week in the Orange Room! We are going to paint on plastic wrap and hang our masterpieces on the windows. We are going to be building with bristle blocks, listening to sounds and identifying them, and sticking our hands into a bag and deciding what we are feeling without even looking! There will be freeze dancing and scarf dancing this week. We will be learning about the letter N and Aiden will be our Letter Bag Helper. In our sensory table we will be "hammering" wooden pegs into floral foam. And at Jesus Time we will be hearing about how the angel came to Mary and told her she was going to be having a baby----Jesus! On Thursday our class will have the opportunity to go Christmas shopping for friends and family at the PTL Christmas Shop. Yes, it's going to be another great week .


Welcome back! This week we will be talking about animals who stay awake in the winter, using the book "The Mitten" as our centerpiece. We will be marble-painting mittens, making torn-paper penguin collages and melted snowmen, and creating an Advent chain. In Science we will play "Who Am I?"  I will describe animals and the children will guess which one I am describing. We will have cotton "snow balls" in the sensory table among multi-colored pom poms that kids can remove with over-sized tweezers. We will build winter homes for some of our small animals out of blocks in the block center. We'll have winter clothes to try on in the dramatic play area for the first part of the week. Later it will be set up to re-enact the story of the Three Bears. In Religion we will talk about King Solomon and his great wisdom. The Letter of the Week is M and the Letter Bag Helper is Zoe. The Snack Helper is Heidi. Looking forward to another fun week!