Orange Classroom News

Orange Room News---January 14-18th

This week we take a special focus on hygiene habits that will lessen the spread of contagions among the children, especially hand washing and teeth brushing. We will learn that washing away dirt and germs limits the spread of cold and flu viruses.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do the same with the guilt, the meanness, and the destructive behaviors in our lives? Even Paul couldn't manage that as he wrote, "I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing" (Romans 7:19). Because of Jesus' baptism, death, and resurrection; our sins have been washed away and we have new life. Through baptism, our sins are washed away and we are united with Jesus in both His death and resurrection. If you or your child have not been baptized and are interested in doing so, I would be happy to set up a meeting with one of the pastors.

-The Zoophonics letter of the week is T for Timmy Tiger. We will practice identifying "T" words and practice making the "T" sound.

-We will pantomime the steps of hand washing to the tune of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." First we wet our hands, then lather with soap, wash our palms, wash the backs, wash between, scrub our nails, rinse the soap, then dry our hands. Children should keep washing until they have sung the song twice.

-Our nursery rhyme this week is "Jack and Jill." We will learn it the traditional way. Then on Wednesday we will say, "Jack and Jill went up the hill to get baptized with water. Their sins are gone, and from now on, they are God's sons and daughters."

-In art we will do splatter painting with toothbrushes. We will also paint a mouth full of teeth with white sparkly paint using a toothbrush. And lastly we will provide spray bottles of colored water. Children will say "Achoo" and pretend to sneeze while spraying a piece of white drawing paper. I will explain that this is the way germs spread when we sneeze. Then we will all practice sneezing into our elbow or sneezing into a tissue.

-We will wash vegetables and fruit with vegetable brushes in the sensory table, showing children that we must clean the food we eat before we eat it to keep the germs and bacteria out of our bodies.

-We will have 5 toothbrush cups on tables with a number on each cup. The children will then have to put the corresponding number of toothbrushes into each cup.

-In science we will make some homemade toothpaste from salt, water, baking soda, mint, and a drop of food coloring. They will then have the opportunity to try out the toothpaste on a new toothbrush they will bring home.

-We will read several stories about going to the dentist and doctor this week.

-We will focus on the colors brown and black.

-We will practice identifying the number 10 and counting to 10.

****No hot lunch on Wednesday due to the science fair. Please bring in cold lunches WEDNESDAY. Thanks!

It is going to be another great week!

Orange Room News---January 7-11th

Happy New Year! I am excited to be back with my favorite 2 & 3-year-olds.

This week we learn about Jesus as a boy of 12-years-old. He and His family journeyed with a large group to the temple to celebrate the Feast of the Passover. After the group had started their journey back to Nazareth,, Mary and Joseph realized Jesus was not with the group. When they returned to the temple Jesus said, "Didn't you know I would be in my Father's house?"

We are reminded that while Jesus was a boy living in Nazareth (true man), He was also true God, with the purpose to follow God's will for our salvation. Through His forgiveness and redemtion, we, too, are now children of the heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit calls us to be regular and faithful in "our Father's house." By hearing God's Word and receiving His gifts in Baptism and Holy Communion, we worship our Lord and GOd. 

*We will visit our church sanctuary and become familiar with God's house.

*In dramatic play the children will have the opportunity to "play church" and become familiar with a variety of children's Bibles. 

*We will go on a "cross hunt" around the school and church, counting how many crosses we find.

*We will also go on a hunt for things that are white, our color for the week.

*In the sensory table we will have sheets of white paper for tearing into snowflakes.  They can drop handfuls of "snow" over the sensory table and watch the snow fall.

*We will also have ice cubes and larger chunks of ice in the sensory table for kids to experiment with. They will note that smaller pieces of ice melt faster than larger pieces of ice. 

*In art children will dress up a snowman. They will have mittens, boots, hat, and a scarf to decorate their snowman. They will have to decide the appropriate place to put each item of clothing. 

*We will also be painting coffee filter snowflakes in art. 

*We will read "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats.

*We will practice writing letters in shaving cream, especially the letter S--the letter of the week.

*We will focus on the number 7.

Join us Friday for Jesus' Birthday Party at 9am in the sanctuary. It will finish around 10:15am. It is going to be a great week!



Orange Room News---Dec. 17-21st

Patience and waiting are not words generally associated with 2-and 3-year-olds. They want to be first and want to have their needs met immediately. Waiting is not as much fun as playing. This week we will talk about how Anna and Simeon had been waiting many years to see the Christ Child.The Bible doesn't tell us whether they experienced imapatience or frustration in their many years of waiting. The Bible does share Simeon and Anna's excitement and joy as they experienced the fulfillment of God's promise in Jesus. We, too, know that God keeps His promises. And God gives us faith to trust in His perfect timing. 

*Our Zoophonics friend this week is Robbie Rabbit. We will go through pictures of things that begin with the letter R and practice the Robby Rabbit sound as we go through each word. We will also practice making the lower case letter r with our pointer finger in sand. 

*We will play the Chritmas Bow game again this week. Many different colored Christmas bows will be lying about our carpet area. Kids will dance around to Christmas music. When it stops, I will tell them which color of bow they shoud touch with their toe.

*In art we will collectively work on our own shoebox stable. Children will work together to glue hay in our stable and put animals inside. We will continue re-enacting the Christmas story with these props. Each child will also be bringing home their own baby Jesus in an egg carton manger--much like their baby Moses from earlier in the school year. 

*During circle time we will continue to practice our December finger plays and songs. The children are excited to show what they know at the Birthday Party for Jesus this Friday. 

*We will have shivery snow cloud dough in our sensory table with assorted Christmas items.

*We will have felt Christmas Cookie baking complete with baking pans, aprons, spatulas in the dramatic play area.

*We will have shaving cream and playdoh to use with laminated idea sheets (making a sundae or creating dinner on a dinner plate).

*In Math we will shake a die and put that number of pom poms on a Christmas tree until the Christmas tree is full.

*We will focus on the colors red and green and the number 8.

*Our Birthday Party for Jesus will be on Friday, December 21st beginning at 9am in the church sanctuary. Please stay for our chapel service, snacks, crafts, and family photo booth. We will finish up between 10:15 and 10:30am. Hope you can come!

Looking forward to this last exciting week before Christmas Break! Classes will resume on Monday, January 7th.




Orange Room News---Dec. 10-14th

The most common fear among young children is typically being afraid of the dark. Imaginations can run wild as children think about what might be lurking in a closet or under the bed. It's amazing what a reassuring difference a night-light can make. One small light has the capability of lighting up an entire room. In the same way, Jesus' light cuts through the sin and darkness of our world. The shepherds were working outside on a dark night as they cared for the sheep. They were startled by what was probably a very bright light, and what happened from there changed the shepherds lives forever. 

Like the shepherds, the students will hear this week that they have forgiveness of sins through baby Jesus. Like the shepherds, we will have opportunity to worship with joy both at chapel and in the classroom. And also like the shepherds, we ill encourage tehm to share this joy of salvation with others; "Oh, come, let us adore HIm, Christ the Lord!"

*This week we will focus on the Zoophonics friend Queenie Quail. We will practice the Q sound and do activities with words that begin with Q. 

*We will focus in on the color purple, the triangle shape, and the number 7.

*We will play the Chritmas Bow game this week. Many different colored Christmas bows will be lying about our carpet area. Kids will dance around to Christmas music. When it stops, I will tell them which color of bow they shoud touch with their toe.

*We will play another game where children throw a bean bag at a bell to make it ring. We will talk about ow around the world churches ring bells at midnight on Christmas Eve to signal the birth of our Savior. 

*We will also play "Pin the Baby in the Manger" and see which child gets closest to putting Jesus inside the manger while blindfolded. 

*The last Circle game we will play this week involves putting a variety of Christmas objects on a tray. I will remove one of the objects while the tray is not in their sight, and they have to remember which object I have taken away when I show them the tray again.

*We will play the Chritmas Bow game this week. Many different colored Christmas bows will be lying about our carpet area. Kids will dance around to Christmas music. When it stops, I will tell them which color of bow they shoud touch with their toe.

*We will play another game where children throw a bean bag at a bell to make it ring. We will talk about ow around the world churches ring bells at midnight on Christmas Eve to signal the birth of our Savior. 

*We will be filling a large sheet of paper with angels like the large chorus of angels that came to the shepherds. Children will be able to decorate and create with glitter glue, markers, crayons, and angel tracing templates.

*In art we will make our own cottonball sheep that we can take care of like the shepherds did. 

*The sensory table will be filled with magnets and metal objects as well as some non-metal objects. 

*We will graph results of a classroom question: "What is your favortite thing about CHristmas: Christmas music, delicious food, or the Christmas tree?" We will put the students picture next to the picture of their favorite thing. When all pictures have been placed, I will ask which item has the most student pictures next to it? Which item has the least amount of pictures next to it? How many pictures are in each column? How many pictures altogether?

*Our Birthday Party for Jesus will be on Friday, December 21st beginning at 9am in the church sanctuary. Please stay for our chapel service, snacks, crafts, and family photo booth. We will finish up between 10:15 and 10:30am. Hope you can come!

Orange Room News---Dec. 3rd-7th

We officially start getting ready for Christmas this week! We will focus on the sights and sounds of that joyous day, long ago, in a little stable. We will imagine ourselves at the scene: hearing the angels song, smelling the stable, seeing the excitement on the face of the shepherds. We will be celebrating these days of Advent and Christmas by focusing on the birth of our Savior, remembering that glorious night that changed the world!

*During chapel this week we will observe how the sanctuary prepares for Christmas; how the liturgical colors are now blue, the presence of the Advent wreath, the significance of the Christmas tree.

*We will focus on our Zoophonics friend Pee Wee Penguin, putting pictures of words that begin with the letter P into our pocket chart and practicing the Pee Wee motion and sound as we say each one.

*We will talk about candy canes this week, and how they make the shape of the letter J to remind us of Jesus. The sweet smell of peppermint reminds us of the sweet gift of Baby Jesus. After we have introduced them, we will put them in the science center. We will talk about whether they are hard or soft; kids will take turns tasting them and describe their experience. We will put them in water and learn what the word "dissolve" means. 

*At Circle Time we will introduce a Christmas tree decorated with the same number of heart spaces as there are days of school left before Christmas break. Children will add hearts until the spaces on the tree are filled. The children will know that the hearts remind us that God loves us so much He sent His Son to earth to be our Savior. 

*We will learn "Jack Be Nimble" this week, letting children take turns jumping over a candle while we substitute their name in the rhyme. 

*In art we will do some Candy Cane Stamping.We will also make an animal collage on a sheet of paper cut out in the shape of a stable. 

*In math we will label paper cut out stables with a number at the top. Children will then place a corresponding number of animals in the stable.

*We will have peppermint play doh at the sensory table. 

*We will review the diamond shape this week and focus on the color green.

*It is spirit week this week! Please check the news and notes to find the days' themes. 

It is going to be another great week!



Orange Room News---Nov. 26-30th

Sometimes when we are in a difficult situation, we complain or worry. In our Bible story this week, Paul and Silas were thrown in jail. Their only crime was healing a young girls by casting out her demon. Even in their misery, Paul and Silas had the assurance that God has the power to save. The prisoners witnessed God's miraculous answer to their prayers when an earthquake struck that only broke open the stocks and loosed the chains, without injuring anyone. This week the lesson activities strive to show the children that with God the Holy Spirit leading them, they can face troubles, even when they seem overwhelming, because God is with us and has saved us through Jesus Christ. 

*We will learn "Old King Cole" at the beginning of the week and will then substitute verses that tell Paul and Silas' story during the second half of the week. 

*We will continue to talk about the letter O since last week was a short one. And also continue to review the rectangle and the color brown. 

*We will take turns filling in the blank "When I am afraid of _______, I can pray to Jesus," while we are at Circle Time. We will also look at pictures of different places (the grocery store, the doctor's office, etc. After we discuss what we see in the picture we will say, "When I go to the ________, God is with me there."

*We will make a group mural that will be posted in the lower gym. Black lines will be drawn on a white paper to represent the bars that imprisoned Paul and Silas. While prison seems like a gloomy place, Paul and Silas changed their outlook and sang praises to God and were joyful. We will then change the black lines into musical notes and decorate them with bright colors. 

*We will continue to practice our fine motor skills by lacing with colanders and pipe cleaners. 

*In art this week we will look at a painting by Piet Mondrian. He used lines in his art, and those lines can remind us of the bars Paul and Silas may have seen while they were in jail. The kids will then be given white construction paper with black straight lines on it and they will be invited to fill in the spaces with red, yellow, or blue paint. 

*We will also do some marble painting, talking about how during an earthquake the ground moves up and down and shakes things---similar to how the marbles are moved when we tilt the box up and down. 

*In science we will have several different kinds of rocks to look at with magnifying glasses. Children will be encouraged to describe the characteristics of their rock.

*We will have pattern cards at the math table where children will be invited to complete the star/heart patterns.

*We will practice position words, asking children to stand by their assigned partner, to crawl under your partner's legs, to jump up and down, to walk around your partner, to put your hand above your partner, and to move behind your partner. 

*Please continue to bring in canned food and toilet paper for the St. James food pantry. Your donations are both very needed and appreciated!

It is going to be a great week!!! 

Orange Room News---Nov.19-21

Our special Bible words for this week are "Be generous and ready to share." We will be talking about Tabitha and Lydia, two of Jesus' disciples, who wanted to show love and kindness to everyone because Jesus loved them so much. Jesus loves all of us just like He loved them. We too can be helpers and share God's good gifts with other people. May we all keep this in mind especially during this Thanksgiving week, looking for ways we can serve others who may need food, be missing their family, or perhaps you know someone who does not yet know Jesus. 

*Our Zoophonics friend this week will be Olive Octopus. We will practice saying this O sound as we go through items that begin with an O. 

*We will focus on reviewing the rectangle shape and the color brown. 

*We will play with magnets at our science table, testing whether items stick to the magnets or not.

*We will have bristle blocks and cars out at the building center. 

*We will play with ribbons at circle time, using movement to retell the story of Lydia.

*We will have dress-up clothes in the dramatic play area for children to try on and pass out to others like Tabitha did. 

*We will lace pipe cleaners in and out of colanders for our fine motor practice. 

*We will have clothes for various kinds of weather. I will hold up a picture of a sunny day, rainy day, or snowy day and ask children to find the clothes they should wear for the weather. 

*We will do some sponge painting with cross shapes. 

It is going to be a great week! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Orange Room News---Nov. 12-16th

Even though Paul was persecuting the early Christians, God chose him to be his disciple and beloved, redeemed child. Jesus forgives even the worst things we've done and can change us to live new lives as children of God. just as He did for Paul. Sometimes we are mean and hurt others, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can live as God's children in what we think and say and do. 

-Our letter of the week is N and our new zoophonics friend is Nigel Night Owl. We will have a bag full of items that begin with the N sound and take turns practicing the sound and motion as we say the words. 

-We will review the oval shape. We will go an oval hunt around the classroom and play "Slap the oval" with our fly swatters.

-We will have water, plastic balls, and plastic ladles in the sensory table this week. Children will take turns scooping up the balls and dumping them into containers. 

-We will talk about opposites this week. Just as Paul was once mean to Christians and hated Jesus, he then supported and encouraged Christians and loved Jesus. Christ's power is transforming!

-We will play "Listen to the Shaker." One child will sit in the center with a blindfold on and see if they can point to the student that is shaking the shaker. 

-We will learn the rhyme "Do you know the muffin man" and later in the week substitute the phrase, "Do you know the man named Paul, who learned of Jesus' love?"

-Please send in an egg carton this week. We would like to go an a nature hunt and then glue the special things we find into each of the egg compartments, displaying the wonderful treasures God has made. 

-We will investigate loud and soft. We will play an instrument and then sort it into the category of either loud or soft. We will record how many are loud and soft and chart it on one of our white boards. We will then count how many are loud and soft and decide which group has the most and least. 

-We will work on the number four, practicing our correspondance counting as well as identifying the written number. 

-There will be footprints numbered from 1-5 spread out on the circle carpet. Children will have the chance to throw a beanbag on one of the numbers, say that number, and then say the following chant: "Paul walked to Damascus. He learned of Jesus' love. Clap the number of his steps. Clap of Jesus' love."

-We will also read some books about Thanksgiving, as well as practicing some Thanksgiving and fall-themed finger plays and songs. 

-Please bring in diapers to replenish our supply if you have a child who wears diapers at school (or if you have any leftovers at home.)

It is going to be a great week!


Orange Room News---Nov. 5-9th

Philip was one of 7 men who, because they were full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, were chosen as deacons to care for the widows and the poor in the Church in Jerusalem. While traveling, Philip encountered an Ethiopian man who had questions about Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the man believed the Good News and was baptized by Philip. He continued on his journey, celebrating his new-found understanding. This week we will help children celebrate God's grace in their lives and the joy of knowing Jesus. 

*We will be collecting canned vegetables, chicken noodle and tomato soup, and toilet paper for the St. James Food Pantry this week. Just like Philip  helped the man he met on the road, so we, too, can help the people in Lafayette who need these supplies. 

*At the block center we will also have trains and other forms of transportation. We will talk about how the Ethiopian was riding in a chariot and how today we ride in cars and other motorized vehicles. 

*We will learn the nursery rhyme Banbury Cross. Halfway through the week we will substitute words from our Bible story this week to fit the rhyme, reminding students that "jesus is with you wherever you go!"

*We will continue practicing our fingerplays and songs "Leaves are Falling All Around," "Little Red Apple," and "Scarecrow, Scarecrow Turn Around."

*We will play the Shape Recognition Game to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It." We will have shapes scattered on the floor in various sizes. I will show students a picture of a chariot and ask what shape the wheel is. I will then hold up a Bible and ask what shape it is. Then I will sing the song, asking them to pick up more shapes off the floor. 

*There will be various colored pom poms in the sensory bin along with with tubes of corresponding colors. The students will be encouraged to dump the pom poms through the matching tube, using spoons, fingers, or over-sized tweezers.

*We will have play dough out and various vehicles with which to make tire tracks in the play doh.

*I will have some maps printed out on the table with lines connecting cities. Students will be encouraged to drive their truck along the line from one city to the next, developing fine motor and pre-writing skills.

*In science we will make ramps using wooden blocks. We will see if steeper ramps make the cars go farther than those that are less steep. We will add weight to the cars to see if that speeds up or slows down their progress. 

*In math we will have popsicle sticks numbered from 1-10 that students will match to a print out of a wheel with spokes. Each numbered stick will match with a corresponding spoke. 

It is going to be a great week!



Orange Room News---October 31st-November 2nd

The Book of Ruth shows how God provided for two widows: Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. Ruth's life is a testimony to the fact that when and because she was destitute, she needed to rely on the help of God. As God provided for Ruth and Naomi, He also provides for us on a daily basis and has a plan for each of us. With Thanksgiving day approaching, it is appropriate that we reflect on how God richly blesses us with all we need.

* The letter of the week is L and our new Zoophonics friend is Lizzy Lizard. 

* We will focus on the color yellow and the diamond shape. 

*In the sensory bin we will have orange rice and black beans in honor of Halloween. Kids will be encourages to scoop, pour, fill up plastic pumpkins, compare, dump, and sort.

*We have a magnetic bear and cat that can be dressed up with various outfits at one of the table top centers. 

*For our math center we have heart and star links for patterning.

*In art we will have watercolor paints, dauber paints, and we will make colorful ears of corn by gluing fruit circle cereal onto corn cob cut-outs.

*During circle time we will count the pieces of wheat Ruth picked up off the ground and affix them to the flannel board.

*Also during circle time we will match the plush zoophonics animal with its appropriate letter card, practicing the corresponding letter sound and action.

Remember to wear a costume on Wednesday for our costume parade! It is going to be a fun, short week!



Orange Room news---October 22-26th

Baptism marks us as God's children. Anointing with oil marked both Saul and David as God's chosen kings. As David was anointed, the Spirit of God descended upon him, leading and guiding him as the chosen ruler. Even though the Holy Spirit also lives in us, we like David, fall unto sin. Even so, we have peace knowing that God's name is ours through Holy Baptism. God is always with us and we are marked as his own children and are heirs through Jesus' blood.

*This week we will do a lot with sounds, remembering how the sound of David's lyre gave a measure of peace to King Saul. We will go on egg timer hunts, practicing good listening skills as we search for the timer hidden throughout our room. We will take items out of a basket and discuss whether each item makes loud or soft sounds. We will also listen to a CD of sound effects and ask children to identify what they are hearing. Finally we will listen to different kinds of music and ask the kids how the music makes them feel (sad, excited, scared, etc.).

*The letter of the week is K and our new Zoophonics friend is K-O Kangaroo. We will practice the K sound as we find objects that begin with that letter in our letter bag. We will also continue to practice the sounds of the rest of our letters as we sing our Zoophonics song each day and use our flashcards to remind us of the sounds each letter makes.

*Our shape of the week is rectangle. 

*We will decorate harps like the one David played for King Saul. We will also decorate toilet paper rolls and turn them into kazoos we can use to praise God just like David used his harp to praise God. 

*We will have hay and a farm and farm animals in the sensory bin this week.

*In Math we will do some auditory patterning (i.e. clap, clap, tap tap and so on). I will demonstrate and kids will repeat. Then students will have the opportunity to come up with their own patterns that the rest of the class will follow. 

*We will go on a sheep hunt in the hallways. There will be 10 paper sheep hidden throughout the school and we will go on a hunt to count and find them. 

It is going to be a great week!

Orange Room News---October 15-19th


Every day, many young children go through experiences where they think they are not strong enough to do something that needs to be done, or they just don't want to do it. Gideon did not want to lead Israel to victory over the Midianites. But Gideon knew that God had called him to this task. Gideon trusted God, and God gave him the strength he needed. 

God calls all of us to serve. Sometimes, the work that GOd calls us to do is overwhelming, intimidating, and even scary. But God will always give us the tools and the strength we need to complete the task. 

*We will have a sound bag during circle time. In the bag will be a variety of items that make distinct sounds, i.e. a ring of keys, a ringing bell, crumpling paper, bubble wrap that pops. I will make the sound with my hand still in the bag and ask children to guess what they are hearing. 

*We will tap out the beat of different songs on our thighs. As children get the idea of tapping out the beat we will tap on our shoulders, on our nose, on our toes, etc. to promote body awareness. 

*I will clap a rhythm and have the children repeat it. As the Israelites prepared for battle with the Midianites, they may have amrched to a rhythm or beat. Other armies throughout history have marched to special music. 

*We will learn the Grand Old Duke of York but will subsitute Faithful Gideon for the duke. 

*We will make paper plate maracas this week in art. We will also make water bottle shakers. 

*We will focus on the colors black and white this week. Black is for the nighttime, when Gideon and his army snuck up on the Midianites; white is for the sudden light that was created when Gideon's army smashed the jars covering their torches. We will make a black and white collage later in the week.

*We will focus on the oval shape this week.

*In Math we will listen to three different instruments and graph who likes which instrument best. We will then discuss which instrument is most liked and which is least liked and if there are any ties. 

*Since God used drinking water as a way to reduce the number of men in Gideon's army, the sensory table will be filled with water this week. Different materials for pouring and measuring will be provided in the table. 

*The letter for the week is J.

We are excited to start our first week of the second quarter!


Orange Room News---October 8-12th

Worshiping with little children can be an intimidating experience for both parent and child. But Jesus lovingly beckons, "Let the little children come to Me" (Matthew 19:14). This week, the children will see how God comes to us. He wants to be with us. God is clearly visible to His people through the tabernacle, namely the ark of the covenant in the Most Holy Place. Today, there are many gods that vie for our time, but none are real and true like God. None can satisfy our emptiness and longings like God, for God gives us what we need in worship. He is present in His Word and in the Sacraments, sharing with us the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.

*The letter of the week is I. We will talk about the letters that begin with I that we find in the letter bag and practice making the "Inny inchworm" sound.

*During Circle Time we will smell a variety of scented candles and allow children the opportunity to identify the smells. We will then vote on which smell each child likes the best and chart the results. We will talk about how in the tabernacle sweet smelling things would be burned and the smoke would rise to God in heaven like the prayers of His people.

*We will practice the nursery rhyme "London Bridge is Falling Down," and on Wednesday we will replace the words with "Tabernacle's being built, being built" and other words that pertain to our Bible story this week.

*In art we will make engravings and carvings using tinfoil taped to pieces of cardboard. Children will paint the foil with brown paint; the next day they will scrape off the paint to make designs of their choosing.

*We will also make Tabernacle curtains by dipping strings into paint and pressing them onto a while piece of paper. When they lines are dry we will stamp an angel onto them This will represent the angels embroidered onto the curtain fabric. 

*We will have corn in the sensory table to celebrate fall. There will be many containers for pouring and measuring and other items for hiding throughout the corn. 

*In science we will discuss how olive oil was used to light the lampstand. Students will see the difference between oil and water by doing a demonstration during circle time. We will fill a large jar 3/4 full with water. We will add enough cooking oil to make a 2-inch layer on top. I will ask the kids what they think will happen when I add salt to the top of the jar. Then I will add 3-4 tablespoons of salt and watch the salt push the oil through the water. 

*We will review the circle shape and go on a circle hunt.

*Please remember to send your children to school with jackets as morning recess can be chilly, especially as we are getting further into the fall season. 

It is going to be a great week! 

Orange Room News---October 1-4

God tells Moses to send 12 spies into Canaan, the land He has promised them. Ten spies come back with pessimistic reports, disbelieving that God will be able to deliver on His promise. But the last two spies, Joshua and Caleb, both trust in God and are willing to do whatever God commands next. Sometimes it is difficult to trust where God is leading, but this week we are reminded that we have an almighty and caring God who is always by our side. 

*In the Blocks Center we will have plastic containers to act as houses as we build our city. Around the city we will build a wall of blocks, just like the spies encountered in the story. 

*We will do some vegetable and fruit printing in art, discussing how in the Promised Land many wonderful foods were growing that would nourish the Israelites.

*Also in art we will take various watercolor colors and drip them onto paper. Then students will use a hair dryer to blow the colors around the page.

*We will read "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn and "Owl Babies" by MArtin Waddell. Both are stories of children who have a hard time trusting that their parents will return. Students will be offered the opportunity to receive a heart stamp on their hands to remind them of how much God loves them and how He is always with them.

*In our sensory table we will have lots of fall nature items for kids to explore i.e. leaves, pine cones, acorns, etc,

* We will go on a sensory walk this week, searching for different items like the spies in our story. Each child will have a clipboard with a seies of pictures of items to check off. Once they have seen, heard, or touched the item, they can check it off.

*We will have large acute triangles for children to glue purple circles in, making their own cluster of grapes. We will count the circles as we go through the gluing process. 

*We will place number cards around the room and assign a child to stand next to each one. We will then go from one number to the next, picking up each child on our train. 

*The letter of the week is H.

*The shape of the week is square.

*There is no school on Friday due to Fall Break.

It is going to be a great, short week!


Orange Room News---Sept. 24-28th

This week our class will learn about Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. Moses tells the people to be still and watch God's plan of salvation unfold. God parts the sea so His people can walk to freedom on dry land. The Egyptian enemies are washed away, completely devastated. Time after time, the Bibe recounts the Israelites' roller-coaster faith in God. Yet He is always faithful to His promise of salvation for them.

*G is our letter of the week. We will have a letter bag with items beginning with the letter G. We will also practice making the G noise when  while singing our zoophonics song, and when painting or coloring our "G" coloring page/dabber sheets. 

*Our shape of the week is star. 

*We will create a large map on butcher paper of locations important to the kids in our class. I will then remind the children that God led His people away from their enemies even though it meant going through the sea!

*At Circle Time we will have a large blue sheet in the middle of our circle. This will be the ocean. We will ask students how they can get across the ocean (flying in an airplane or taking a boat). We will then have kids take turns flying or boating across the ocean. Then we will ask, "How did God's people get across the sea in our story? God didn't use any kind of transportation, He did a miracle by parting the waters.

*In art we will blow bubbles through a straw into a container that contains dish soap, water, and some blue paint. We will blow the bubbles until they overflow the container, and then we will catch the bubble imprints onto our white pieces of paper. I will then say, "Our breath, or wind, is strong enough to blow bubbles in water. In the Bible story, God used His power to make the wind control the deep waters of the sea so His people would be saved.

*Also in art we will sprinkle art paper with powedered tempera paint. Children will lightly spray this paper with a water bottle, and will see the tempera paint run across the paper making neat designs. We will then talk about how the water in Baptism isn't just water, it is the water with God's word that makes us into a new person---God's special, beautiful child. 

*We will add cars to the blocks center. We will practice making ramps with the long, wide flat blocks. We will experiment with different heights and angles, testing which ones makes the cars move fastest and farthest. 

*In science I will bring in a large helium balloon and attach a small box to it. We will put things in the box and predict whether the balloon will be able to lift it off the ground. After trying various objects, I will ask "Would all of God's people fit inside the basket of a hot air balloon to escape Pharoah?"  No. Getting the Israelites from one side of the sea to the other was a truly a miracle.

*We will let the children pretend they are on an airplane or bus. We will have numbered tickets for them with corresponding numbered seats for them to find. We will have stamps so children can practice stamping each other's tickets. 

*Join us at the school carnival this Friday in the gym at 6pm for lots of games, family fun, and fellowship!

It is going to be a great first week of fall!


Orange Room News---Sept. 17-21st

This week we will talk a lot about Moses' family and how they put their faith in God when they placed Moses in the river to be hidden from Pharaoh. Although it was difficult and dangerous, God knew His plans for their family. Students will see how God worksthrough others to provide help. It is important that children realize they, too, can be helpful, even though they are young.

*We will look at a variety of baskets, comparing the colors, shapes, and sizes of each. We will discuss how the basket Moses was placed in had to be big enough to fit a baby, and how it had to keep the water out and also protect Moses from the hot sun overhead.

*In science we will play sink or float, taking items and making predictions about whether they will sink or float in our container.

*We will read "Hide and Snake" by Keith Baker. We will talk about how the snake is hiding in the book just like Moses was hiding from Pharoah in the weeds along the river.

*We will also read "Who Will Tuck Me in Tonight?" by Carol Roth. We will talk about how Moses' mother tucked him into bed inside his special basket.

*We will do some "painted weaving" in art. We will observe the textures of our baskets and then help the children paint a series of horizontal lines on their papers; followed by a series of vertical lines on their papers. Their paintings will criss-cross similarly to the baskets they have felt with their fingers.

*Also in art we will make small egg carton baskets into which we will place wrapped mini-baby Moses for them to take care of and keep safe from Pharoah.

*There will be water in the table for re-enacting the Moses story. We will also have items in there to contiue our sink/float experiments.

*We will tell the story of Moses with our bodies. First the students will pretend to be the tall grasses. Then they will be the wavy river water while they lay on the ground. Then they will be Miriam, crouched down as small as she can. Then they will run in place, pretending they are Miriam going to get her mother. Then they will pretend to be the princess taking a bath. Finally they will be Moses mother rocking him, taking care of him at the palace.

*The letter of the week is F.

*The shape of the week is diamond.

*The school carnival is on Friday, Sept.28th. Hope you can come! Our classroom basket is complete. Thanks for all your support!!!

It is going to be another great week!


Orange Room News---Sept 10-14th

This week our theme of families continues as we look at the family of Jacob. Jacob was blessed with 12 sons, but he loved his son Joseph more than the others. Joseph's brothers didn't like the favortism shown to Joseph and they became angry. They secretly sold Joseph into slavery and lied to their father saying that Joseph was killed. Even though the brothers acted hatefully, God used these events to bring about good. Just as Jesus was disliked and betrayed, God brought good through Jesus' death and resurrection---saving all of us from sin, death and the devil!

*The letter for the week is E.

*The shape for the week is an oval.

*In art we will make fall trees out of the children's arms and hand. We will also make our very own coat of many colors using fabric scraps and glue. 

*In science we will talk about seasonal changes and have a variety of coats and jackets to choose from, deciding which outer garment is most appropriate for each season. The coats will be in the dramatic play area to practice putting them on.

*We will have wool and yarn in the sensory table. We will talk about how wool grows like hair on sheep and is used to make warm and sturdy clothing. 

*Our nursey rhyme for the week will be "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep." We will have 3 numbered paper bags we will use to review the rhyme asking "How many bags of wool did the sheep have? To whom did the sheep give them? Were there any bags left over?" 

*We will read the story "A Chair for My Mother" by Vera Williams. We will ask children what they would buy for their mother? 

*In Math we will also talk about how many people are in each of our families. We will find out which of us has the most in our family and which has the least.

*We will wave around colorful scarves as we dance to music. We will play music of different tempos and ask children to wave the scarves and move as the music suggests. 

*At Circle Time we will play Jacob Was the Dad (to the Tune of Farmer in the Dell). We will stand in the circle and first choose a Jacob, then a Rachel, then a Joseph, then a sheep. Then we will play the game all over again until everyone has been chosen to play a part. 

*Please don't forget to bring in items for our "We Love Lafayette" carnival basket.

*Thursday is picture day.

It is going to be a great week!  


Orange Room News---Sept 4-7th

Last week Abraham showed his faith in God by obeying His command to move to a new place. This week we see God fulfilling His promise that Abraham would become a father to many nations as his son Isaac is born. Eventually Jesus would be born of Abraham's family, fulfulling God's promise to save us all from sin, death, and the devil. God always keeps his promises! 

This Bible story gives us opportunity to talk about how God gives us families who love and care for us. It also gives us opportunity to remember that God is our heavenly Father and that we are all in God's family.

*At circle time we will read What Mommies Do Best and What Daddies Do Best by Laura Numeroff. Children will share 1 thing they like to do with their moms and 1 thing they like to do with their dads.

*We will also read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. After we read the book we will have children make a picture of their moms and dads and themselves when they were babies. 

*In our science center we will match baby animals with their adult animal parents. Mrs. Sattgast will also be bringing in horn worms from her garden for us to observe and discuss.

*In our sensory table students will bathe baby dolls using soapy water and wash cloths. Students will also be able to use clothes pins to hang the clothes from a clotheline to dry for extra fine motor practice. 

*We will paint with baby bottles at the easel. 

*For math students will measure different amounts of cheerios in a tub. There will also be photos of different-sized babies for children to put in order from smallest to largest. 

*Mrs. Sattgast is making some pudding play doh this week for us to enjoy as well. 

*We will talk about the letter D this week.

*The shape of the week is rectangle. (Last week was triangle, I think I forgot to mention that). 

It is going to be a great, short week!


Orange Room News---August 27-September 1st

In our Bible story this week, Abraham and Sarah were still waiting for a child to bring them joy. Even though they were past the time when people have children, they trusted in God's promise to bless them and obeyed his command to move to a new place. God always keeps his promises, and later we'll see how God gave them a son who brought them joy and laughter. 

Many generations later, God gave a child who was the greatest blessing to all--a child who brings joy, peace and salvation to the world. Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham and to all nations. As we talk about our homes and the rooms in them along with other blessings we receive, we remember that it is Christ who gives us an eternal home in heaven. 

*We will cover the story of "The Three Little Pigs." After reading the story we will act it out with students, huffing and puffing and blowing houses down until we come to the house that it sturdy. We will thank God that we have strong houses that are safe and warm.

*We will have pictures of things found in houses that we have cut out from magazines. Each child will tell the class what is on their picture;  what it is used for; which room in the house it belongs in; and we will close by saying, "God blesses us with ______."

*Our nursery rhyme for the week is "There was an Old Woman who Lived in  a Shoe. We will have an adult-sized shoe and a child-sized shoe along with some small dolls. We will ask each child to estimate how many dolls will fit in each shoe. We will ask them to decide which shoe will hold the most. Which will hold the least? At center time children will have time to act out the rhyme with the figures. 

*In Art we will do lego printing on house shapes. We will also have more magazine pictures depicting items from homes for them to glue onto house shapes. 

*There will be sand in the sensory table and figures from the Bible story so children can re-enact Abraham, Lot and Sarah crossing the dessert with their tent and livestock. 

*We will have "smelling jars" at the science table this week. Each film canister will contain a cotton ball that has been saturated with a scent (i.e. peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, orange, coffee). Children will be asked to tell us what each smell smells like. 

It is going to be a great week of appreciating our homes and the other blessings God continually gives us!



Orange Room News---August 20-24th

This week we will learn about God's great love for Noah and the mercy He showed to him and his family when he saved them from The Flood. Children will see God's love demonstrated not only to people, but to all creation, including animals. God loves us enough to start new with ALL of creation. Children will be reminded that through Jesus all our sins are washed away completely. No guilt or punishment remains. 

*During Circle Time on Thursday, children will bring a stuffed animal from home and take turns bringing it to the front of the class and telling us about it. They can show us any tricks that animal is able to do. We will remind them that Noah had many animals on the ark and God helped him take care of all of them. Just like they take care of their animals. 

* We will also play "Guess the Color." I will give clues such as "I'm thinking of a color that is the color of fire engines and Mrs. Sattgast's socks." Kids will take turns guessing until they discover the color I am thinking of. 

*We will learn the nursery rhyme "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and discuss whether kids think Noah and his family ever wished the rain would stop? We will also discuss what the students like and don't like about rain. 

*As a second nursery rhyme we will learn "This Little Froggy" (adapted from "This Little Piggy.") We will act out the motions and help the froggy make it back to the ark. 

*We will also work on name recognition, using the song "Noah Works with One Hammer," then substituting the children's names written on cards with their picture which we will post on our felt board as we sing. 

*We found 2 monarch caterpillars last week (who are already transforming in their chrysalises). With that discovery we decided to focus our science on caterpillars and butterflies last week, and will now focus on growing grass and plants this week. We will remember that rain is a key part of helping all things grow. 

*We will also play "Sink or Float" for one of our science centers. There will be water in the sensory table along with water toys. 

*We will do some rainbow marble painting to remember the wonderful rainbow God sent as a promise to never send a great flood again. 

*We will measure things with our footsteps for math this week. We will have the children guess how many footsteps it takes to get from one side of the classroom to the other and then see who was closest. We will explain that Noah had to do a lot of measuring when he was making the ark. He had to make it big enough to carry all of the animals and his family!

*In Zoophonics this week we will focus on the letter B, going through a letter bag that contains objects beginning with "b" sound. 

*The shape of the week is a circle. We will go around the room searching for circles and learn the circle song. 

It is going to be a fun week of learning the great depth of God's love for us!



Orange Room News ---August 13-17th

Last week we talked about how God made each of us specially, and this week we talk about how God made the special world we live in. We'll see how God created the world with just His words. We will see God's planning and care of creation in how He created the homes and food for the animals before creating them. God cared enough to give us His best, including His Son to be our Savior when we messed up His perfect plan. 

*During Circle Time we will play "Pass the Animal." Students will pass the stuffed animal around the circle while the music plays. When the music stops, that student will make the animal's noise and talk about where the animal lives.  We will also play "Parts of a Plant." I will call out "Stem" and children will touch their legs. I will call out "Leaves" and students will wave their arms. And when I call out "Flower" they will put their open hands on each side of their face. 

*We will sing about colors this week to the tune of "Joy, joy, joy down in my heart" (I.e. " I have some green, green, green, green, here on my shirt, etc.").

*We will paint with acorns this week, dipping them in paint and then rolling them around back and forth

on a piece of paper inside a cardboard container. For art we will also be making tissue paper fish to hang in our windows. We will also glue pictures of flowers, trees and fish onto a white piece of paper. Then we will paint the background blue, talking about whether we are painting theh sky or the sea.

*In science we will introduce the idea of pollution to the kids. We will put salt into a container of sand and ask the kids to take the sand out. We will do the same with a container of water, asking the kids to take out the juice we pour into it. We will discuss how when people put something in the water or the soil that they cannot get out, it is called pollution. This pollution often harms the plants and animals that are living there. 

*The other science project for the week will include planting some grass seed in a plastic cup. We will talk about how plants start out as seeds. We will also talk about how seeds need soil, water and sunlight to grow. We will take time to water them during the next few weeks and see how long they take to grow. 

*In Zoophonics this week we will focus on the letter A, going through a letter bag that contains objects beginning with the short A sound. 

* In the Sensory table we will have styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, leaves, and other items they can stick into the balls to make their own creations.

*We will learn about the square shape and go on a hunt around the room pointing out all the squares we see. We will also learn the "Square" song.

*The dramatic play area will be set up as a house, but with some artificial plants to practice planting and harvesting.

It will be a great week of celebrating God's amazing creation!




Orange Room News for the week of August 8-10, 2018

Welcome to St. James! Mrs. Sattgast and I are thrilled to be your teachers this year. We are starting off the 2018-2019 school year celebrating how wonderfully God has created us!

*In science we will have mirrors out for children to look into and say what body parts they see.

*We will witness the power of the sun by putting construction paper in the window for a few days and make observations, comparing the paper with construction paper that has not received any sunlilght.

*Children will put their hands in the touchy, feely box and see if they can guess what every day objects they use to take care of their body are hiding inside (comb, toothbrush; nail clippers; etc.).

*We will count our fingers, using numbered stickers to place on each finger as we count them. 

*We will observe the color of our eyes using the mirrors, and then graph the results as a group.

*We will have food to cook, dress up clothes to wear,  and dolls to take care of in the dramatic play area.

*In the sensory table children will search for fish hidden among the sand and seashells.

*In Art we will paint a sky blue background using different shades of blue. When children are finished they will add bird cut outs and cottonball clouds to their picture. We will also make paint blots and fold our pictures in half, talking about how each side has the same design. Reminding children that when God created us, he did not make any of us the same. Everyone is unique, just the way He wanted them to be.

*We will be singing our Zoophonics song, introducing all the alphabet animal friends, the sound they make, and the hand signal that corresponds.

It is going to be a great (short) week!