Rainbow Classroom

Week of:

April 5 - April 9

Notes from Mrs. Caylor:
Right before Spring Break, I purchased items for the St. James Auction Pre-K Basket: Ice Cream Sundaes.  If anyone would like to contribute to the cost of the items/basket, please feel free to send in $5-10.  For our second auction item, Mary & Kyle Myers are graciously donating a Mud Kitchen that Kyle has built.  The children will be personalizing it with their "muddy handprints".  This is going to be absolutely amazing, and I hope that you all have the chance to bid on this item at the auction this year.

This week we will be having our Sharing Time again!
I would like the children this week to bring in something that is no larger than their hand.
Wednesday: Claire, Brody, Max, Larson, Aubrey, Kip, Kinleigh, Sofia, Harper, Brewer
Friday: Grace, Georgia, Jade, Maya, Adeline, Breydyn, Fletcher, Gabe, Owen, Lily


Redeemer. Resurrection. These are exciting words indeed for those of us who are Easter people.  Some would argue that they are too complicated for young children to understand.  Eric Jensen, author of "Teaching with the Brain in Mind" (ASCD, 2005) would call this "Pre-exposure...the process of covertly preparing students for future learning content or skills days, weeks, months, or even years before they are accountable for knowledge."  Also, if you've been around four or five-year-olds for any length of time, you know that they understand a lot more than we give them credit for.  And of course we can't forget the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing faith and understanding to their hearts.
Jesus used pre-exposure.  He told His disciples that he would die and rise again.  Even His enemies knew about His prediction.  Just like Jesus' disciples, we often forget what God has said to us about His love and care.  His forgiveness and grace.  So we need reminders such as butterflies and eggs, hallelujahs and sunrises, rocks and lilies.  Remember. Rejoice. Relax. He has Risen!

Lesson: Easter Morning (Jesus Gives Us New Life)
Law: Without a Savior, we would remain in our sins.
Gospel: Because Jesus rose and is alive, we will have life in heaven.
Sanctification: Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we marvel at what Christ has done for us, and we joyfully tell others the Good News that Jesus overcame sin and death.

Dramatic Play:
This week our dramatic play area will be a home.  Children will have the chance to take on roles of moms, dads, siblings, etc. while building their social skills with each other.  They will have baby dolls available and will practice their healthy living choices.

Literacy/Letter Recognition:
-Zoo-Phonics animals/letters and song
-Alphabet Kaboom!
-Zoo-phonics Bingo
-Plant/Flower Journaling
-Mark A Letter (Uppercase & Lowercase Matching)

Planting Seeds & Recording Growth (Journals)
Learning the life cycle of plants
Learning how to sort plants that grow above the ground vs. below

Children will have access to various art materials for free choice creation. We will also have a project provided by Mrs. Tietz.  

In Christ,
Mrs. Caylor

Our Mission
To joyfully share the gospel and prepare children by nurturing their faith, for a life of learning and service to Christ.