Century of Faith Campaign

For over 165 years, St. James Church and School has been spreading God’s word to the Lafayette, IN community and providing its students with a quality education rooted in God’s Word.  The current school building is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.  During that time, over 1000 students have ascended its stairs to attend class and have heard God’s word in its historic sanctuary.  While we celebrate the past with this milestone anniversary, we also need to look to the future.  Those of us that recognize the value of a strong Lutheran faith and education need to make sure that it is preserved for future generations.  It is this need that is requiring us to launch a campaign to address some important repair projects for the school and sanctuary.

These old buildings are beginning to show their age and repair projects need to be funded to preserve them.  You do not have to look too closely to see noticeable signs of damage.  The Board of Church Properties has identified and prioritized these projects as follows…

Project #1: Sanctuary Roof Replacement

Estimated Cost: $40,000

Problem: Shingles are old and are falling off.  The missing singles are causing leaks to the interior that is beginning to damage the plaster walls.

Solution: Remove old shingles and install commercial grade shingles.

Project #2:  8th Street School Steps Replacement

Estimated Cost: $45,000

Problem:  The concrete steps are crumbling and could completely fail at any moment.  This is the primary entrance into the school.

Solution:  Demolish old steps and replace with new concrete and brick to the same original design.

Project #3:  Repair Sanctuary Exterior

Estimated Cost: $40,000

Problem:  Multiple cracks and exposed seams in brick exterior.  As with the roof, these are allowing water ingress into the interior of the sanctuary.

Solution: Power wash exterior, seal all cracks, repair mortar joints, replace damaged bricks, and apply masonry sealer.

Project #4:  Replace Sanctuary HVAC

Estimated Cost: $30,000

Problem: Frequent problems with the aging HVAC system are indicators that a major failure is imminent.  Proactively replacing this system will save us from a future disaster.

Solution: Replace exterior condenser units and interior furnace units.

Project #5:  Replace Sanctuary Pews

Estimated Cost: $45,000

Problem:  Aging pews are frequently undergoing time consuming repairs to help prolong their life.

Solution:  Replace with new pews.