SWAM Audition


SWAM Audition Information

Who: Any SWAM participant (Auditioning for a part is optional)

Auditions: Friday, May 19 3:30 - 4:15 PM or Sunday, May 21 12:30-1:15
By Appointment Only: Click here to schedule a time

Location: St. James Fellowship Hall

Rehearsals:  June 12-16
9:00 - noon


Cast members are expected to be at all rehearsals unless otherwise indicated at auditions.
Students may audition for a speaking role as well as vocal solo opportunity

‚ÄčAuditioning for a speaking role

  • Practice facial expressions and vocal inflections
  • Download the script below and prepare to audition for at least 2 characters.

Auditioning for a vocal solo

  • We ask that those students who are interested in a vocal solo download the BOTH samples below to be sung at the auditions.