Week of: October 15, 2018


October Focus
Letters: I-M
Color: Green
Numbers: 5-6
Counting: 1-30
Shape: Rectangle

Theme: Fall/Pumpkins

Dramatic Play: Home with babies

Literacy/Letter Recognition:  K - Kayo Kangaroo , Letter hunt

Religion: Jacob's Troubles
Law: Sometimes the consequences of sin are scary.  We feel bad and may even want to run and hide.
Gospel: No matter what sinful things we do, Jesus forgives us and is with us.
Sanctification: Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can trust that Jesus comes to us in His Word and Sacrament and strengthens our faith.

Bible Words: "God is with you wherever you go."    Joshua 1:9

Snack:   Monday-Tuesday: Ezra      Wednesday-Thursday: Raven

***We do have one peanut allergy in our class so please be mindful when sending in snacks.***

Math: Pumpkin Measuring, Roll a pumpkin, Pumpkin patterns

Science: Comparing an orange pumpkin to a white pumpkin/Cutting them open, Pumpkin fact cards, Pumpkin life cycle

Upcoming Dates:
October 29-30: NO SCHOOL
October 31: Pre-K Classroom Fall Party
November 18: 10:30 AM - Sing at church

Music @ 9:15 AM
Library @ 10:45 AM

Art @ 10:00 AM & 10:30 AM

Mrs. Caylor & Mrs. Kurtz