Thanksgiving Week 2017

We continue to collect canned goods and bar soap for the food pantry for the month of November.  The Food Pantry workers have asked for very specific items this year:  green beans, corn and peas, canned soup and bars of soap.  Please try to send the needed items in before Thanksgiving break.  Thanks for helping us reach our canned good goal for our class.  This week on Wednesday we will have our "Thank God for Friends Day". We spend the day appreciating all the kids in our class by spending time together having fun.  Students may bring games to play and fun things to share.  We will be having a food table in our classroom, so students should also bring items for the table to share.  Things like pretzels, chips, fruit and cheese are fine in addition to sweets.  The teacher will provide drinks, plates and napkins.  We will  be working on division in math, grammar and writing in language arts, and circuits in science on Monday and Tuesday.  So far the kids have enjoyed our new Energy unit labs. These can be great ideas for science fair projects.  Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with your family as well as a nice 4-day weekend.