Week of January 22, 2018

This is Lutheran Schools Week with many extra activities beginning with opening devotions on Monday morning and culminating with the Spelling Bee on Thursday and a talent show on Friday afternoon. This should be fun.  First, thanks to everyone who contributed to the soup can drive.  WE GET TO GO BOWLING FOR FREE ON TUESDAY! Students should wear their school theme t-shirt from this year and can wear jeans for the bowling day.  They can also wear jeans on Friday as usual. We will try to have a normal week of academics with reading, math, and memory work.  Our memory work will be James 2: 1,8-9 which will  be written in cursive one time and then recited for a grade by Friday. Congratulations and kudos to the students in our class for performing will in the Science Fair.  The 4th grade projects were done well, and students showed good understanding of their work.  Thanks to parents for helping with the huge endeavor.