Monday, Nov. 20,  2017

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy time with family and friends.  I pray safe travels for anyone traveling.  I will heading to Michigan Thursday morning. 

Library Day is Friday.  

This month's chapel offerings are to support the St. James' food pantry and they need canned peas, corn, green beans, canned soup, and bars of soap.  We will be setting some goals in first grade to fill the pantry selves. First grades goals are 50-tent day  100--ice cream  150--pajamas day 200--bring a stuffed animal to school. 250--bring a toy to school 

Keep on reading for Book-It

Thank you for your support with the social studies projects.  They all looked great with some great effort.

Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break

The first graders and second graders will have a Thanksgiving feast with pilgrims and Native Americans on Tuesday, November 21 and on Wednesday November 22 we will get together for a movie and eating leftovers. I will put up a sign up on the door and/or ask you to contribute items such as juice, milk, microwave popcorn, grapes..PLEASE SEE THE SIGN UP ON THE DOOR.  Parents are welcome to join us.   I believe the time is 1:30.  We always appreciate the parents willing to lend a hand with drinks and after feast clean up. 

k-3 Christmas program --December 1

We are starting to spend time together as a group to practice our Christmas songs and recitations.

end of the quarter..Christmas.  Christmas break

Memory:  No memory this week. . Please continue to work on the Christmas memory.   ***NEW MEMORY**   With the new quarter, memory not said will be treated on Friday just like homework--not done--lost recess time. 

Spelling words: no spelling this week.

Math:  counting to 100

social studies:  The first Thanksgiving

handwriting:  lower case   review ( letters are expected to use the lines and make the letters the way we learned/practiced..) There are many first graders that are just about "getting the job done".

Reading: phonics:  short u  and ending  blends

                grammar:  interrogative sentences,exclamaations

                High frequency : home into many them


story:  Animal Park.  We are completing our reader this week.  We will probably test early next week.

Briefly about Christmas.  We draw names for an exchange. We have a breakfast party.  Scavenger hunt. Exchange gifts.  The afternoon is for enjoying a movie and some snacks. More later. 

I ask the children to bring in $5.00 to help pay for their parent gift. 

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
























Concerning homework and what I expect on a daily basis:

  1. practice memory
  2. practice spelling words when the new quarter starts
  3. finish any assignments that did not get finished during the day
  4. any practice/review sheets that I send home specifically for homework 
  5. practice reading (reader, extra reader, choice…15 minutes)
  6. play outside