Monday, November 19, 2018

Every day is a good day!!

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travel.

Our prayers go to the Hecht family.  Mrs. Hecht is our church secretary. Justin and Megan are St. James alumni.  After a long fight, Justin was called home to our Heavenly Father on Thursday. He was 23 on Tuesday.   Also to the Lose family. Shannel's grandmother was also called home on Thursday. 

Memory:  Everyone received a pink paper with their memory highlighted.  These are their "words " for the Christmas Service December 14.

spelling: not this week

Chapel offering for November is the St. James food pantry.  Items needed:  canned vegetables, soup(chicken noodle and tomato) and toilet paper.  We will be setting some goals for our class this week. Friday (Nov. 16..we have 80)

All of ages added together equals 106(107 now--Braxton had a birthday)-first goal= pajamas and a stuffed friend

156---second goal=pajamas and movie, learn in a different room

206--ice cream.  

***Monday evening, November 19 is the social studies fair. . 6:00.  It should be over by 6:45.  Please take the time to visit the other first graders projects.  They are ready to share.  Also, check out grades 3,5 and 7.

Read for pizza!

Religion:Thanksgiving, thankfulness

Animal Park

Writing : exclamations

phonics : short u , end blends pond, nest, rent

print awareness: reading and writing questions

high frequency: home into many them

Last week and this I have been listening to each first grader read sight words and a short paragraph--sight words are all listed in the back of the reader.  Some diffuculties with th and wh words (they them that  there three this , who what when where (want) .....

Social Studies:   begin chapter on holidays, customs and traditions, turkeys, the first Thanksgiving

Math: counting, finding greater and less than, using tens and ones

Library day is Wednesday and Monday..

Looking down the road..needed for first grade. 4- 24 packs of water bottles--with the water still in them .   Not the super cheap, flexible kind. If you are shopping and you pick up a pack...Thank you. We will use these to make Christmas gifts for our other teachers and other adults in our week. 

On  Tuesday, the first and second graders will have a Thanksgiving feast.  Adults are appreciated to assist with the drinks.  On Wednesday we watch a Thanksgiving movie with the 2nd grade and eat leftovers.  There is a sign up on our door.  Thanks for helping. If you meant to and didn't get to it, we still need some juice either apple or cran-apple and red and green grapes.  Again, thank you.  (Our plans may change as we learn funeral arrangements for Justin.) 

December 4  we will go to Bennett's Greenhouse.  Mr. Huth works there and is happy to show us Bennett's at Christmas.  We will need drivers ( car seats too.).  We will leave here about 9:45 and arrive back about 11:20.  The cost for a poinsettia will be taken from the field trip funds. I will send infromation/permission.  I just wanted to give you the date. 

 Have a blessing filled , Christ filled week!






























Concerning homework and what I expect on a daily basis:

  1. practice memory
  2. practice spelling words when the new quarter starts
  3. finish any assignments that did not get finished during the day
  4. any practice/review sheets that I send home specifically for homework 
  5. practice reading (reader, extra reader, choice…15 minutes)
  6. play outside