Monday , February 19

This week will include lots of rehearsals for our musical "Noah's Ark"  .  Friday at 6:00.  The children are asked to wear their Micah 6:8 school shirts and khaki pants.  On Friday, they will wear them for dress rehearsal. They should be in the classroom by 5:45.

We are watching a movie on Friday afternoon.  Chilling out before musical.  I will make popcorn .  The first graders are invited to bring a blanket and a stuffed friend.  

Keep on reading for Book-It

Please ask your first grader if they need any supplies. 

Memory: (can be sung with a friend or two)

Love the Lord! For His rainbow and His promise

That he loves us and never will he flood the world again.

Love the Lord! For His rainbow and His promise

If we serve Him He will always love and care for us.

Spelling words: Free this week!

Spelling sentences this week.  They are due on Wednesday.  

NEW FOR SPELLING HOMEWORK SPELLING SENTENCES  Choose 3 words and use them in 3 sentences then write the rest 1 time.  Parents please encourage:  neatness, correct spelling, good sentences,capital letters, end marks, using more than 3 words.  We will do 3 sentences for  February and then 4 for March and April and 5 in May.  I will send home paper.  Always due on Wednesday.  Earlier is ok.

Math:  math families, number bonds, relationships

social studies:

story: A Place to Play, begin Ruby in her own time

phonics : y as long e and long i, ng ,nk at the end

skill: verbs , compare and contrast, compound words, using s at the end of verbs (sings), comments and feelings, using a glossary

high frequency any enough ever every own sure were

Religion: Lost sheep, Lost son 

handwriting:  we are working on the upper case letters

Science:   penguins, heart health 

Working on quarter collection!! I hope you have started.  Idea:   last year a student made cookies and muffins and a sign and sent them to work with her dad..25 cents a piece.   Thank You Schafer and Brecken.

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
























Concerning homework and what I expect on a daily basis:

  1. practice memory
  2. practice spelling words when the new quarter starts
  3. finish any assignments that did not get finished during the day
  4. any practice/review sheets that I send home specifically for homework 
  5. practice reading (reader, extra reader, choice…15 minutes)
  6. play outside