Week of April 16th

Happening This Week:
Jesus said, "I am with you always."  Matthew 28:20
Jesus Time: Jesus Ascends into Heaven
Story: Old MacDonald had a Woodshop
Phonemic Awareness:  Initial and medial /o/ 
Phonics:  /o/ spelled Oo
Comprehension:  Character
Sight Words:  come, go, is, that, where
Conventions: Prepositional Words
Math:  Measurement, Sorting and Classifying
Afternoon Activities:  Exploring Motion

Don't forget to ask your kindergartners about the eggs we are incubating in our classroom. They should be ready to hatch next week! 
Thank you Mrs. Meyers for helping us with this project!

The St James Crusader auction is this Saturday, April 21st.  If you are not attending the auction, but would still like to look at and place bids on the silent auction items, you may place electronic bids through the following link:   https://qtego.net/qlink/stjames
If you are available and would like to volunteer for the auction, there are lots of jobs that still need to be done, both early in the day Saturday and in the evening.  Let me know if you would like to help out!