Week of October 15th  

Happening This Week
Remember the wonders God has done.  1 Chronicles 16:12
Please include the Bible reference as you practice memory!
Jesus Time: Moses and the Plagues/The Passover
Story:  Bear  Snores On
Phonemic Awareness:  Initial and Final /k/ sound
Phonics:  the /k/ sound spelled Cc
Comprehension:  Realism and Fantasy
Sight Words:  like, my, we
Conventions:  Adjectives for Colors, Shapes, Sizes and Numbers

Math:  Represent and Compare Numbers to 10
Afternoon Activities:  Trees, Report Card Assessments

Thank you to all of the chaperones who met us at the Fire Safety Show last Tuesday, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Smith (Karter's Grandma), Keegan's Grandparents, Mrs. Forsythe, Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Knobloch, Mrs. McQuinn, Mrs. Beckham, and Mrs. Meyer!

For your Calendar: 
Wednesday, October 24 & Thursday, October 25:  Parent Teacher Conferences.  Conferences will be scheduled this Tuesday.  Look for your time to come home Wednesday.
Monday, October 29 & Tuesday, October 30:  Fall Break, No School...the teachers will be attending the Indiana Non-Public Educators' Conference in Indianapolis
Wednesday, October 31:  Fall Party...If you would like to help with the party, please let me know!

Sunday, November 18:  Kindergarten is part of the Lamb's Choir at St James and we will sing for the first time at the 10:30 service.