Week of January 14th 

Happening This Week
Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!  Luke 11:28
Jesus Time:   The Boy Jesus Studies God's Word
Story:  My Lucky Day
Phonemic Awareness:  the initial and final /l/ sound
Phonics:  the sound /l/ spelled Ll
Comprehension:  Cause and Effect   
Sight Words:  are, do, that

Math:  Number Pairs, Subtraction
Afternoon Activities:  Winter/Seasons

Due to the Science Fair, there will be no Hot Lunch available on Wednesday!  Your child will need to bring a sack lunch.  We will still be able to purchase milk if needed.  Kindergartners will also need a sack lunch on Monday, January 28th, the day we go to see Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Due to the 12:00 show time, we will need to eat lunch in our rooms, a little earlier than normal and the hot lunches will not yet be ready for us.

In order to play in the snow at recess, kindergartners will need to have snow pants and boots (that are not the only shoes they've worn to school for the day).  It is also helpful to send an extra pair of socks in their backpack because they usually come in with wet feet!

This Thursday is scheduled to be our 100th day of school!  Each kindergartner needs to bring in a collection of 100 items for a special Show and Tell with the first and second graders.  We will also be having a special snack with the first and second graders in the afternoon! 

We will be seeing 2 shows this winter through Purdue Convocations: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live! on 1/28 and Peg+Cat Live on 3/4.  Purdue Convocations places a limit on the number of chaperones we are able to take on these two trips and each class is only allowed 1 extra adult besides the teachers to attend with the children.  If you would like to chaperone either of these trips, please let me know Monday, January 21st.  If I have multiple people who would like to attend, I will draw names to decide who will go with us.

For your Calendar: 
Monday, January 14th:  Report Cards sent home
Thursday, January 17th:  100th Day of School...as long as we don't have any snow days before!
Monday, January 21st:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day...School will be in session this day to make up our snow day in November!
Monday, January 28th:  Purdue Convocations Field Trip...Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live
Monday, January 28th-February 1st:  Lutheran School Week...Look for information about the weeks' special events to come home soon.
Thursday, February 14th:  Valentine's Day...We will do a Valentine Card exchange!
Sunday, February 24th:  Lamb's Choir sings at the 10:30 service
Monday, March 4th:  Purdue Convocations Field Trip...Peg+Cat Live