October 15-19, 2018

Theme: Crossing the red sea: God saves His people from their enemies / Fall

Bible Verse: "[Jesus said] I am with you always." Matthew 28:20

Snack Helper: 

Monday-Tuesday: Matthew Rennick

Wednesday- Thursday: Nolan

Friday: Hannah

Letter Bag Helper:  Hannah - Letter i 


Art:  Candy Corn People

Writing/abc/phonics/literacy: The books in literacy center focus on our weekly theme of fall/planting. In writing center there is chalk and chalk boards, markers, pencils, paper, dry erase boards. In ABC center there are spelling (with pictures) puzzles, and other abc puzzles, as well as ABC magnets and metal pans.

Jesus Time: This week we will learn about Moses confronting Pharoah to lead his people out of Egypt. God was with Moses and His people but Moses and his people had to listen, obey and believe that God would provide for them. God made a way for these people even when things were really scary for them. When things are scary for us God makes a way for us and is always with us also. 

Science: We will continue monitoring our plants from last week, discussing what they need to grow. Emptying out pumpkins, and examining their insides. We will be using the hollowed out pumpkins to make pumpkin volcanoes on Friday. We will observe the decompostion of a pumpkin left open in the room for 1 week.

Math: In math center we have calculators, shape matching activities, counting number puzzles, magnetic shapes and letters, and number tracing sheets with dry erase markers.  This week we will have candy corn number sense puzzles, 1:1 correspondance pumpkin activities.

Sensory Table: Hay with spiders and pumpkins. Using tweezers to sort them into different pumpkin baskets. 

Fine Motor: Playdoh with tools, tweezers and various sorting activites, prewriting activites. 

Upcoming Events:

October 29 & 30: No School

October 31: Costume Parade **more info to come on this**

Mrs. Ford & Mrs. Hamilton

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.





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