Mr. Strakis' News

May 22, 2017
Upcoming Events
May 22 Student Recognition Assembly 1:30 pm
May 23 8th Grade Graduation
May 24 Last Day of School 8th Grade Trip

Retirement- Thanks for the memories over the past 26 years. I have always felt supported and appreciated. It has been a pleasure to serve St. James. I will miss teaching, but I will find new avenues to keep my mind and body active. I will be around. I am not leaving the Lafayette area. This is home. I will remain as church organist and will be available to substitute teach. God has blessed us with a new teacher who will take my place. Just think fresh ideas without a grumpy demeanor. I am excited for the future of St. James. Our Great God is in control.

Grade 8 Last Day Activity - We will go bowling at Market Square Lanes in the late morning (10:15 -12:15) and then dine out at Arni's. I will treat at Arni's. Students are responsible to bring $5.00 for two hours of bowling. My wife is having a surgical procedure done in Indy that morning. Mrs. Amy Schoon will cover early morning. Mr. Chad Baumgartner, Mr. Rogers, and Mrs. Schoon will chaperone until I arrive at the bowling alley later that morning. Parents are welcome to attend. 

3-8 Physical Education -  Wiffle Ball or Dodge Ball

7 Art- Monday   Finish up missing work.

7 Health/Life Skills - Done   

5 Math -  A Cumulative Test will be given on Tuesday, May 23.

6 Math  - A Cumulative Test will be given.      

7 Math - A Cumulative Test will be given.  

Algebra 1  The Algebra 1 Final will continue to Monday, May 22.

Math 8 - Mrs. Schoon