Board of Education

Leadership and Direction

Day-to-day leadership is provided by the teachers and principal.  The congregation of St. James determines school policy through elected representatives to the Board of Education.  However, the final authority in all matters is Christ as revealed through God's Word.

Board members serve two-year terms.  The board reviews all key decisions, such as calling teachers or approving the course of study.  The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.  The pastors and principal act in an advisory capacity.  Parents, staff, faculty, and parish members may attend, and you can contact the board at any time through its chairperson.  The board chairperson must approve any new items placed on the agenda by an outside representative.

Board of Education Members

The following members of the St. James Board of Education have been elected to serve for two years.

Candace Shaffer - Chair
Lynn Beckham
Heather Brooks
Jackie Knotts
Kristy McCain
Joy Plassard
Amy Schoon

Ex-officio members:  Rev. David French, Principal - Jake Rogers, Early Childhood Director - Julie Grott