Science Program

The Regional Science Fair Competition

What is Happening in Science at St. James?

At St. James, we focus on the cognitive understandings of science through experimentation and resulting discussion.  Through these activities the science teachers try to aid students in their understanding that science is a conceptual process and not simply memorizing facts.

Family Science Night

In the spring the teachers have a night when they invite families to come and participate in science related activities.  This is a great night for kids (K through 8th) and parents to learn together.

Yearly Science Fair (Our "signature piece")

  • The science fair engages students in grades K-8 (required for students in grades 2,4,6,8)
  • In the last 7 years St. James has taken over 140 students to the Regional science fair competition at Purdue University, winning numerous awards and prize money.
  • Students have won multiple awards, including being selected for State Science Fair.  Only 2 middle school students are selected from Tippecanoe and the 10 surrounding counties to attend the State Science Fair.  In the past 4 years we have had 3 students selected for the State Science Fair.

We have received over $15,000 in Lilly Grants!  Some have included:

  • Understanding the environmental links between the Celery Bog and the  Louisiana Bayou
  • Understanding optics through the use of Rive Ray boxes, prisms, and lenses.
  • Working with microbiology through antibacterial research
  • Learning About Our Body - New grant this year for Grades K-2.

Examples of science fair projects that we are currently doing -

  • The Effect of Pheromones on the Trails of Worker Termites
  • The Effect of Density on the Impact and Resulting Craters from Meteorites
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Amount of Vitamin C in Juices
  • The Effect of Viscosity of Liquids on the Refraction of Light
  • The Effect of Fin Placement on the Altitude of Rockets
  • The Effect of UV Light on the Metamorphosis of Vanessa cardui
  • The Effect of Salt on the Corrosion of Aluminum
  • The Effect of Soil Type on Vermicomposting
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Growth of Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Crystals
  • The Effect of pH on the Growth of Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Crystals
  • The Effect of Electrical Current on the Growth of Root Tips in Phaseolus lunatus
  • The Effects of CO2 Sequestration on the Bio-luminescence of Dinoflagellates
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