Fundraising While You Shop!

  • Purchase gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases (such as gas, groceries, etc.) rather than using cash or credit.
  • Simple fundraising - You get the full, face value for each gift card you purchase while simultaneously giving money to St. James (as we are able to purchase the Scrip gift cards at a discounted rate).
  • Trouble-free gift giving - you can purchase all of your Christmas gift cards in one easy stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Where can I purchase Scrip?”

Why buy Scrip?"

  • You help the school by providing funds for PTL projects, activities, and events.
  • You help the church by providing money for non-budgeted school expenses.
  • You do not have to purchase or sell items that are not needed or wanted.

"How does the program work?"

  • Purchase a gift card (everything from gas to groceries to fun extras)
  • You get dollar-for-dollar value: spend $25 and GET $25 gift card.
  • St. James Scrip receives a specified % of the sale as a rebate.
  • You get a 25% of the rebate to put towards tuition/childcare fees or other church mission projects.
  • The remaining 75% rebate is given to the St. James PTL.