Tuition & Financial Aid

An Investment in Your Child's Future

Members of St James Lutheran Church recognize the vital importance of Christian education in the lives of children, and therefore support the work of the school as part of the church's overall mission program. St James Lutheran Church provides more than $80,000 annually in scholarships and subsidies to support the work of the school and invest in the Lafayette community.

The combined costs of salaries, supplies, books, materials, equipment, maintenance, insurance, and building costs is a considerable commitment made by the congregation to keep fees as low as possible, enabling more families to take advantage of our program.

We strongly believe that tuition is not simply a fee for educational instruction; it is an investment in your child’s future and eternal life.


Indiana CHOICE Scholarships

The Indiana CHOICE Scholarship program is a program that provides partial tuition payment for eligible families who choose to enroll at St. James School.  State payments are based on household income and the number of people living in a household.  The voucher dollar amount will be 50% or 90% of the per-child State dollars paid to the district in which the qualified student resides. Parents are responsible to pay the difference between the Voucher and actual billed charges.

Am I Eligible for a CHOICE Scholarship?

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Student Eligibility Guidelines

To determine if your child(ren) might be eligible for the Indiana CHOICE Scholarship in 2020-21, please visit the Institute for Quality Education

When do I apply for a CHOICE Scholarship?

NOW. The application process is OPEN and must be completed prior to 1st day of school. 

How do I apply for a CHOICE Scholarship?

Families must apply, be accepted and enrolled in St. James School PRIOR to applying for a voucher.  Once enrolled, families must submit an Application for the Voucher and provide copies of the supporting documents required by the State of Indiana.


Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana is providing yet another way to attend Lutheran Schools by providing families with funds to receive a high-quality, Christian education. Click here for more information on the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization.

Am I Eligble for a SGO?

Income Eligibility Guidelines

How do I apply for an SGO?

Families must apply, be accepted and enrolled in St. James School PRIOR to applying for a SGO.  Once enrolled, families must submit an Application for the SGO.  Click here for a SGO application.


Auction Tuition Assistance

To continue the tradition of making a St. James Lutheran School education more affordable an auction tuition assistance fund has been created. The auction assistance per family award is calculated based upon the amount raised at the previous year’s auction. Families eligible for Auction Tuition Assistance may also apply for other awards like SJS Tuition Assistance, the Indiana Choice Scholarship and SGO Grants. The Auction Tuition Assistance is granted after other awards are granted. 

In order to qualify for Auction Tuition Assistance subsidy each family must:
1. Support the auction by using their time, treasure or talent
2. Attend an orientation meeting
3. Submit this application to the school office

St. James Auction Website & Auction Tuition Assistance Form

St. James Tuition Assistance Request