Sunday Morning Bible Study (10:45-11:45 a.m.)

Junior High School Students - The 6th - 8th grade students will be joining Ms. Goodspeed for Sunday school in the cafeteria. We will be following the Enduring Faith Bible curriculum from Concordia Publishing House. In this series, where we are studying the Old Testament, students learn how to defend their faith. They become prepared to state what they believe about the Bible and why. The Board of Parish Education is super excited for this opportunity to work with a very fun group of students.

High School Students - Join Mrs. Keiser in the her classroom for weekly Bible study.

Youth Group Events

Junior High & Senior High Youth

  • Wednesday, August 3 - STARGAZING AND DARING DEVOS
    9:00 to 10/10:30 PM at the Keisers’ (8481 E 550 N, Warren County, Otterbein 47970)
    This is a Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group event, with parent drivers welcome to stay.  This is an RSVP event.  You need to let Mrs. Keiser know by August 1 if you are coming. What if it rains? We will move it to August 4. If we do not have at least four people rsvp to attend, the event will be canceled. Mr. Ted Leuenberger, former St. James member, will teach us and lead us in this experience. Mr. Leuenberger was the planetarium teacher at Benton Central for many years. Come learn and look. There will be a telescope and other stargazing equipment available, but you can bring your own if you’d like, or just come and gaze with your eyes. Be sure to dress for the weather and to walk in fields. Bring bug spray. 
  • Sunday, August 28 - INDIANA BEACH
    Leave after second service (approximately 11:30 AM) -- 45 minute drive
    Water Park–Amusement Park and Paddleboat included in $29.99 per person cost. Yes, you may bring a friend. This is an RSVP event. You must let Mrs. Keiser know you are going by August 14 and you need to pay $30 by August 21 (checks should be made payable to St. James youth / there may be an electronic way to pay–TBA). We will need adult chaperones and drivers. Talk with your parents. They need to volunteer with number of seats by August 14. Teens cannot drive themselves–sorry. The water park is open until 6:00 PM. We will plan to leave at 6:00. Bring money to buy food during the day and to cover supper if you want to eat before arriving home at 7:00 PM.
    9:00 AM to noon
    Details TBA. Start thinking of teams — boys – girls – alumni – high school – junior high – parents – staff. This is a money-maker for the youth! This will be held on the parking lot and on the field. Let’s hope it’s not quite as hot as year one!