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Parish Planning Council Notes 1/19/16

February 20, 2016
By Cindy Music

Parish Planning Committee – January 19, 2016

Attending: Jeff Baumgarn, Dave Probst, Pastor French, Dann Keiser, Bill Crum, Cindy Music, Russ Shoemaker, Christopher Rowan, Candace Shaffer, Jake Rogers, Ben Schoon, Mark Bunton

A. Opening Prayer by Pastor French

B. December minutes - moved to accept by Pastor French, seconded by Bill Crum, approved.

C. Unsung Servant - Starlah Smith – volunteering with  the financial office

D. Pastors’ report - Pastor French

a. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on February 10, services at 6pm

b. New membership class has started 

E. Board of Elders – Bill Crum

a. Associate Pastor Call update

i. There have been 4 interviews, all very good candidates    

ii. Possibility of a special voters assembly for calling the associate pastor in the last part of February

b. Boys’ basketball tournament service on Saturday, February 6, at 6:30.

i. AV equipment for services currently does not have a live feed for the cafeteria, needed for the service overflow participation

c. Documentation on how to use the camera and recording system is on the computer in the balcony. Assistance in this area would be appreciated, contact Bill Crum

F. Principal’s Report – Jake Rogers

a. Have had additional students start since the first of the year

b. Open houses are on January 28 and  February 25

c. Math Contest – Lafayette Area Christian schools

i. St. James School results: third grade took 5th, fourth grade took 2nd, fifth grade took 1st, sixth grade took 1st, seventh grade took 1st, eighth grade took 2nd.

G. Board of Christian Education – Candace Shaffer

a. Tuition subcommittee has been meeting and has made decisions

i. Tuition will go up, the majority of the increase has to do with technology maintenance.

ii. Attempting to streamline financial aspects of registration day

H. DCE Report and Board of Youth – Dave Probst

a. NYG is this summer, occurs every 3 years

b. Viewed “Higher Things” video via you tube

I. Board of Human Resources – Mark Bunton

a. - none

J. Board of Evangelism – Dann Keiser

a. Budget discussion – can remain the same for the next fiscal year

K. Board of Church Properties – Russ Shoemaker

a. Century of Faith

i. 8th st. school steps are fully funded. 

1. Have done a walk through with construction manager.

2. Starting date in May, 2016

ii. Sanctuary exterior

1. Currently about 30% funded 

2. Exploring the option of re-facing the bricks

b. Keyless entry

i. Completed

ii. Mulhaupts will replace an installed 2 reader communication controller with the intended 4 reader communication controller on January 27.

c. School painting - mostly done

d. Boiler work needed

i. Quotes received

ii. Preventative – soft water to replace hard water

iii. Circulation pump needing replaced

e. Fire inspection

i. New gym locker room sprinklers not operational, approximately $1250

ii. Dedicated line communication to central station – approximately $2000

f. Kitchen plumbing has cast iron pipes rusting – replaced and completed January 18.

g. New Business

i. Custodial staffing has been hard to retain at minimum wage - Motion to increase wage rate with merit increase from $7.25 to $7.75 and top out at $9.00 with merit increases over time using financial changes within the maintenance and repair budget.  Moved by Pastor, seconded by Jake Rogers. 

1. Discussion 

a. Amend to include the raising minimum wage with approval from the St. James Foundation.

b. Comparable pay for childcare workers who are now at less than $7.75

2. Motion amended to raise the minimum wage to $7.75 with a merit raise ceiling and to contact the St. James Foundation for approval. Seconded, Approved.

h. Future work

i. Sidewalks, curb, retention wall – estimate at $17,500

ii. Asking Tekton to liaison with the city of Lafayette about the sidewalks

L. Board of Stewardship – Christopher Rowan

a. Tentatively, February 14 is the date of the next potluck – watch for details in the bulletin

b. Email Newsletter

i. Frequency to be determined, no costs with email

ii. Video as header, a “tile”/highlighted area for each board with information to be posted, including a button to participate/volunteer, and a button that will go to the offering interface

iii. Discussion on button placement

iv. Social links, can be set up so that posts can go to boards’ area

v. An additional email account will be needed so that emails run from the church

vi. Financial costs through Facebook will allow targeting areas. From yellow pages line item?

vii. Request to board chairs to email information by Thursday after PPC meeting.

viii. Look and feel:  will be light blue with LCMS cross.

viii. Chris will have metrics for next meeting

M. Board of Parish Education – Jeff Baumgarn

a. VBS will be July 11-15th, 9:30-11:30am.

N. President’s Report - Jeff Baumgarn

a. Audit process – below in new business

b. Financial Report - none

0. Old Business

a. President position nominations have been decided for Voters' Assembly.

b. New members for Voters’ Assembly

c. Budget discussion - preliminary budget should be done by April

i. Ben Schoon has emailed questions to each Board Chair, when all responses are in, there should be a draft budget for the next PPC meeting

P. New Business

a. Board reports for the Voters' Assembly should include a yearly summary.

b. The secretary is resigning at the end of January. Secretary is an appointed position by the president.

c. Officially adding Treasurer to Financial Committee, with ability to sign off on checks. Motion to add Jake Rogers and Dave Probst to ability to sign off on checks, approved.

d. Vote on giving the Treasurer the ability to view the bank statements of the church account. This would only be needed if not given when the treasurer becomes a check signer.

e. Audit - Review: Done by the congregational president. Jeff has received guidelines for this.

f. Discussion of financial reporting – volunteer is filing, going through mail and emails. 

Q. Motion to adjourn by Russ Shoemaker, seconded by Candace Shaffer, approved.

R. Closing Prayer by Pastor French


Respectfully submitted by Cindy Music

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