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Parish Planning Council Notes 3/29/16

April 26, 2016
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Committee – March 29, 2016
Attending: Dann Keiser, Dave Probst, Candace Shaffer, Mark Bunton, Jerry Ripke, Christopher Rowan, Russ Shoemaker, Ben Schoon, Julie Grott, Helen Sunkel, Steve Berman
  1. Opening Prayer by Dave Probst
  2. Approval of February 2016 meeting minutes – moved to accept by Candace Shaffer, seconded by Chris Rowan, approved.
  3. Unsung Servants – Pastor Barton, Dave Probst, Bill Crum, and the Elders for assisting with the worship services Easter morning.
  4. Pastor’s Report - (Pastor French in absentia)
    1. Baptisms
      1. Owen Thomas Collier
      2. Lawson Alexander Phillips
    2. Funerals
      1. Theodore E. Fahlsing
      2. Charles E. Kerber (non-member)
      3. Roberta Young (non-member)
    3. Worship Attendance
      1. Ash Wednesday - 182
      2. Lent February 17th -113, February 24th - 28
  5. Board of Christian Education – Candace Shaffer
    1. Intent to Return Forms sent via email (google form). Forms are due by April 29, 2016. 
      1. Sixty-two families have responded (33% of anticipated forms) – 100% indicating intent to return to St. James.
    2. Dutch Auction finalized. Priority of funding:
      1. Fire Alarm System
      2. IPad cart for 3rd grade
      3. Stage revamp
  6. DCE Report and Board of Youth – Dave Probst
    1. Easter Fundraiser for the LCMS Youth Gathering is complete
      1. High school youth group raised over $1,200 for their trip to New Orleans in July
      2. Over 20 families volunteered to donate all of the times for the fundraiser
      3. Fifteen people worked during the Easter breakfast fundraiser setting up on Saturday morning, serving on Sunday morning or cleaning up Sunday morning.
    2. Dave Probst continues to teach confirmation for the St. James 7th grade students on Wednesday evenings from 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. and Monday through Friday at 8:00a.m.
    3. National Youth Gathering
      1. Cost for the “Gathering” is $970 per person and includes transportation, housing and registration.Over 20 families volunteered to donate all of the times for the fundraiser
      2. Total cost for 25 people attending is $24,250 
      3. Next fundraiser for the “Gathering” will be babysitting and childcare on the night of the St. James Auction on Saturday, April 16th from approximately 4:00p.m. till 11:00p.m.
        1. Childcare will be available by the high school youth group from 4:00p.m. till 11:00p.m. on April 16th for a free will donation (suggested donation is $15/child)
        2. Childcare can take place at family home including transportation(to and from) for high school youth, dinner for child(ren) and a fun movie before bed
        3. Childcare can take place at the church with a group of children including games, dinner, a snack and fun movie.
      4. Approximately 41% of the total cost has been raised
      5. Donations can be made by check payable to St. James Youth Ministries
      6. Chris Rowan to create a link to make online donations Dave to provide digital donation box.
  7. Board of Parish Education – (Jeff Baumgarn in absentia)
    1. VBS will be July 11-15th, 9:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
    2. Ice Cream Social on May 1st after second service – discuss St. James Groups(mainly from the Members in Action booklet) in which people can volunteer
      1. Stephanie Scott is the Event Coordinator
  8. Board of Human Resources – Mark Bunton
    1. No report
  9. Board of Evangelism – Jerry Ripke
    1. Bibles and Packets available at Visitors Desk
    2. International Thanksgiving Dinner will be November 12th, 2016 at 5:00p.m.
      1. Jerry met with two local pastors, Rev. Nelson and Rev. Morrow to explain the program and ways they can assist.
    3. Nametag report – keep wearing the nametags and encourage others to wear nametags
      1. Plans to have parents request nametags for their children
      2. Encourage members to wear nametags to all functions
    4. Trunk or Treat
      1. Becky Rowan, Coordinator, will need help to facilitate the event on October 30th  
    5. Current and Future Opportunities to get involved in evangelism
      1. Work with non-member school families
      2. Staff the Information/Welcome Center
      3. Church Outreach mailings
      4. Neighborhood visits
      5. Reaching out to inactive members
      6. Visit hospitals, nursing homes, shut-ins
      7. Visitor follow up
  10. Board of Church Properties – Russ Shoemaker
    1. “Century of Faith” Fund Raiser – Project status
      1. 8th Street Step Project contract signed w/Tecton Const. Management, Inc.
        1. Project $45,000
        2. Russ agreed to contact Andrew Bushee of Tecton Const., to see if everything is on schedule.
      2. Sanctuary Exterior Repair
        1. Board will contact “Gothshall Building Restoration” for project review and confirm Budget Line Project Cost - $40,000. Anticipate actual cost of $38,500.
        2. Did a walk around on March 29th. Want a second look and meet Contractor with Dann Keiser, Congregation President.
        3. Board discussed possible start of Restoration Project in late Summer/Fall based on available funds. Presently about 60% funded.
      3. Boiler repair status 
        1. Two repair jobs: “Advance Tech” completed during Spring Break
          1. Re-plumb make-up water for boilers to use soft water – cost $490
          2. Repair leaking circulation pump – cost $992
      4. Fire Inspection Violations (School)
        1. Russ has not talked with Jake Rogers on status
        2. Jake and Russ to work on response to “City Fire Marshall” on status and plan going forward to resolve fire inspection violations.
          1. Present plan is to replace old “Fire Alarm System for Church/School” and install “New Gym Fire Alarm System” to replace Locker Room Sprinkler. 
          2. This requires getting Variance from State to allow removing old sprinkler system and State accepting “New Gym Fire Alarm System” as replacement. 
          3. New Gym Fire Alarm System will be audible (including outside of gymnasium) and visible.
      5. Tasks completed since last “PPC” Meeting
        1. Project Quote completed for “Daycare Facilities Upgrade” – cost $23,000
          1. Work includes but not limited to: Plumbing, electrical, lighting, fixtures, vanities, cabinets in ECDC room, storage/shelves.
          2. Julie Grott to meet with Pastor French to discuss funding opportunity with Foundation
        2. Replaced west parking lot flood light located on SW corner
        3. Received quotes for:
          1. New Fire Alarm System for Church/School – cost $24,923
          2. New Gym Fire Alarm System to replace Locker Room Sprinkler System – cost $10,856
      6. Custodial Staffing – labor rate for Custodians
        1. Labor rate was increased for staff in February pay period
      7. Spring Clean Up – Lynn Keiser to help put together – May 1st 
      8. Looking at when to start up “Shred Day” – Daphine Prather
  11. Board of Stewardship – Christopher Rowan
    1. Continue to sponsor church fellowship potlucks
      1. April 10th is next potluck after the second service
    2. Social Media presence/Church website/Outreach
      1. 119 people clicked on ad for Easter service
      2. Over 100 people reacted to children’s Palm Sunday procession
        1. Consider more videos/pictures of children to help advance awareness and reaction
      3. Send events to Chris for Facebook, Church website posts
      4. Reminder that Sermons are on Church website:
      5. Discussed adding more Livestreamed events such as basketball games. Let Chris know of events. Church services are livestreamed at ( 
      6. Consider collecting email addresses vs. physical address in the Friendship Books
    3. Revamp Stewardship Landing page
      1. Provide intro to St. James with clear contact path.
      2. Send information to Chris to help with revamp
  12. Principal’s Report – Jake Rogers
    1. Tuition & Enrollment
      1. Email sent out to current families on 3/24 containing Tuition/Fee information and Google Form for Intent to Return.
      2. V-log created on 3/23 – heads up on upcoming information
      3. Appointments for Financial Aid will begin Monday, April 4. Intent to Return must be completed before FA is filled out. Anticipate reviewing FA through June.
    2. Auction
      1. Auction is on Saturday, April 16. Volunteer help is needed including the night of the auction.
    3. Professional Development
      1. A 2 yr. subscription to SimpleK12 was purchased and will be used for faculty PD to earn CEU’s with state licensure. Target to reach is 90 over 5 years to get license renewed.
    4. Math Curriculum
      1. Currently looking at different publishers. Not as many options for print copies. Most publishers are moving to digital copies.
    5. 2016-2017 School Calendar
      1. “Bare Bones” (start and end dates) has been approved. Rest of calendar (other activities) is due out in late April.
  13. Financial Report – Ben Schoon
    1. Reviewed financial report
      1. Discussed notable over/under differences in expected vs. actuals
      2. Identified and discussed income and expenses based on historical trends
      3. Reviewed cash flow prediction
  14. President’s Report – Dann Keiser
    1. No updates
  15. Old Business
    1. 2016-2017 Budget
      1. Julie Grott presented summary reports regarding new Early Childhood Program
        1. Ben requested revised/new draft budgetary numbers based on discussed enrollment/staffing level scenarios.
    2. Discussed key draft budget line items and identified areas to research further. 
    3. Call Committee Progress
      1. Special Voters’ Assembly Meeting on April 10th for sole purpose of extending a call for Associate Pastor.
    4. Audit Review – No updates
  16. New Business – No updates
  17. Motion to adjourn by Christopher Rowan, Seconded by Candace Shaffer, approved.
  18. Closing Prayer by Jake Rogers
  19. Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman


Parish Planning Council Notes 2/16/16

April 06, 2016
By Steve Berman

Parish Planning Committee -- February 16, 2016

Attending: Dann Keiser, Jeff Baumgarn, Dave Probst, Ben Schoon, Pastor David French, Bill Crum, Christopher Rowan, Jake Rogers, Russ Shoemaker, Candace Shaffer, Jerry Ripke, Kelly Gross, Caren Bunch, Marcia Collins, Steve Berman
  1. Opening Prayer by Pastor French
  2. January minutes -- moved to accept by Chris Rowan, seconded by Candace Shaffer, approved
  3. Unsung Servants -- Brianne Hubner, Ashley Northington, and Becky Rowan - Stewardship
  4. New Business
    1. Auction Committee Account
      1. Auction committee does not have their own account
      2. Concerns with transparency, accountability, lack of line item accounting and timely reports have resulted in donor retention issues and the inability for Auction Committee to effectively answer donor questions and concerns.
      3. Motion to allow the Auction Committee to have their own account or sub account and report up to the Board of Christian Education by Ben Schoon. Seconded by Jeff Baumgarn, approved.
  5. DCE Report and Board of Youth -- David Probst
    1. DCE continues to teach confirmation for 7th grade students, keyboarding skills for 5th grade, and serves as a substitute teacher and substitute kitchen person as needed.
    2. National Youth Gathering
      1. Planning continues for gathering in July
      2. Fundraisers continue with an Easter breakfast fundraiser in March and the take stock in the youth fundraiser in April
      3. Monthly Gathering meetings take place for the adults leading the youth to the Gathering and the youth and adults participating in the Gathering
    3. Board of Youth Ministry has not met since November. Will attempt to meet before March PPC meeting.
  6. Board of Evangelism -- Jerry Ripke
    1. Bibles were ordered for arrival on Palm Sunday. Some are available at the Visitor Center.
    2. International Dinner subcommittee met January 31 at Ruth O'Connor's home.
      1. Reviewed 2015 program. Need to get the word out sooner and to more groups to have a greater amount of international students
      2. Jerry will visit area Pastors to solicit help
      3. Meet again later in the summer (mid-August) to discuss details of the meal.
    3. Need t replace outdated information in Visitor packets
    4. Continue to wear Nametags and encourage others to wear
  7. Board of Church Properties -- Russ Shoemaker
    1. Century of Faith
      1. 8th St. school steps project contract signed w/Tecton Const. Management, Inc. 
        1. Project cost $45,000
      2. Sanctuary exterior
        1. Board will contact "Gothshall Building Restoration" for project review and confirm Project Cost of $40,000
        2. Dann Keiser was asked to assist in review process and attend meeting to review contract. Will do walkthrough in the next month.
        3. Possible start date of project late summer/fall
    2. Status of surveillance cameral installation
      1. 12 cameras covering 3 parking lots and walkways install is complete
      2. Open issue -- All staff should have access to camera surveillance at work stations. Not yet accessible. Jake Rogers has contacted Contractor for resolution.
    3. Quotes for boiler repair from Advance Tech pending
      1. Re-plumb make -up water for soft water $490
      2. Repair leaking circulation pump $992
      3. Scheduled start date for repairs March 14th
    4. Fire Inspection
      1. New gym locker room sprinkler system
        1. Cost to make sprinkler operational $3,357
        2. Required annual water line test $170 and water dept. annual usage fee $512
        3. Discussed Ace Fire Protection Company's recommendation to request variance from State to remove locker room sprinklers and replace with new fire alarm system for whole gymnasium.
        4. New Audible system in the new gym and to work externally estimated at $10,000
        5. New expandable fire control panels and rewiring to include new gym, school and church estimated cost not to exceed $25,000. Discussed the possibility of a Dutch auction to raise funds.
      2. No Dedicated line to Central Station -- Cost to fix approximately $2,000. Mulhaupts quoting.
      3. Emergency lighting device not working hallway E/C -- D/C room -- repaired
      4. Maintenance room service panel had open spaces exposed -- repaired
    5. Property Work completed since last PPC Meeting
      1. Kitchen plumbing, 2" and 3" cast iron waste pipes rusted and leaking replaced with plastic plumbing completed. Cost $790
      2. Repaired door in Jen Probst's classroom and changed two lockset
      3. Repaired 2 heat registers n Visitor's Center
      4. Repaired both gas heaters n New Gym
    6. Custodial Staffing
      1. Labor rate to be increased starting in February
      2. Least senior staff to $7.75
      3. More senior staff based on performance
      4. Staff to be evaluated bi-annually for incremental raises to be determined by Custodial Supervisor with Church Properties Board approval.
  8. Pastor's report -- Pastor French
    1. Lent services continue -- "Places of the Passion"
    2. New Member class -- 6 people
    3. Pastor Ouelette, Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots, Inc (L.A.M.P.) will be preaching Sunday February 28th
  9. Board of Human Resources -- Mark Bunton - Absent
  10. Financial Report -- Ben Schoon
    1. Reviewed financial summary
      1. 2015 financially healthier than 2014
      2. Discussion to simplify detailed financial report to describe income, expense, results and major factors in preparation for voters assembly.
      3. Dann Keiser to go over Profit and Lass statement in detail with Ben Schoon
      4. Anticipate financials meeting to be held on March 6th and call meeting on April 3rd
  11. Board of Christian Education -- Candace Shaffer
    1. Finalized tuition for the 2016-17 school year. Intent to return forms to be sent.
    2. Information on financial support and tuition rates to be sent
  12. Board of Stewardship -- Christopher Rowan
    1. Start up the nursery for the 10:30 a.m.. service
    2. Continue to sponsor church fellowship potlucks
      1. Good turn out on February 14th Potluck. People were assigned tables by numbers and questions were posed in a game like fashion to encourage conversation and relationship building.
      2. Potluck ideas
        1. Kids table with inexpensive items to engage with, coloring books, crayons, etc.
        2. Group activities
        3. Finding someone you don't know and sitting with them
        4. More introductions
        5. Free will offerings for organization and group financial support
        6. Next potluck on March 20th
    3. Dinners for eight
      1. Rotate form home to home every quarter
      2. Encourages and promotes people to engage with each other
      3. New couples are directed into this group to help them build a foundation in the church
    4. Continued work on the church side of the website
      1. Build out email sign up
      2. Have 10:30 a.m. service live streamed
      3. Have sermons recorded in video and audio
      4. Chris to discuss with Pastor French the "About Us" part of the church website.
      5. Discussion -- schedule meeting to confirm and/or assign webmaster responsibilities for church and school
      6. Update the news and announcements so that it posts to website and Facebook
      7. Need information for Nola and Mark on the church staff page
      8. Partner with Dave Probst on Youth ministry part of site. Chris will also update Dave regarding online donations.
      9. Update the education and boards portion of church site.
      10. Motion to run a Facebook campaign not to exceed $400 from now until June by Ben Schoon, seconded by Russ Shoemaker, approved.
  13. Principal's Report -- Jake Rogers
    1. Fire alarm system/Fire inspection/New gym
      1. Working with Russ Shoemaker & Daphine Prather to resolve inspection issues
    2. Infrastructure trial of ISTEP went well
    3. Will attend Redeemer Lutheran Church on Sunday, February 21st, to briefly talk about St. James Lutheran School and invite them to our Open House on February 25th.
    4. SJS Basketball Tournament
      1. Basketball Team had a 3rd place finish. They have been selected to participate in the state Lutheran School tournament in Fort Wayne
      2. Cheerleaders had a 1st place finish in SJS Cheerleading competition
    5. Students will represent St James at the local Non-Public School Spelling Bee at Faith on Thursday, February 18th and at the Purdue Science Fair on March 11-12
  14. Vice President Report and Parish Education Report -- Jeff Baumgarn
    1. Live streaming -- Divine worship
      1. Pastor French and Jake Rogers to consider the purchase of Apple TV or Google Chrome
    2. Audit responsibility given to Dann Keiser
    3. Parish Education Report
      1. Amanda Goodspeed and Jocelyn Knobloch are going to lead VBS
      2. VBS is going to be on July 11-15th from 8:30 -- 11:30. The theme this year is Barnyard Roundup
  15. President's Report -- Dann Keiser
    1. Dann will be talking with staff and board chairs about future goals and objectives
  16. Old Business
    1. 2016-2017 Budget
      1. Ben Schoon to give Boards an accounting of what they spent
      2. Anticipate a draft budget in April
    2. Audit Review
      1. Dann Keiser to look at options
  17. Motion to adjourn by Bill  Crum, approved
  18. Closing Prayer by Pastor French

Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman

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