Spelling Words

Second Grade
Spelling Words


Week of August 13:

No Spelling words


Week of August 20:

Spelling Words with short vowels and consonants:  rock, list, desk, job, sad, chop, sack, tag, rib, mess, dust, drum

Challenge Words:  beautiful, country, friend


Week of August 27:

Spelling Words with long vowels:  page, nose, space, size, fine, mice, late, huge, blaze, race, rice, vote

Challenge Words:  everywhere, machines, world


Week of September 3:

Spelling Words with consonant blends:  stop, strap, nest, hand, brave, ask, clip, stream, mask, twin, breeze, state

Challenge Words:  father, love, mother


Week of September 10:

Spelling Words with inflected endings:  dropped, dropping, excited, exciting, lifted, lifting, hugged, hugging, smiled, smiling, talked, talking

Challenge Words:  animals, early, eyes


Week of September 17:

Spelling Words with consonant digraphs:  that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape, whale, itch, chase, bunch

Challenge Words:  pieces, learn, together


Week of September 24:

Unit 1 Review:  desk, sack, tag, page, fine, vote, state, hand, clip, smiled, talking, hugging, that, when, bunch


Week of October 1:

Spelling Words with r-controlled ar, or, ore, oar:  hard, born, horse, before, more, smart, farm, porch, corn, chore, score, part

Challenge Words:  listen, family, heard


Week of October 8:

Spelling Words with contractions:  can’t, it’s, he’s, I’m, didn’t, who’s, she’s, aren’t, isn’t, haven’t, hadn’t, I’ll

Challenge Words:  certainly, laugh, second