Spelling Words

Second Grade
Spelling Words

November and December


Week of November 5:

Spelling Words (vowel patterns a, ai, ay):  main, wait, say, away, play, raise, brain, paint, stay, today, tray, tail

Challenge Words:  everybody, promise, sorry


Week of November 12:

Spelling Words (vowel patterns e, ee, ea, y):  read, feet, easy, deep, seat, party, wheel, leave, windy, sleep, teeth, team

Challenge Words:  guess, pretty, science


Week of November 19:  Bonus Week

The second graders will have one spelling test on Wednesday. All spelling words are bonus words and will only help the second graders spelling grade, not hurt their grade.  The bonus week spelling words are Thanksgiving words:  Thanksgiving, turkey, feast, Mayflower, Pilgrims, Native Americans, football, blessings, stuffing, cornucopia.


Week of November 26:

Spelling Words (vowel patterns o, oa, ow):  goat, hold, show, most, bowl, float, toast, ago, open, told, toad, slow

Challenge Words:  parents, picture, school


Week of December 3:

Spelling Words (compound words):  basketball, someone, weekend, something, birthday, riverbank, bathtub, backyard, driveway, bedtime, raindrop, mailbox

Challenge Words:  believe, tomorrow, caught


Week of December 10:

Spelling Words (vowel patterns i, ie, igh, y):  find, child, sky, bright, wild, fly, right, flight, spider, cry, blind, myself

Challenge Words:  daughters, their, youngest


Week of December 17: 

Spelling Words (comparative endings er, est):  sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busiest, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, fattest

Challenge Words:  money, question, neighbor