Spelling Words

Second Grade
Spelling Words


Week of February 5:

Spelling Words (syllable patterns):  downstairs, football, cowboy, houseboat, railroad, rainbow, boyhood, oatmeal, soybean, roadway, outplay, daydream

Challenge Words:  balance, rattle, whisper


Week of February 12:

Spelling Words (vowel digraphs oo, ue, ew, ui):  too, new, fruit, blue, true, fool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, flew

Challenge Words:  mountain, prize, volcano


Week of February 19:

Spelling Words (suffixes ly, ful, er, or, ish):  cheerful, visitor, slowly, weekly, teacher, helper, hardly, graceful, yearly, quickly, firefighter, sailor 

Challenge Words:  building, burning, station


Week of February 26:

Spelling Words (prefixes un, re, pre, dis):  unsafe, preheat, rerun, disappear, unlock, discolor, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, disagree

Challenge Words:  complain, mumbles, signature