Accelerated Reading Program

Accelerated Reading Program

The purpose of Accelerated Reader is to enable powerful reading practice. It does this by:

  • Providing data that helps monitor and personalize reading practice.
  • Encouraging substantial amounts of practice, according to guidelines based on research findings.
  • Making practice fun for students by facilitating successful encounters with text.

It promotes wide reading, which is the most effective method for building vocabulary. And through its progress-monitoring and feedback mechanisms, it reinforces student effort.

How Accelerated Reader Works

At the heart of Accelerated Reader are a few basic steps:

  1. The teacher schedules time for daily reading practice, additional to instructional reading period. During this time, students select and read library books that match their individual ability levels and interests.
  2. When a student finishes a book, he or she takes an AR Reading Practice Quiz on the computer. This quiz assesses general comprehension of the book just read.
  3. Accelerated Reader scores the quiz, keeps track of the results, and generates reports. The teacher uses this data to monitor each student’s practice, guide students to appropriate books, and target instruction.

We are blessed at St. James to have an active and expanding Accelerated Reading program.

Birthday Book Program

At the beginning of the year, children select books to celebrate their birthdays. Those books are purchased by parents or sponsors.  Additionally, AR tests are purchased to support the books.  In October, the school celebrates these gifts to the school with a birthday party.

Thanks to all of the parents and sponsors who have supported the birthday book program in the past.  You have helped St. James have a library with over 6000 books.